Why your personal injury claim solicitor doesn’t need to be local to you

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Unless you live in one of the major cities or towns of the UK, it is very unlikely that you will be able to find the services of a specialist personal injury compensation solicitor locally to you.  As with all things in life, specialist personal injury claims firms tend to be located in the areas of larger population, in business districts.

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The fact that you may live some way away from a large city or town and therefore not have a specialist personal injury claims company on your doorstep, really doesn’t matter.  Although you will want to ensure that you can always make contact with your claims handler and solicitor, you are unlikely to need to see your solicitor in a face-to-face meeting during the claims process. One of the real benefits of choosing Direct 2 Compensation to make your claim with is that as well as being such a special bunch of people, we’re available on the telephone when you need us and where needed, we can arrange for agents to visit you at home to help you with paperwork or to explain documents that have been sent to you regarding your personal injury claim.  So despite the fact that you could live in Penzance and your solicitor could be in Preston, you will still get an excellent service with the ability for you to not have to travel.  Not only are we able to visit you at home where needed, but your solicitor can also do the same, we even arrange for your medical assessment to be conducted in a hospital or specialist centre locally to your home.

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So you need not worry about the location of your solicitor.  In the first instance, we will always speak with you on the telephone to discuss your initial personal injury claim enquiry.  We can take your instructions over the phone and make arrangements for evidence to be obtained.  You may be able to provide photographs of the accident site, or hazard responsible for your injuries.  If not, we can get an agent to do that for you.  We’ll keep you informed by telephone and letter and you can rest in the comfort of your own home whilst we and our specialist personal injury solicitors manage your claim for you.

If you want to discuss a possible claim with us, simply call us on 01225430285 or leave your details on our contact form.

0 questions have been answered below, why not ask your own?

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