Making A Whiplash Compensation Claim

Claims for whiplash compensation are usually an easy matter to resolve and can often be settled within 3-6 months. By seeking compensation, claimants can win a settlement to cover the pain and distress of their whiplash injuries, recover any costs and lost wages and access rehabilitation therapies.

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Whiplash Compensation

What is Whiplash?

Whiplash is commonly sustained when an occupant of a motor vehicle is involved in a collision. Usually, claimants of whiplash injuries have been in a vehicle that was hit from behind by another vehicle. In such circumstances, the injury is caused when your head is thrown backwards and forwards as a result of the collision, and the small muscles and ligaments of the upper lumbar and neck suffer a strain. The pain can last anywhere between a few days and a few years or more. Most people make a full recovery but cases of chronic whiplash last more than 6 months. To avoid the risk of a long term whiplash injury it’s best to get professional medical help as soon as possible.

Woman with neck pain after whiplash injuryMany people are unsure whether they have whiplash, or whether compensation is an option. For detailed guidance on this, we’d suggest you check out our article on how to know if you have a valid claim for whiplash compensation.

If you are suffering from whiplash, there are tips and other useful resources available via our articles to help you recover more quickly.

How much whiplash compensation will I receive?

Whiplash compensation is a settlement the injured party will receive for their injuries from the other driver’s insurance company.  Claiming can also allow you to access specialist rehabilitation therapies to help speed your recovery, all at the expense of the liable party.

Every whiplash claim is different as a result of the injuries sustained, so it’s impossible to tell exactly how much compensation you could be entitled to without a medical assessment. Our road traffic accident solicitors will obtain medical evidence from an expert in whiplash compensation (normally an orthopaedic surgeon) who will carry out a full and thorough medical examination to assess the extent of your whiplash injury.  They will review the medical records of any treatment received and use them and their examination to form an expert opinion that can be used by the solicitor in order to assess a fair value of the claim.

In negotiating a settlement awarding whiplash compensation for your injuries, the following factors are taken into consideration.

  • How severe the whiplash injury is
  • Whether the injury prevents you from working
  • How much of an impact the injury has on your day to day activities
  • Whether ongoing treatment is necessary

These are the most important elements in assessing the value of your whiplash compensation claim, although there are many other factors to consider too. When the initial evidence has been collected your solicitor will be able to let you know the likely level of compensation you can expect for your injuries. Your settlement will not only cover your injuries, but expenses such as lost earnings, and car hire and repairs.

Direct2Compensation will gather all of the evidence necessary to obtain the maximum amount of whiplash compensation for you. We are experts in this area, let us take care of you and get you back on the road to recovery. Below are some examples of recent awards we have recovered for our clients.

Example awards of whiplash compensation

  • An man sat at a traffic light junction in his stationary vehicle. He was hit from behind by a small car and suffered neck pain and shoulder pain for a period of 2 months. He received £2,500 in compensation.
  • A woman travelling as a passenger in her husband’s car. Unfortunately, he lost control on a patch of ice and left the road, rolling the vehicle twice.  She suffered a painful back and neck injury lasting for just over 12 months. She received £5,500 in compensation.
  • A van driver on his way to a job for his employer was involved in a very serious head-on collision. A 3rd party driver had caused the accident in attempting to overtake a slower vehicle. Both vehicles were written off and our client was taken to hospital by ambulance. His injuries are ongoing and he is unlikely to recover to his pre-accident health. After 6 months off work, he returned on light duties and can no longer play rugby and is caused pain and discomfort when attempting to play golf. It is now 20 months post accident and the expert medical opinion is that whilst his injuries will settle somewhat, he will always have discomfort and pain in the neck and shoulder. He has received in excess of £22,000 compensation for his injuries.

Making a successful whiplash claim

In order to give your compensation claim the best chance of success it is helpful to get witness testimonies from people that saw your accident and can vouch for you. Witness testimonies can play a vital role and guarantee the authenticity of your claim.

Doctor bills and certificates are also important since they will be the main evidence of any physical injuries you might have incurred during the accident. Also, doctors’ reports which state how your injuries have been sustained and how they are affecting your life.

To better your case, record the contact details of eye-witnesses and if possible, take photographs of the crash site. If you wish to claim prescription costs and travelling expenditure too, you must also keep receipts as proof.

Please contact Direct 2 Compensation for further details about how we can help you with your whiplash claim. Alternatively you can make a claim for whiplash compensation online by filling out our quick form. Remember, when we say “no win, no fee”, we mean just that. You are never liable for any costs should your claim fail to succeed, and should you win a settlement for your claim your settlement will be made in accordance with the requirements of the LASPO Act 2012.

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