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Pupil injured in school forced to repay £21,000 compensation payment

Sam Hammersley-Gonsalves, aged 11 at the time of his accident at Guisborough’s Lawrence Jackson School, was awarded damages totalling £21,000 after being hit in the face with a golf club during a PE lesson in 2007. The poor lad had his teeth smashed and jaw broken during the golf lesson and spent a week in Hospital as a result.  The […]

Beware liars and cheats – £40k Compensation Claims scammers found guilty

Some good news to come out of the courts in the last few days is the fact that two fraudulent lying friends who foolishly and illegally decided that they would claim against Zurich and Allianz Insurance policies in made up ‘slip and trip’ and ‘RTA’ claims scams have both been found guilty and been handed two year suspended sentences. One […]

Compensation of £70,000 paid to widow

Compensation of £70,000 has been paid to the widow and four children of Thomas Whittaker, who died in a road accident in 2004. The motor insurers paid the compensation to the family of Mr. Whittaker, who worked as a salesman for Isle jewellers. Reports say that the car hit him when he was lying on Bowcombe Road, near Carisbrooke, on […]

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