Public liability personal injury claim may follow as man killed by falling shop sign

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News of a tragic incident in Camden, North London yesterday, where a young man in his 20’s was killed whilst simply walking down the street when a shop sign fell, hitting with force on the head.  The force of the blow was so hard that it caused a cardiac arrest and the young man sadly died in hospital.

Incidents such as this are thankfully rare.  The severity of the incident has left a young man dead and although personal injury claims rarely involve fatalities, death is something that can lead to a claim if the circumstances surrounding the incident that caused the death are relevant to making a claim for personal injury compensation. However, even if the incident that caused the injuries or death is a ‘freak’ occurrence, it could well still lead to the owners of the property being held responsible on grounds of public liability and breaches of Health & Safety regulations for any personal injury claim settlement that is awarded to the family of the deceased.

In the case of the young man killed yesterday, the validity of any claim for personal injury compensation will be decided by the outcome of the investigations that will be carried out by the authorities (Police) and Health & Safety Executive in to the incident.  They will undoubtedly look in to the condition of the mountings upon which the shop sign that fell & caused the injuries, were erected.  Investigations will also look in to whether or not the shop owners had a system of sufficient maintenance checks and whether the mountings used to hold the sign to the wall were of the correct strength.  If they find that the shop owners had failed in their duties, they are likely to face a claim for personal injury compensation as a result of the outcome of the incident.

There are a whole load of Health & Safety myths out there that many people and media outlets continue to believe.  We’ve previously busted those Health & Safety myths, but in this case a possible breach of Health & Safety regulations has lead to the death of an innocent young man.

Your claim or enquiry may well not involve a fatality (hopefully it doesn’t!) but we understand that you will have questions about making a claim for personal injury compensation.  If it’s new to you, you won’t really know how a personal injury claim on a No Win No Fee basis works and you may wonder what is so special about Direct 2 Compensation Ltd.  In any event, we’re more than happy to discuss your case and explain the process of making a claim to you.

0 questions have been answered below, why not ask your own?

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