Firm fined £26,800 after worker severs finger

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A steel firm (Worldwide Steels) has been fined £26,800 after admitting that they were responsible for employer negligence when safety failings caused an employee to lose a finger and badly injure another in an accident at work.

The worker, Antonio Pires, 63, had been bending sheet metal with a machine at Worldwide Steels of Watton in Norfolk, in May 2011.

When using such machinery, it is a given that there is an inherent danger and it is vital that correct training and management of employees using the machinery to avoid injuries.  However, in this case, the employer failed to adequately protect their employees.  All of this leads to a number of questions about the way in which Worldwide Steels operated.  If you have had an accident at work, or a non-fault accident somewhere in which you were injured, you too may want to find out about claiming injury compensation from an employer.

Direct2Compensation can help with the answers as we are very ell  experienced in handling claims for injury compensation, especially for accidents in the workplace.  We’ll be only too pleased to help you by using this expertise to give you the confidence you need to get on with making your claim for accident at work compensation.

In this case, the worker was trying to pull materials through a gap in the guard of the machine, but his right hand became caught in the machine, severing his index finger and badly damaging another.  Inspectors from the Health & Safety Executive reported that the guard was inadequate as it had failed to prevent access to moving parts of the machine and as a result of their negligence, the firm were fined and must also pay £14,639 in costs.

As a result of the injuries sustained, the worker has since been unable to return to work since the incident and continues to undergo medical treatment.  The fact that the injured party is unable to work will serve to only increase the value of his claim for injury compensation that he may bring in relation to his injuries.

There are many myths about the Health & Safety requirements, but having safety guards and protecting employees safety is of great importance and reduces the risk of serious injury and the need for people to make no win no fee claims for injury compensation.


0 questions have been answered below, why not ask your own?

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