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One of the best things about working in Personal Injury Claims Management is knowing that the work that we do on behalf of our accident claim clients is going to go some way towards helping them overcome the hardship caused to them. It is satisfying when we learn that a client has successfully pursued their claim for compensation and been awarded a sum of money to compensate them for their injuries and losses.

Thankfully the majority of accident claims that we deal with are just that, accidents. People, employers or organisations are regrettably negligent and at fault for the injuries and losses sustained by our clients, but rarely are claimants injured and in need of making a compensation claim through purposeful acts of violence. However, occasionally people are injured through malicious acts of aggression. In these instances, the injuries that people sustain are more than just physical. The shock, trauma and fright caused to innocent victims of these assaults has a big impact on their lives. Rebuilding their lives and confidence can take much time. They also need the support of friends and family members.

Did you know you can be compensated for criminal injuries?

The government fund an organisation called the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA) that has been set up to provide financial compensation for the victims of unprovoked criminal assaults. The criteria for making a successful claim is that a victim MUST have informed the police of the assault, sought medical treatment and cooperate fully with the investigation. Also, individuals with criminal records of their own may well be barred from making a claim.

At Direct 2 Compensation, we can assist you with a Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority Claim. We are able to complete the paperwork for you, liaise with the CICA on your behalf and give you the best chance of claiming something back for the pain, distress and injuries that you sustained. You were an innocent victim and we want to make sure you get back to where you should be.

The CICA will pay out compensation for injuries ranging from cuts and bruises, to stabbing, murders and many more incidents.

Whilst it is satisfying knowing that we have helped an innocent accident claim client gain compensation, it is even more pleasing to hear of a successful claim for one of our criminal injuries victims. The monies awarded to them will never rid them of the painful memories, but it does help them to overcome what they went through.

0 questions have been answered below, why not ask your own?

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