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These are among the most common types of claim. Here we look at examples of slip and trip compensation and how to know if you can claim.

Case study – claiming slipping accident compensation from a shopping centre

Claiming injury compensation after a slipping accident is a fairly common type of personal injury claim. If it occurs in a public place it can be embarrassing and the natural reaction is to get up and get out of the glare of public view. However, over years of helping people we have learned that whilst a slip or fall may […]

Innocuous slip – serious injuries. Why compensation claims arise after slipping accidents

One of the things that makes Direct2Compensation the right choice for the claimant is that we offer support, belief and help in a time of distress and need. Sadly, some claimants find this isn’t the case with everyone, that their claim for compensation has been called into question and over-scrutinised by others. This pressure is an unfortunate consequence of the myth […]

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