No win No Fee, Personal Injury Compensation Claims

Direct2Compensation offer a No Win No Fee personal injury accident compensation claims service.  We’re able to help with claims for personal injury compensation for all accident types.  We’re fully compliant with the requirements of the LASPO Act 2012 post April 2013 ‘Jackson Reforms’ and regulated by the Ministry of Justice in respect of regulated claims management activities.

If you have been injured in an accident, know someone who has or just want to find out more about making a claim for personal injury compensation or the personal injury claims process, contact us today.

At Direct2Compensation we know your rights and can help you to understand them.  We can give you advice about making a claim for personal injury compensation and help you to access expert personal injury solicitors on a no win no fee basis. The Direct2Compensation claims process is here to help you claim personal injury compensation for injuries and losses sustained in multiple types of accident. We help claimants from all backgrounds with their compensation claims after with a range of injuries, from mild, short-term problems to serious, life-changing events, which often include large value settlements for loss of income and expenses.

No matter the type of injury you have sustained – as long as it was somebody else’s fault, medical attention has been provided and it happened within the last three years (unless you’re under 21 at the time) – you have a a legal right to make a claim for personal injury compensation.

The claims process

The process of claiming no win no fee, personal injury compensation starts with you making an enquiry with us so that we can begin to discuss the details of your accident and evaluate the best way to help you claim compensation for your injuries and losses.  This gives us the chance to evaluate your claim and to see if the circumstances of your accident and injury will enable you to claim. The initial assessment is completed over the phone.  To discuss your claim, contact us via email or you can call us if you wish on 01225762045.  You could also fill out a short form to make a compensation claim online and we can then call you to discuss your case. At Direct 2 Compensation, we start as we mean to go on, offering a fully compliant No Win No Fee personal injury claims service.  You’ll face no charges whatsoever if you lose your claim.

Having initially assessed your claim, we will then pass your enquiry to one of our specialist personal injury solicitors. The solicitor will then contact you to take further details and ask specific questions to enable a full evaluation of your claim.  Once this is complete, they will prepare claim paperwork and send copies to you along with a Conditional Fee Agreement so that you can officially instruct them and allow them to commence work on your behalf with the 3rd party insurers.  However, don’t worry about a complex procedure as at Direct 2 Compensation, we offer the complete service, ensuring that your relationship with the solicitor is simple to understand and that any complicated paperwork that may be sent to you is explained in a simple and clear fashion should you so need.

Our job is to be honest, fair and sympathetic and to investigate all personal injury claims  brought to us by our clients. The role of our personal injury solicitors is to review the claims that we pass to them, instruct us to complete certain tasks relevant to your claim and then take them forward in pursuit of compensation for you.  Any claim that the solicitors wish to pursue is listed as ‘accepted’.  Any claim that the first solicitor to view the file passes on, can be resubmitted to further members of our panel.

It is important to instruct a solicitor to pursue your claim as they will fight for justice for you, working towards prompt settlement of your claim to get you an appropriate compensation settlement for your injuries and losses. Your solicitor will also seek effective treatment for your injuries to return you to your pre-accident medical condition.

The solicitor will keep you updated throughout the process of the claim. It is not possible to put an exact time-frame on how long your claim for personal injury compensation will take. In some cases, such as road traffic accident claims, it is now a much quicker process than before with claims for minor injuries settling in 3-6 months.  However, it can often take quite a while longer in matters where injuries and losses are more serious, or the full extent of the problems caused by injuries are yet to be known.  Every claim is managed on an individual basis, and your solicitor will be best placed to give advice specific to your claim as and when you instruct them to pursue it for you.

Remember that Direct 2 Compensation remain involved throughout the entire process of the claim. We’re here to help you should you need it.  We take the hassle out of claiming and enjoy assisting clients.

No win no fee compensation

No win no fee has had its share of bad press but is in essence a fair and just means of providing everyone with access to justice, especially to those who can’t afford to pay solicitors costs. We are proud to be part of the personal injury compensation claims industry and help our clients to claim compensation for injuries – compensation they deserve – in an efficient and ethical way.  The No Win No Fee system may have changed since the introduction of the Jackson Reforms (LASPO Act 2012) in April 2013, but you still pay nothing if you lose and retain the maximum amount of compensation should you win.  Although you now contribute a small amount should you win your claim (any deductions are limited to 25% maximum and are taken from your compensation before you receive the balance), it continues to be very much worth it for a claimant to pursue their claim and the Direct2Compensation system is fully compliant with government and legal requirements governing our industry.

With Direct 2 Compensation, our no win no fee claims process complies fully with the requirements of government legislation and all legal requirements.  This guarantees that the bulk of your legal costs will be paid for you when you win your claim for accident compensation and that you will receive at least 75% of any compensation settlement awarded to you – as successful claimants are now obliged to contribute up to 25% of any settlement towards the costs of their claim.  The balance of your legal costs will be payable by the 3rd party.

In the event that your no win no fee claim is not successful, you will never be liable for the costs incurred.  You will not be charged for any claim should it fail to succeed in your favour so long as you are not acting fraudulently.

Why use us?

Direct 2 Compensation are the perfect partner to use to manage your no win no fee compensation claim. We see ourselves as one of the very best and most helpful personal injury claims management companies. An ethical company whose number one rule is to act in our clients’ best interests. Our role is to help you – the claimant – and manage your claim sensibly and expediently, guiding you through murky legalese in a clear and understandable way.

Our modus operandi is fully compliant with the LASPO Act 2012 (effective from 1st April 2013) that changed the way companies and providers of No Win No Fee claims services could act.  Therefore, this guarantees that your claim will not cost you a penny should you lose your claim.  You’re still protected from the worry of costs and able to seek the justice you deserve.  And whilst things from the claimants perspective were changed, we also guarantee that if you win, you will receive the maximum % value of your claim as our expert Solicitors all work on the new Conditional Fee Agreement basis that limits deductions (your obligatory contributions to the costs of a successful claim) to your claim to the maximum of 25% of any compensation settlement awarded to you, with the remaining legal costs paid by the 3rd party insurers. Our panel of leading no win no fee solicitors are registered with the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL) and will run and litigate your compensation claim to the highest standards.

We keep our clients happy by giving them the service they deserve throughout their claim. Our sympathetic team will do their best to ensure that your inconvenience is kept to a minimum and that you are properly compensated for your injuries and losses. We offer complete customer service, both over the telephone from our dedicated claims team and from our regional claims investigators, who may be instructed to visit you in your home to help you win your personal injury compensation.

We have superb knowledge of the personal injury claims process, the personal injury industry and are well respected within it. Our staff are knowledgeable, friendly and caring, and our expert personal injury lawyers can give your claim the maximum chance of success.  We’re regulated by the Ministry of Justice in respect of regulated claims management activities.  Our authorisation number is: CRM33541

Let us get you the justice you deserve!