Whiplash claimants should not be frightened to claim compensation

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In another cynical and depressing assault on claimants of personal injury compensation, the government busily calling the tune of the Association of British Insurers (ABI) has today put further pressure on victims of injuries suffered in road traffic accidents, particularly on those claiming compensation for whiplash injuries in what could be seen as a bid to undermine claimants and therefore put people off of making their claim.  It is sad to think that our government wish to further reduce peoples access to justice.

Once again, the old debate of whiplash being a made up injury has resurfaced and as we have previously stated, we have both a personal understanding of the injury (having been in a nasty car accident in 1998 myself) and a professional understanding of the pain, discomfort and affect on ones life whiplash can have.

In a worryingly misleading media interview, the Justice Secretary, today tried to muddy the waters regarding whiplash claims and even seemed to be trying to lay the blame for the rise in claims for whiplash at the feet of claims management companies and dodgy doctors.  Maybe, the rise in the level of whiplash claims has something to do with Joe Public becoming more and more aware of their right to claim personal injury compensation when they have been injured through no fault of their own.

We’re of the view that the claims industry is already very tightly controlled and that fake, fraudulent and misleading claims are already minimised and dealt with promptly.  This latest assault on claimants of personal injury compensation for whiplash injuries does nothing but put unfair pressure on genuine claimants and those considering making a claim for compensation as if to put them off from pursuing what they are legally entitled to.

Of course, all claimants should ensure that they only pursue genuine claims and that they use a trustworthy company. But to say that the level of whiplash claims is dangerous is a silly turn of phrase for a minister of Her Majesty’s Government.

If you’re a victim of whiplash injuries and feel under pressure NOT to pursue your legal right to compensation, please think again.  If you have been injured, see your GP or visit a hospital and have your injuries professionally diagnosed by a doctor.  With the evidence of your medical records, plus an INDEPENDENT medical assessment carried out during your claim, we’ll be able to demonstrate your honesty and prove your claim enabling you to seek the justice you deserve.

0 questions have been answered below, why not ask your own?

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