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Articles on the subject of public liability, which covers the responsibilities of any organisation to public safety. This would include claims against councils and shops, for example.

Disclaimers – do they prevent the right to claim compensation?

What is a disclaimer? Disclaimers are used to provide a warning to people visiting a premises or partaking in certain activities. They are designed to make sure that people are made aware of foreseeable risks of injury, or where responsibility will rest if items are lost, broken or stolen. Often when we take part in a potentially dangerous activity, the […]

Case study – claiming slipping accident compensation from a shopping centre

Claiming injury compensation after a slipping accident is a fairly common type of personal injury claim. If it occurs in a public place it can be embarrassing and the natural reaction is to get up and get out of the glare of public view. However, over years of helping people we have learned that whilst a slip or fall may […]

Another claim settled, this time in court

It was pleasing to learn today that one of our Direct 2 Compensation Ltd specialist personal injury solicitors has settled a claim for our client and won the battle with the 3rd party insurers.  What made this claim rather unusual was that this was a claim settled in court. Indeed, as we’ve previously stated in other articles, it is almost […]

Public liability insurance is a legal requirement

If you have had an accident in public, then it would be worth your while checking to see whether the place where you had your accident has public liability insurance. Public liability insurance covers companies, shops and organisations should anything happen whilst somebody is on their property. It is a legal requirement to have public liability insurance and you can […]

Who is to blame for an increase in dangerous pavement surfaces?

It wasn’t me honest… Over the course of the recent months, there have been numerous media stories that have been coming from the point of view of local authorities regarding the terrible strain that they have been placed under by the ‘growing number’ of Personal Injury Compensation Claims made against them. To us, this seems a bizarre thing for the […]

A day in the life of a Personal Injury Claims Management Company

Lots of people talk about claiming personal injury compensation to cover the pain and distress of their injury and the losses that they have incurred as a result of their accident. Lots of people want to make a claim but not many people know what happens in the day to day management of a claim for personal injury and special […]

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