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Widow wins compensation after cycle accident kills her Husband

Cyclist Martyn Uzzell died on the A65 in Giggleswick, in Yorkshire when he hit a pothole in the road and was thrown from his bike into the path of an oncoming car whilst riding from Lands End to John O’Groats with friends in 2011. His wife has now successfully claimed cycle accident compensation against the local authority responsible for the […]

UK car insurance market faces shake up. Premiums to drop?

A lengthy investigation by the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA – the UK competition regulator) in to pricing deals between motor insurers and price comparison websites has now reported and stated that their exclusive deals are to be banned.  As a result of their investigation, the CMA has reported that such deals prevented insurers from making the same car insurance […]

Paralysed teenager wins £23m personal injury settlement

News has emerged of massive personal injury compensation settlement for a 17-year-old girl left unable to walk and with minimal use of her arms after a road traffic accident which claimed the life of her mother.  The accident was caused by the negligent acts of a car driver that pulled out without looking, causing the car being driven by the […]

Inquest hears that Harbour had numerous ‘tripping hazards’

An inquest in to the death of a trawlerman at Ilfracombe Harbour in North Devon some 3 years ago has heard that there were numerous “tripping hazards” at the harbour and that it was likely that these caused him to fall to his death.  Jamie Barbeary, from Swansea, died three years ago at Ilfracombe Harbour in north Devon.   Mr. Barbeary […]

Window fall death woman window had been ‘propped up’

More news has emerged in the case of the woman killed in London last week by a falling window.  We previously commented on this story last week and it was immediately obvious at that time that this incident could have been avoided and was due to serious breaches in Health & Safety management of the site. The news today that […]

Council pays out over £500,000 for personal Injury compensation claims

Northampton County Council have had to confirm that they have paid out more than half a million pounds to staff members making 51 Personal Injury compensation claims between April 2006 and March 2011. Bizarrely, one employee received a payout of £5,500 after suffering a spinal injury caused by a “poorly-fitting uniform”, the council has revealed.  This may well be the […]

Pupil injured in school forced to repay £21,000 compensation payment

Sam Hammersley-Gonsalves, aged 11 at the time of his accident at Guisborough’s Lawrence Jackson School, was awarded damages totalling £21,000 after being hit in the face with a golf club during a PE lesson in 2007. The poor lad had his teeth smashed and jaw broken during the golf lesson and spent a week in Hospital as a result.  The […]

Private school pupils exposed to hazardous asbestos

Pupils at a top private school in Dorset were left exposed to the dangers of asbestos fibres after the unsafe removal of asbestos insulation boards.  Details of the case were heard in a hearing held in the Dorset town of Dorchester at the Crown Court on 13th July. Both the school, Sherborne School and the Director of the Contractors responsible […]

Road Traffic Insurers face test case

There is a really interesting test case currently being heard at The High Court in London, which has the potential to cause a big headache for motor vehicle insurers.  If the case is successfully pursued, there is no doubt that the insurers will be passing on increased premiums to cover their increased liabilities.  It’s the way of the insurance world […]

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