Stamping out Fraudulent Claims

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We know, because of the efforts taken by our Accident Claims Managers, that 99.9% of our clients are the genuine victims of non fault accidents. We know that their claims for accident compensation are worthy and well worth pursuing. These clients deserve their compensation when it eventually comes, often after a long and hard fight to get it.

But, as often is the case, the ease with which one can pursue compensation and the way upon which that client is looked by their peers or perceived by the general public, is tarnished by the very few who try and get away with claiming compensation that is not theirs.

Dishonest Accident Claim Clients

Direct 2 Compensation Ltd have a good reputation within both the Accident Claim Client and Solicitor Sectors. People know that we are honest, trustworthy and a reliable base from which they can mount their claim for compensation. However, even the most thorough of regimes to ensure that fraudulent claimers are weeded out, can sometimes get breached!

It amazes us when this happens. Surely people think this through and realise that Insurance companies don’t simply fork out compensation to anyone who applies for it. Anyone reading this that has been unfortunate enough to need to make a valid claim on an insurance policy will know just how tough getting your rightful settlement can be. Stories need to be proven, injuries need to be treated and records need to be in existence so that a claim can be verified.

Unsurprisingly, the kind of person who attempts to make a fraudulent claim, can often be described as not the sharpest tool in the box.

Questions and answers

When an accident claim client comes to us with a potential claim, we take them through a fairly rigorous qualification process. Our team ask relevant questions about their accident, injuries, medical treatment and available proof that what they have said is accurate. Unfortunately, this doesn’t prevent the determined idiot fake claimer who is prepared to lie. However, their lies will be found out before they get compensation! Indeed, they will not get compensation, they may end up arrested instead!

Just the other day, we had a claim that had failed some months after one of our Solicitors had taken the case on. The initial story presented to us by the client was extremely plausible. He appeared genuine and had obvious injuries. We took him at face value and completed our claim work and handed the same to our Solicitors so that they could pursue compensation for him. It was only upon the release of the clients medical records some 3 months later, that it was shown that he had sustained his injuries in a drunken fight and not in the way he had claimed. He simply (simply being the operative word here!) decided that he would pick a company at random and make a claim against them. If he had been successful, an innocent 3rd party and their insurers would have picked up a potentially hefty legal bill and compensation settlement. We were pleased to ensure that did not happen and closed the claim immediately before informing the 3rd party insurers that there was no case to answer.

This client was clearly less than intelligent. He had not thought about the fact that his medical records listed not only his injuries and how they would be treated, but how they happened in the first place


The upshot of his fraudulent claim affects 3 parties. We and our Solicitors have our reputation tarnished and waste valuable resources trying to help a liar. The genuine clients out there who wish to pursue their legitimate accident compensation claims will find a less trusting Solicitor & Claims Company and may well come up against a cynical 3rd party insurer and the client himself is now subject to a criminal investigation and pursuit of costs from us and our Solicitors.

We can live with the time wasted, that is not our main concern although it is a right pain in the you know what. We worry more about our genuine clients and even the poor 3rd party insurers! There is no benefit to us if they pay out compensation to individuals who are not entitled to it. It is vital for us that our genuine clients receive what is legally theirs. Fraud helps no party in this industry and we are happy to help stamp it out.

0 questions have been answered below, why not ask your own?

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