Victims of Cardiff Hit & Run driver could seek injury compensation

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Very sad news emerged from South Wales over the weekend after a man appeared to use a large white van as a weapon in a crazed attack, killing Karina Menzies and injuring 12 other pedestrians.  The news today confirmed that 31-year-old Matthew Tvrdon, of no fixed abode has appeared in court charged with murder and attempted murder following the series of hit-and-runs in the Ely area of Cardiff.

Thankfully, incidents as appalling as this, with such tragic outcomes and injuries are rare.  Whether Mr. Tvrdon was insured or not is not yet known, but the victims of the incident will still be able to pursue claims for personal injury compensation, even if is found that there was no insurer in place.  At Direct 2 Compensation, we have helped many people who were not aware that they could still pursue claims for compensation, even if the person responsible for their injuries was uninsured.  Such claims are pursued via the Motor Insurers’ Bureau (MIB) and if a victim is seriously injured, the MIB can award substantial compensation settlements.

As can be the case in the event of any road traffic accident, the victims of uninsured drivers can suffer injuries that have a lasting effect.  Indeed, we have assisted many clients in such circumstances and one of the main factors that enables a value to be placed on the settlement successful claim comes from the extent of the injuries sustained. Although claimants are motivated to pursue their claims by more than just money.

The incident in Cardiff is sickening and it would appear that Karina Mezies died trying to protect her children.  What quite motivated Mr. Tvrdon to do what he did remains unclear, but it is obvious that his actions were negligent, criminal and that he faces spending the majority of the rest of his life behind bars.  Rightly so.

0 questions have been answered below, why not ask your own?

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