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It was pleasing to learn today that one of our Direct 2 Compensation Ltd specialist personal injury solicitors has settled a claim for our client and won the battle with the 3rd party insurers.  What made this claim rather unusual was that this was a claim settled in court. Indeed, as we’ve previously stated in other articles, it is almost as rare as hens teeth that a personal injury claim will go before a judge.

Unfortunately, personal injury solicitors have become less willing to risk going to court as of late, the judiciary have appeared to favour defendants, especially when it comes to local authority 3rd parties.  I was amazed to hear from one of our best personal injury solicitors that a Public Liability tripping claim against a local authority had recently failed in court, despite the fact that the local authority Highways Inspector admitted in court that the accident locus was defective and should have been repaired before the claimants accident.  For some reason known only to himself, the judge decided that the 3rd party were not liable for the incident even though previous case law, and the admission from the Highways Inspector would indicate that the claimant would succeed.

Despite the ongoing political pressure against personal injury compensation claims, it is pleasing to know that there is still a chance for injured claimants to seek legal redress and compensation for their injuries and that they still can succeed.  Not all claimants are blaggers or cheats,  indeed, cheats and scammers get found out (good!) so the system should be fair too.

0 questions have been answered below, why not ask your own?

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