Whiplash – literally a pain in the neck

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Whiplash injuries are often mocked by people who like to paint the personal injury compensation sector in a bad light and state that whiplash is a made up injury and a symptom of the compensation culture. However, anyone who has suffered a whiplash injury knows just how painful and distressing an injury whiplash can be.  At Direct2Compensation we know how much whiplash can affect someone and from personal experience, I can fully sympathise with anyone making a claim for whiplash compensation.  The no win no fee whiplash solicitors that we work with know that whiplash is not something to laugh about.

Even relatively low speed road traffic collisions can cause nasty neck, shoulder and back pain, known as whiplash. The small ligaments and muscles in the neck struggle to cope with severe strain and whiplash is just that – the straining and damage to the muscles in those areas.

Direct2Compensation are experts in handling whiplash compensation claims and know all to well (some of us even by first hand knowledge of the condition) the pain, discomfort and effect on a life that whiplash can have. People claiming compensation for whiplash injuries often report being unable to sit comfortably, struggling to sleep well, an inability to play active sports or lift heavy items or even struggling to put on a shirt, jumper or jacket. Whilst some may mock the whiplash scenario, it is not to be taken lightly.  With this in mind, making a claim for whiplash injury compensation with Direct2Compensation can help to speed up recovery.  Our solicitors will work to obtain expert medical attention for whiplash claimants at the expense of the defendant insurers.

If you are looking for ways to reduce your whiplash symptoms or advice about managing whiplash symptoms, read our recent article: tips for recovering from whiplash injuries.

Making a claim for whiplash compensation

When it comes to making a claim for whiplash compensation, Direct2Compensation is the perfect place to choose to make your claim.  The claims process is straightforward and in most cases, claims for whiplash compensation will be settled within 3-6 months.  Whiplash settlement values can range from £1000 for a minor short lasting injury through to many thousands of pounds for those seriously injured or suffering from chronic whiplash. The Direct2Compensation no win no fee claims process means that claimants never have to pay a penny should their claim fail and all claims are handled in a fully LASPO Act 2012 compliant manner.

If you have suffered a whiplash injury and want to make a no win no fee claim for whiplash compensation, you can start your claim with ease by either going online or by calling us on 01225430285.

0 questions have been answered below, why not ask your own?

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