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Articles on claims fraud and how a few dishonest people are tarnishing the image of genuine claimants.

Dumb fraudulent whiplash claimant caught in the act

I read & listened to a funny story on the BBC News Website last night and thought I should give my tuppence worth on the story. John Machin from Leeds has become the first person to be convicted for insurance fraud by the following the setting-up of the Insurance Fraud Enforcement Department (IFED) in January 2012, a specialist police unit […]

Beware liars and cheats – £40k Compensation Claims scammers found guilty

Some good news to come out of the courts in the last few days is the fact that two fraudulent lying friends who foolishly and illegally decided that they would claim against Zurich and Allianz Insurance policies in made up ‘slip and trip’ and ‘RTA’ claims scams have both been found guilty and been handed two year suspended sentences. One […]

Beware of the fraudulent multi-occupant RTA claims

As the law currently stands, the person deemed to be non-fault in a road traffic accident (plus passengers from any vehicle) have the right to pursue a No Win No Fee Personal Injury claim. However, it’s not as simple as just having an accident and reporting it, we and the rest of the No Win No Fee sector have an […]

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