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Tips to help recovery from whiplash injuries

Anyone who has been injured as a result of a road traffic accident, or in any other incident that has left them suffering from a whiplash related injury, will know just how painful and distressing a condition it can be. Whiplash is a term used to describe injuries caused to the upper spine and neck and is a muscular skeletal condition […]

Government attempt further restrictions to reduce claims for whiplash compensation

The onslaught against people who have suffered whiplash related injuries after being involved in car accidents is set to continue.  The Government have announced further restrictions aimed at the medical reporting fee structure used in assessing how much a claimants settlement should be when they make a claim for whiplash injury compensation. The Government are 100% in bed with the insurance […]

Whiplash claims. Do I need to claim quickly?

Many things have changed in the Personal Injury compensation claims process since the Jackson Reforms and LASPO Act came in to effect April 2013, but one thing that has remained the same is the limitation period – how long you have to make your claim in the months after you suffer an injury.  As I write, the rules regarding claiming […]

Whiplash claimants should not be frightened to claim compensation

In another cynical and depressing assault on claimants of personal injury compensation, the government busily calling the tune of the Association of British Insurers (ABI) has today put further pressure on victims of injuries suffered in road traffic accidents, particularly on those claiming compensation for whiplash injuries in what could be seen as a bid to undermine claimants and therefore […]

Fleets pay as whiplash claims soar 70%

Fleets have described the impact of whiplash injury claims on insurance premiums as “massive” and called on the Government to do more after ministers, consumer groups and insurers held a summit in London. Road accidents have fallen by 23% from 199,000 in 2005 to 154,000 in 2010, according to figures from the Department for Transport (DfT). However, the number of […]

Whiplash Injury claimants face reduced access to justice

For some time now, the Insurance Industry and influential individuals won over by their lobbying activities have been decrying the virtues of the current Personal Injury/No Win No Fee system.  Their particular early focus was concentrated on the Road Traffic Accident element of the Personal Injury Compensation market. It’s oft been mooted by those opposed to insurers paying compensation, that […]

Cameron pledges to cut whiplash claims

David Cameron’s message for Valentines day is that he is going to ‘cut’ the number of whiplash claims made… How is he going to do so? Ban driving? Pass legislation that requires all cars to be coated in 25ft thick layers of bubble wrap before they can go on the road? Once again, our elected leader makes a sound bite […]

Whiplash, a made up injury?

Our old mate Jack Straw has been at it again on his solo mission to discredit all Road Traffic Accident victims who claim compensation for whiplash injuries. Once again, Straw made his ridiculous and sweeping generalisation comments at a ‘whiplash seminar’ and contrary to medical evidence used in thousands of historic whiplash claims, has tried to claim that the amount […]

Whiplash – “a profitable invention of the human imagination”?

Whether or not Britain has a “Compensation Culture” is a hotly debated and very current subject. Our old mate Jack Straw has again been shooting from the hip on the subject and had another outburst in the Commons last week when he bemoaned “the extraordinary increase in the number and value of claims for personal injuries” with an apparent 1200+ […]

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