Girl stabbed 23 times receives less than £19,000 in compensation

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Jessica Knight, 16, was stabbed 23 times during a frenzied attack in January last year and was left fighting for her life. After all of this, she only received £18,895 from the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA).

Her assailant, now serving a life sentence, was identified as Kristofer Beddar, 22, who attacked Jessica with a lock knife. A passing cyclist, Gareth Cross, found Jessica with stab wounds in her chest, neck, face and back.

A health care assistant said that a team of five surgeons had to work to stabilize her injuries, which included a collapsed lung, a perforated upper and lower bowel and extensive back and face wounds. One of the wounds damaged a muscle in her eye and caused her to have double vision, a problem she is still suffering with. She will unquestionably need more operations in the future.

Jessica still suffers from her ordeal, making it even more shocking that she received less than £19,000 in compensation. A spokesman for the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority stated that if an applicant considers the amount of compensation to be inadequate then they can re-apply.

Jessica’s family and friends believe that the meager sum does not reflect the amount of suffering she endured. Her condition was so bad that police have treated the path where she was lying as a murder scene, yet she still only received £18,895.

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