Common injuries associated with personal injury compensation claims

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At Direct2Compensation we want to ensure that any person who wants to make a claim for personal injury compensation is given the opportunity to exercise their right to do so.  Anyone can make a claim and as long as an injury is sufficiently serious it can be claimed for, whether it’s a bone fracture, muscle injury or even psychological injury.

Common road traffic accident injuries

Road traffic accident compensation claims form a large percentage of all claims made within the United Kingdom.  This isn’t really a surprise when you think about how many car journeys are made every day.  Some injuries associated with car accident compensation claims are well known, such as claims for whiplash compensation, but there are other injuries that many people may not consider.

  • Lacerations – in car accidents, lacerations often occur as a result of broken glass and objects flying around after the force of an impact.
  • Fractures and breaks – road traffic accidents, particularly when anyone on a motorcycle or bicycle is injured, often lead to nasty fractures to arms and legs. Such injuries can have long-term impacts and have an ongoing effect on the way someone can live.
  • Post traumatic stress disorder – often not detected for sometime after an accident, post traumatic stress can have a huge effect on someone who has been involved in or even witnessed a serious accident with horrific injuries.  As such, post traumatic stress disorder can prevent people from living normally as they may feel unable to drive, work or relate to people.

Common injuries associated with slipping or tripping accidents

Another fairly regular claim type arises from injuries sustained whilst slipping or tripping. Claimants of such compensation often slip on wet floors at work or in shops or trip on dangerous potholes on footpaths.  Sadly, whilst a fall can seem innocuous, the extents of injuries can be surprisingly huge and many people are forced to claim compensation to cover their inability to work or drive as a result of their injuries.

  • Soft tissue damage – the most common injury that we see after slips or trips are described as soft tissue damage.  This is a sprain or strain where ligaments are extended beyond their usual range and although bones are not damaged, the injury can often be worse than a fracture.  If ankle or knee ligaments are damaged, surgery is often required and the recovery period for a claimant can be long.  This can inflate settlement value and leave the injured person requiring physiotherapy and rehabilitation therapy.
  • Concussion – although most cases of concussion are short-lived problems, we have dealt with claimants who have suffered greatly as a result of banging their head with force after a slip or fall.
  • Fractures – a common injury after tripping on a pavement surface is a fracture to the wrist.  We all naturally put our hands out in front of ourselves when we fall.  This often results in a fracture or break to the wrist or forearm.
  • Back pain and shoulder injuries – this would associate with soft tissue damage as often when people slip or trip, they twist as they fall and wrench shoulders or pull muscles in their back.   Such injuries can cause a loss of usual mobility and a great deal of distress.

To read more about injuries after accidents at work, please read our common injuries associated with an accident at work article.

Our staff will be able to help you regardless of your injury or accident type, we understand your rights and know how the claim process works.  Simply contact us and we’ll be able to give you an immediate opinion as to whether or not we think your claim should be presented to a specialist solicitor.

0 questions have been answered below, why not ask your own?

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