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These are among the most common types of claim. Here we look at examples of slip and trip compensation and how to know if you can claim.

Why winter weather can lead to a spike in claims for slipping accident compensation

Winter in the UK is never particularly enjoyable. We spend many months in darkness, enduring wet and windy days and don’t get to see the sun very often. Here we look at why and how the weather that comes our way during the winter months leads to more slipping accidents. One of the most common types of injury compensation claim are […]

Case study – claiming slipping accident compensation from a shopping centre

Claiming injury compensation after a slipping accident is a fairly common type of personal injury claim. If it occurs in a public place it can be embarrassing and the natural reaction is to get up and get out of the glare of public view. However, over years of helping people we have learned that whilst a slip or fall may […]

Innocuous slip – serious injuries. Why compensation claims arise after slipping accidents

One of the things that makes Direct2Compensation the right choice for the claimant is that we offer support, belief and help in a time of distress and need. Sadly, some claimants find this isn’t the case with everyone, that their claim for compensation has been called into question and over-scrutinised by others. This pressure is an unfortunate consequence of the myth […]

Council admits pothole street ‘beyond repair’

Nottinghamshire County Council could face a raft of public liability ‘slip and trip’ personal injury claims after admitting that the repairs which they have been carrying out on a residential street are actually causing more problems than they solve. Despite the repeated complaints of the residents of Brynsmoor Drive and Queens Drive in Brinsley, Nottinghamshire, the County Council have failed […]

Will the flooding lead to an increase in Personal Injury Compensation claims?

Britain has been under siege from Mother Nature of late.  The incessant rains and winds have caused a considerable amount of turmoil, with lots of flooding and damage across large parts of the country.  The damage caused by the storms has left many hazardous problems, such as huge potholes in footpaths and pavements where tarmac has been washed away or […]

Inquest hears that Harbour had numerous ‘tripping hazards’

An inquest in to the death of a trawlerman at Ilfracombe Harbour in North Devon some 3 years ago has heard that there were numerous “tripping hazards” at the harbour and that it was likely that these caused him to fall to his death.  Jamie Barbeary, from Swansea, died three years ago at Ilfracombe Harbour in north Devon.   Mr. Barbeary […]

Taking Responsibility for Slip & Trip Public Liability Claims

The majority of ‘slip and trip’ claims (correctly know as Public Liability claims) tend to be made against Local Authorities and Councils. The duty of care to maintain footpaths to a safe standard falls under the Highways Departments of the Councils of the UK. In basic terms, the law can hold the Council liable for injuries caused by a fall […]

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