Personal Injury Claims – is there a stigma attached?

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Why is there a stigma attached to making a Personal Injury Claim? Unfortunately, some people are afraid to take up their legal right to make a claim for compensation, because they feel that they will be left with a stigma attached to them if they do. The peddlers of the ‘compensation culture‘ myth have managed to generate an air of scepticism about the real right to make a claim. We often hear of a claims culture and phrases such as we “are becoming a litigious society just like the states” are often flaunted around. Whilst individuals are entitled to their opinions, unfortunately, such an opinion is based on falsehood and misunderstanding of the law.

Your legal right to seek compensation

In the matter of a Personal Injury Compensation claim, an individual has a legal right to pursue compensation for their injuries and losses subject to certain criteria. If their injuries were caused by the negligent acts of others – including employers, authorities or individuals – and the injuries are serious enough to warrant medical treatment and last for a certain amount of time, then a claim can be brought.

The very point of someone receiving a compensation settlement is simple. The thinking behind it is to return the injured party to the financial state that they could have expected to be in if they were not caused an injury – this would include a sum for lost income, expenditure regarding medical treatment, care costs and expenditure on alterations to homes and cars relevant to the injuries and to also provide compensation for the pain, distress and discomfort caused to the individual by the injuries that they sustained. The level of compensation varies depending on the costs incurred, the level of pain and the length of time it took to recover – or not recover as the case may be.

Claims Culture

Those who consider someone making a claim to be a person ‘on the blag’ or getting something for nothing are clearly misguided. The printed press in particular are often full of sensational stories about how the compensation culture is ruining life – the phrase ‘Health & Safety gone mad’ is often bandied about – with no basis. The facts are simple. If an individual, authority, employer or organisation follows correct procedure, risk assesses situations and sites, provides training and in effect, does there bit, then they cannot be pursued for compensation. It is a pity that the enemy of the claimant has managed to make people feel bad about claiming compensation, especially when it is a legal right to do so.

Our message is simple. If you feel disadvantaged because of the injuries you sustained through no fault of your own – or the negligence of others then bring your claim without fear. Direct 2 Compensation staff will not consider you to be ‘on the blag’ or getting something for nothing. We understand your situation and look forward to helping you.

0 questions have been answered on this subject - ask us your question

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