Referral Fee ban supporter Jack Straw in undeclared payments from Insurers?

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The No Win No Fee personal injury claims sector is heavily under fire at the moment. What is clear is that the insurance sector are heavily in control of government policy and that their sole goal is to reduce the number of Personal Injury claims in the UK and to make No Win No Fee personal injury claims harder to pursue. In layman’s terms, the Association of British Insurers want to reduce the access we all have to justice.

Jack Straw has come in for some criticism from me on this blog in the past. He seems willing to spout unproven facts to the media and is happy to portray claimants of injury compensation – particularly whiplash victims – as blaggers and liars. Jack Straw has previously claimed that whiplash was a made up injury.

I had to wonder why Straw was so happy to do the talking on behalf of the Insurers… I understand why insurers want to reduce the volume of claims made (by hook or by crook)… They want to pay out less and make larger profits. That’s fair enough from their point of view, they are businesses and the main raison d’etre for any business is the bottom line – profit. So, why would Straw be so in favour of their questionable argument and stance? We read today that the Guardian have stated that The former Labour cabinet minister Jack Straw was paid £5,000 by the motor insurance industry for a speech and question-and-answer session – a payment he did not declare when controversial amendments affecting such firms were tabled last week, the Guardian can reveal.

Straw was paid for a reported three hours of work on 28 September. He sat on a panel of experts and spoke about the “dirty secrets” that drive up motor insurance costs.
Straw told the Guardian that he was not required to register the payments because he had not yet received the money. The former minister said he had contacted the register of members’ interests on Saturday to declare four payments. These will appear in the new register later this week – but, crucially, after MPs vote on the amendment. Although the Commons rulebook makes it clear that MPs should denote a relevant “interest” with the symbol “[R]“, Straw did not do so last week. He blamed the parliamentary offices for being unsure in their guidance: “The clerks were not certain …It’s going to be on the order paper tomorrow. They will put an R next to my name.”

So folks… your access to justice is being chipped away at by huge companies making massive profits year on year and helped by elected MP’s taking payments from them who then stand in parliament and support the view held by the companies who stand to benefit from the proposed changes.

This stinks – No Win No Fee claims were devised to enable even the poorest in society to seek justice when they have been wronged. It seems that the No Win No Fee claims opponents are willing to use very dirty tactics to ensure that they can make more money and deny justice.

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