A binman received £57,000 in compensation

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A binman in Britain has been awarded £57,000 after his knee was injured when he fell over on the pavement. This is the same amount as a soldier who had his foot blown off.

Alan Shambrook, 55, fell badly and injured his left knee while he was out doing his job and collecting waste. He blamed the Herts County Council in July 2005 and said that they failed to maintain the pavements.

The binman also damaged his shoulder and elbow. Mr. Shambrook had to take 15 months off from his job. He lives with his wife in Stevenage and had to go for a lower-paid job as a road sweeper because of his injuries.

The mother of Lance Bombardier, who lost both his legs after standing on a landmine in Afghanistan, 2006, slammed the compensation. Diane Dernie, 51, fought to hike his compensation from £152,150 to £540,000.

Mrs Dernie, also said that, soldiers never seem to get the same amount and they have to fight for years to get it. Civilians get huge amounts for small accidents but when a soldier needs cash for their treatment, they do not get it.

A spokesman for the UNISON trade union said that it was correct for Mr Shambrook to receive £57,000 as compensation.

0 questions have been answered below, why not ask your own?

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