Construction worker from Liverpool receives compensation after an accident at work

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A Liverpool man had a construction site accident when he was working in July, 2007. He sustained a serious injury after falling from an unbalanced scaffolding but has now been successful in a compensation claim for thousands of pounds.

Forty nine year old Gerard Baccino worked for John Doyle Construction Ltd. The accident happened when he was working at the Hilton Hotel construction site which was part of the Paradise street development in Liverpool.

The incident occurred when other employees from the John Doyle Company were moving a scaffolding tower on the site. The tower overturned and fell into an embankment.

The victim, Mr. Baccino was on the tower removing lifting chains when the tower fell. He fell off when the tower toppled and was badly injured, suffering injuries to his back, chest and pelvis. Moreover, he suffered long term, psychological damage. He could not return to work because of the injuries. The construction company had to pay a fine of £3000 and £12000 for additional costs.

Mark Cuff, the HSE’s investigation officer said that it was an incident that could have been avoided by the Company. Asking Mr. Baccino to work on an unstable scaffolding should not have been allowed.

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