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Direct2Compensation is a personal injury claims management company regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, our authorisation number is 830395. Details can be found on the Financial Conduct Authority financial services register. We’re authorised to provide our services to clients wishing to pursue claims on a No Win No Fee basis for personal injury compensation. Should you wish to locate details of our registration, or check up on a claims company, you can search for the information online.

Put simply, the role of Direct2Compensation is to be the link between the person claiming personal injury compensation and the solicitors and other experts who process the claim. We provide this service by using our simple claims process that enables us to identify the right solicitor for you and then acting on the instructions we receive from the solicitor and claimant.

The solicitors we instruct to pursue our claims are both specialists in personal injury claims and also experts at litigation.  The solicitor’s role is to liaise with 3rd party insurers, hold them to account with the laws and regulations that they are bound by and prove a claim.  They will also instruct the relevant experts such as obtaining expert medical evidence. Our panel solicitors use the services of our business to investigate initial personal injury claim enquiries, and to then obtain the relevant evidence.  This then enables the expert solicitor to evaluate the claim enquiries so that that they can then pursue the claims that they believe have positive prospects of success.

Claimants often know nothing about the legal world, how to claim personal injury compensation or what No Win No Fee means.  As a result, it can be somewhat of a daunting thought to commence a claim. At Direct2Compensation we take the initial instructions of a claimant and identify the right solicitor for that person.  We then act on the instructions of the solicitors to investigate the claim and after gathering the relevant information and evidence, pass the same back to the solicitor.

Direct2Compensation offers a friendly link and a helping hand through the process of claiming personal injury compensation to both claimants and the solicitors. We are here to make the process of claiming simple and easy to understand.

0 questions have been answered on this subject - ask us your question

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