One dead and two injured in scaffolding collapse on Putney building site

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In apparent lapse of health and safety standards, sad news today in which it was announced that a man has died whilst two other men have been injured after scaffolding collapsed at a building site in the Putney area of London.  The announcement came after the Metropolitan Police were called at to the scene 10:15am today.

One man was pronounced dead at the scene and the two injured men were taken to St George’s Hospital for emergency treatment.

It is not yet clear who is responsible for the scaffolding, but it is clear that there has been a major failure to the erection of the same.  It seems that the scaffold collapse lead to one man falling from a platform at height.

Whilst at this time, the thought of claiming personal injury compensation will not be the priority for the relatives of the deceased man or the two injured people.  However, anyone injured in this incident, or indeed a similar incident involving a construction site will enable that person to seek compensation damages as in such circumstances, as long as the injured party is not at fault for the accident, they will be entitled  to compensation.

In this incident, the authorities have confirmed that along with a fatality, a man in his 40s suffered injuries to the chest and abdomen while the other, in his 30s, had minor injuries.  The injuries sustained will form a large element of the injured parties claim settlement value for personal injury compensation, but to get the final picture, special damages may well also be included.

Fatalities don’t in themselves provide a large settlement value in a claim and to some, this is a surprising bit of news.  Death is the worst of all outcomes, but apart from funeral expenses, what is there to compensate?  However, often when someone is killed in an accident, they leave behind a spouse and children.   In the case of the gentleman sadly killed this morning, if he was the ‘bread winner’ of a family, his late partner and children would be able to pursue a claim on his behalf with the death itself being of little financial value, but the lost income both now and in future greatly increasing the final settlement value of their claim.  The fact that you can claim on behalf of others who are unable to is something that not all people know.  For example, you can claim personal injury compensation on behalf of a child, or a deceased family member – as long as you are the correct next-of-kin.

0 questions have been answered below, why not ask your own?

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