What is a compensation settlement made up of?

The value of a personal injury compensation settlement is made up of different items to form an overall settlement.

The main element consists of the value of an injury and the pain, discomfort and distress caused to an injured party as a result of the injury and accident. For example, if a claimant successfully wins for a broken leg, their settlement will consist of a payment for the value of the injury. This will be decided on medical evidence and the severity of the injury. An expert medical opinion will be sought to corroborate the details and the value will depend on whether the injury will heal, if so how long a recovery will take or if not, what level of recovery will be made.

The other items that form the value of a personal injury claim are known as ‘special damages‘, which could include:

  • Loss of wages or earning ability
  • Requirements for post accident care and support
  • Medical costs
  • Out of pocket expenses
  • Lifestyle changes
  • Personal losses

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