Is making a claim a hassle?

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Of the legitimate claimants who don’t actually make a claim, some don’t know how to or who to go to, some are too vulnerable and are not given the correct assistance by carers or family, and many are put off by the often complex and scary legalese jargon used by many law firms.

At Direct2Compensation, we believe in simplifying the personal injury claims process as far as we possibly can. We’ve taken steps to ensure that the process is easily explained and understood without bombarding you with intimidating jargon. Our clients get the peace of mind they need quickly when they speak to us and almost without exception, they instruct us to press on with the claim.

Making a claim should not be a hassle. We understand that when injured, a person needs to concentrate on recovering and does not need to be hassled by us or any solicitor. That’s why we have made the process of making a claim as simple as possible:

  1. Call us on 01225 430285, or use the Contact Us or Make a Claim pages on our website.
  2. Once we’ve heard from you, we’ll spend a few minutes on the phone so that we can take some basic instructions about your claim and obtain further contact details.
  3. We then pass your details to an expert solicitor and ask them to call you to further discuss the details of your accident and injuries and explain the next step.
  4. The solicitor send you some paperwork, you sign and return the No Win No Fee agreement (Conditional Fee Agreement) and authorities to release medical records.
  5. You attend a medical with an expert in order that a report can be written to support and prove your claim, and provide a value for settlement.
  6. Your solicitor will keep you updated and ask for information when needed.
  7. You receive a settlement cheque in the post.

Clearly, in some circumstance – when a claim is fiercely contested – a claim can end up in court. This is very rare and is most unlikely. Even if this were to happen, your solicitor would provide you with all the support necessary for you to proceed with the claim with minimum hassle.

0 questions have been answered on this subject - ask us your question

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