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Articles on the subject of claiming compensation for injuries suffered in road traffic accidents.

Driver training and claims involving company vehicles

You would have thought that employers would provide enhanced driver training to staff members tasked with doing the miles on the road in the interests of the business. However, the results of a recent survey conducted by the ‘Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH)’ found that nearly 75% of people who drive for their employers are not provided with […]

Bus company liable for compensation after driver blacks out

The cause of a recent road traffic accident involving a school bus carrying 50 children has now been identified, with the driver of the bus found to be at fault after blacking out at the wheel and causing the collision with another vehicle. In most cases, people who have been injured in a car accident are able to evaluate whether they […]

Woman dies in a bus accident. Could her family make a claim?

Bristol bus passenger, Mrs. Barbara McCracken (88) was killed as a result of breaking her neck when the driver of the bus in which she was travelling had to perform an emergency stop, highlighting the risk of serious injuries when anyone is involved in a road traffic accident.  However, in this incident, there wasn’t an actual collision between two vehicles […]

Injuries associated with Road Traffic Accident Personal Injury claims

If you have had the misfortune of being involved in a road traffic accident, whether it be a motorcycle, car or cycle accident, or even as a pedestrian, there is a strong possibility that you may have sustained injuries.  If the accident was not your fault, you have grounds to pursue a claim for personal injury compensation.  As well as claiming […]

Victims of Cardiff Hit & Run driver could seek injury compensation

Very sad news emerged from South Wales over the weekend after a man appeared to use a large white van as a weapon in a crazed attack, killing Karina Menzies and injuring 12 other pedestrians.  The news today confirmed that 31-year-old Matthew Tvrdon, of no fixed abode has appeared in court charged with murder and attempted murder following the series […]

Uninsured driver victim tells how injuries ruined education

This story relates to Harriet Thompson, who suffered terrible injuries at the hands of an uninsured driver when she was aged 12.  She is now 18, still suffering from the injuries sustained and is clearly upset as to how the incident and subsequent injuries, medical treatment and ongoing problems have disrupted her education. The BBC News website today features a […]

Even the Lollipop Man isn’t Road Traffic Accident proof

In the modern world of high speed everything and high pressure lives, it seems that even things that are supposed to lead to a safer road environment for our kids, can fall victim to Road Traffic Accident injuries. Only today, I read a story about a Lollipop Man from Lincoln who suffered a double fracture to the hand whilst working […]

Winning compensation for a car accident claim

The numbers of car accidents are increasing all the time. Car accidents do not only cause physical injury but also lead to costly car expenses. Most often, car accidents occur due to the careless attitude of the drivers. They can involve injuring yourself, another person in another car or pedestrians. A car accident compensation claim is the best way to […]

Insurance premiums raised by insurers’ actions and not simply claimants

At Direct 2 Compensation, we’ve long been fighting the battle against common opinion that we and our fellow Personal Injury Claims professionals are the sole problem for the constant and ridiculous rising cost of insurance premiums. Of course, most people take the line given by the Insurance sector that their profits are not growing and that premiums are up because […]

MIB agree to large settlement for severely injured man

A church worker from Suffolk who was left severely injured and with severe brain damage when he was run over by musician Pete Doherty’s manager has been awarded High Court damages. The man, aged 42, of Hadleigh, sustained his injuries when the car owned by Mr. Doherty ran him over in 2009. Mr. Doherty’s manager, Andrew Boyd, 42, of London, […]

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