Firm admits no less than 5 breaches of Health & Safety after employee killed

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A business has now admitted to a series of health and safety failings after the the death of one of their employers.

Mr. Anthony Robinson was killed when part of a strimmer flew off and hit him at a speed of 300mph whilst working at the Waterfront Business Park, Barrow Island, in February 2010.

The employer in question, Lincolnshire based ThreeShires Ltd, has admitted Health and Safety Executive breaches at a recent hearing that took place at the Barrow Magistrates’ Court. The company was told that sentencing would be adjourned to the Lancaster Crown Court, with a hearing due to take place on 7 March.

The company admitted failing to ensure the safety of its workers under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974.

It transpired that the contractor (ThreeShires) who owned the strimmer, had failed to ensure that it had passed safety checks, the hearing heard. Threeshires also accepted five areas where it had failed to ensure the safety of its workers.

This is a really sad story and simply goes to highlight what we have blogged about earlier. This incident was wholly avoidable and if only the employer had taken a little time to ensure that their equipment was fit for use, their employee would still be alive today.

Health & Safety is a vitally important thing and should be cherished and lauded. Don’t cut corners, save lives eh?

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