Can agency or temporary workers claim compensation after an accident at work?


A question that often arises when a temporary or agency employed person makes an enquiry regarding personal injury compensation, is whether or not they have the same rights as a full-time or contracted staff member if they are injured in an accident at work. In simple terms, the answer is yes, an agency or temporary worker does have the same rights to pursue a no win no fee claim for compensation as their full-time, contracted colleagues.

Lots of people working on temporary contracts or via agencies are not briefed of their rights, given the correct training or support, and do not realise that they could be entitled to compensation after an accident. Indeed, temporary staff that often don’t receive training or support are in fact more likely to be injured at work. It’s important to remember that employers have responsibilities, and these cover full-time, part-time and temporary agency staff working for them.

Employer responsibilities

Regardless of whether an employee is a contracted full-time or part-time staff member, or if they are on a short-term contract, or even working via a 3rd party agency on temporary terms, all employees are governed by the same health and safety at work regulations. Employers must ensure that all staff members are adequately trained to work safely and provided with the relevant equipment to work safely. They should also have knowledge of company procedures, how to access support and how to report any incidents and where to seek first aid assistance. With this in mind, any employee injured in an accident within the workplace will have the same right to pursue a claim for personal injury compensation – if the accident was a result of employer negligence.

Employment law and more importantly Health & Safety laws, offer the same protection and framework for temporary/agency employees as they do for full-time directly employed colleagues. Because all employers and employees are obliged to follow health and safety procedures set out in law, temporary, agency or short-term contract employees must be provided with correct training, adequate supervision and access to the safety standards required within the workplace.

If you are an agency or temporary worker and you have been injured in an accident at work because your employer has not provided you with the right training, or failed to ensure that you could work safely with the correct equipment to minimise the risk of injury, we can help you make a claim for accident at work compensation.

What temporary workers should do after an accident at work

Temporary staff involved in an accident at work should follow the same steps as those of their permanently employed colleagues.  We’ve previously covered the important steps of what to do after an accident at work.  There is useful advice to follow for any person suffering after an accident in the workplace.  However, decent employers should already have steps in place to ensure that you can properly record and report any accident in the correct manner.  Of course, when you are working in any workplace under the placement of a 3rd party employment agency, you should also report your accident to them as well as to the management of the workplace where you were injured.  Just ask for the accident book and ensure that the details are recorded fully and in your words.

How Direct2Compensation can help

At Direct2Compensation we know your rights and can help any agency or temporary worker to start a no win no fee claim for workplace accident compensation. We work with a network of specialist accident at work solicitors and we can explain the claims process to you in simple terms and give you the confidence you need to claim compensation for your injuries, plus any loss of income you may have incurred as a result of your accident at work.

As with all no win no fee claims, agency or temporary contract workers must make every effort to make sure that the details of your accident at work have been properly reported and recorded in the workplace where the incident happened and also with the agency who have provided your services to the workplace. It is also important that medical attention should be sought for any injuries sustained. If the cause of the accident was not your fault but because of employer negligence, Direct2Compensation and our solicitor partners are likely to succeed with your claim for personal injury compensation.

At Direct2Compensation when we make a claim for accident at work compensation, we make sure that our claimants know how to maximise their claim and get a fair and just settlement.  Our specialist accident at work solicitors will ensure that any compensation settlement fully covers the extent of any injury sustained along with fully recovering any lost income or other costs with a comprehensive special damages claim.

Claim fast financial and medical assistance

Remember, a successful claim isn’t just about money. At Direct2Compensation, we know that the major factor affecting most agency or temporary workers who have been injured in an accident at work is a loss of income. Whilst temporary or agency workers have the same rights to health and safety protection at work and the right to make a claim for accident at work compensation, they are usually not entitled to sick pay if they cannot work. With this in mind, we work hard to ensure that your solicitor can settle your claim at the earliest opportunity.

One of the other major benefits of making a claim for compensation if you are unfortunate enough to be injured in an accident at work is the possibility of accessing excellent rehab therapies. Our specialist solicitors will look to obtain such treatments for claimants if possible. This can happen once a solicitor has been able to obtain an admission of liability from the employer facing the agency or temporary worker compensation claim. Such rehab can include physiotherapy, massage therapy, osteopathy and many other kinds of intervention. Such treatments and rehab therapies have been proven to help people recover more quickly and therefore be in a position to return to work and get back to normality with life.

Starting your claim

If you are an agency worker or temporary member of staff who has been injured in an accident at work, or if you are looking in to this for someone who has, you should contact us today to find out more. Call us on 01225 430285, or if you prefer, we can call you back.  We’ll find out more about your situation and advise you as to whether or not we feel you have a viable claim for accident at work compensation. We can then explain the claims process to you and help you find the best specialist accident at work solicitor.

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  1. I was in a car accident and damaged my shoulder. I am still having issues and have had to cancel 2 further shifts as a result of this injury. Can I claim for the 2 night shifts that I have cancelled?

    • If you have been injured in a car accident that was not your fault and you have been forced to miss work and lose income as a result, you can claim compensation for the injuries and also recover any lost income by way of the special damages element of your claim. Please call us on 01225430285 or use the ‘start a claim’ page of our website. We work with specialist Solicitors who will act for you on a No Win No Fee basis to recover compensation for your injured shoulder and ensure that any lost income or incurred costs relative to the accident are recovered for you.

  2. i cut my wrist and had to have an operation to mend a nerve in my wrist although they gave me a glove this did not cover my wrist and when I dropped the bulb I cut my wrist with the knife we use for trimming the bulbs I work through an agency and they have said I will not be getting ssp and have told me to go job centre I still have to attend hospital on a regular basis and cant afford to get there what am I entitled to

    • There is a strong argument to be made in your favour in terms of making a claim for compensation. The employer may have failed to adequately risk assess the work that they are asking you to do and could have provided inadequate personal protective equipment (PPE) with regards to the gloves that they issue to employees.

      You have clearly sustained a very serious injury and it is right and proper that you make enquiries as to whether or not you can proceed further with a claim. Our initial view is that you have a valid claim and we have now passed this to our specialist Solicitors to look further in to this for you.

    • If you have been injured in an accident at work, you can only make one claim. Of course, it is possible that the process of the claim could establish that liability was split between the agency and the firm for whom you worked and they would have to share the costs of the claim if so, but you could not claim twice – against both parties.

  3. I am currently working with agency. Our Client is with disability funded by government. My client was distressed and jumped over me I fell on the floor with my client on the top of me. Mu back hit the floor and now I am suffering from back pain pain. What can I do?

    • if your employer failed to correctly risk assess the person with whom you were working and advise you of the risks that they would present to you, you may have a valid claim for compensation.

  4. I had a accident work as I am a agency worker and was not provided with the right operative to carry out my work nor was I told what to do.the next day I was made to sign a form to say it was my fault

    • If you have signed a form that admits that you were responsible and at fault, it is very unlikely that you could succeed with a claim for compensation against your employer.

    • No employer has to pay salaries to any person off work through illness or injury. Indeed, the only legal requirement is for any person eligible to be paid SSP if they are off work.

  5. I was working for a temp service called
    Bison workforce solutions there based in Georgia. They had a temp office in Tualatin Oregon. The had a work assignment by Nortek in Tualatin.
    I was a temp to hire through Bison.
    I was there only 2 weeks and very new.
    I had a person training me. On Friday January 29 2016 ten minutes before the shift was over. The person wanted to show me what I was going to be doing on Monday. We climbed up a later entered into a small opening. A confined space no sign on the outside about any dangers. There was a small grated walk way I could not see beyond the person that was training me his body was blocking my view. He had a stick that he use to show what I was going to do. He had me looking up the whole time pointing as I moved across the grated floor. What he failed to mention is that the walkway was only 4 feet then dropped to a 6 ft by 10 ft hole. The I had air I tried to stop but ripped my fingers on my left hand as I fell hitting bottom when I woke up my hands were really bleeding my left knee swelling to the size of a football. I had no warning what so every. I suffered greatly I have a permanent injury to my left knee a mutable minicus and lateral tear to my knee. I am on disability I want to know if I have a case for personal injury at Nortek because its because of their negligence I got injured. What worries me I think Bison workforce solutions has loophole policies for the company here is a quote from Bison about there phyosiphy for there clients. Expert risk management professionals provide strategic programs across a wide range of potential risk categories. Bison Workforce Solutions offers help with Worker’s Compensation, Claims Administration, Employer Compliance, and more. Can you help me I do have a attorney but he has been dragging his feet at last minute. It’s at litigation but he tells me the Nortek can get off on a loophole that a a contract that Bison and Nortek have together. What about my rights I got injured at Nortek because of there negligence I have a mutable minicus and lateral tear to my left knee because of them
    Please help me

    • Under UK law, if this accident had happened in the UK you would be able to make a claim for compensation with us and we would be very confident that you would succeed.

      However, as this accident happened outside of the UK, there is nothing we can do to assist you.

  6. I had 4brain aneurysms. I do a lot of straining at my job, but I don’t know if that caused it. I have been out of work for 3months…what should I do. I attended a training class. That training didn’t prevent my injuries

    • You could only pursue a claim against your employer if medical experts were to agree that your health conditions can be directly attributed to your working environment and schedule.

  7. I worked through the temp agency 10-11-18 and starting off the job I was told gloves and glasses would be provided bring your own boots.I was only provided with glasses when i started working by my trainer.After working with no gloves glass and saw dust got on my hands and eventually in my eyes. After telling my trainer he took me to the medical box and had me find something to help me my self even though I could barely open my eye to see.
    I eventually found eye wash soulution I used it more then once and it didn’t seem to work soon told my trainer and nothing was done I waited until the next day 10-12-18 to seek medical attention because I worked 3-11 and got home around 12:00

    • It would certainly seem easy to attach employer negligence to this scenario in that you should have been provided with all of the required personal protective equipment at the very start of your work with them and not part of it. The worry we would have at this stage regarding pursuing a claim for compensation would be on two areas. Firstly, whilst the dust and particles in your eye caused discomfort, did that discomfort last more than a few hours? Has there been any more long term damage to the eye? Secondly, did you report the details of the eye injury to the employer?

  8. I have worked with my employer for five and a half years. I have ended up with degenerative disc disease in my lower back and a bulged disc which I believe was brought on with the wrong method of lifting I was using.

    My job involves repetitive bending and lifting. I started with this pain just over a year ago. I worked with an agency for the first two and a half years and been full time for three years. I was never given any manual handling training or any training for proper way to bend and lift. I kept on at my employer about manual handling training and was eventually given some six months ago five years after I started. At this point of time I was off sick with back pain when they called me in to do a manual handling course but the damage was already done by then. I lost between four and five thousand pounds in lost wages as a result and the final insult has come with them dismissing me due to being incapable of doing the job. This is a multi national company I work for.

    • Given your employers failure to provide you with manual handling training and guidance, our view is that you have a valid claim against your employer for the injuries you have sustained as a result of your working period with them.

      All employers are obliged to follow the Health and Safety at Work Act and ensure safe working standards are provided, including relevant training.

  9. My question is about personal injury due to poor absence management by an employment agency. I sent in sick note which mentioned stress followed by others which stated mental health issues. Rather than receive any help to facilitate my return to work i was told to go to the job centre.As you can imagine this came as a shock and my mental health deteriorated and i am now on disability benefits with chronic this a failure of duty of care and would I have any means of redress.

  10. I am a full time employee with English heritage at a castle ruin.I was asked to do a wind check on the island part of ruin in wet conditions and I slipped on some uneven steps and tore my rotator cuff I have recently had surgery and expect to be off work for at least a year I will get 6 months full pay and 6 months half. I am 62 and am not sure I will feel safe doing my job again at 63 onwards as my job involves a lot of maintenance and I will be at risk of retear of rotator cuff due to my age ect. Can I claim compensation and secure no penalty earlier retirement. I think I would not have fallen so heavily if there had been a handrail by steps They are always slippery in wet weather and many staff have slipped but mine was the worst
    thankyou for any info pete.

    • Rotator Cuff injuries are notoriously difficult to recover from and those suffering such an injury after a slip and fall often report a lengthy period of convalescence.

      With regards to your rights to make a claim, you should certainly investigate the prospects of making a claim further and this is something that we would be happy to assist with. Clearly, you were working at a historic site and it would therefore be expected that the floor surfaces may not be as solid or ‘sound’ as we would expect in a modern workplace. However, the fact that colleagues have slipped in the same place previously indicates that the employer would have known about a possible hazard to the workforce. As such, there could be a route to a successful claim against the employer for their failure to provide a handrail in this location.

      I am not sure on the early retirement query, but this is something our specialist Solicitors would be able to advise you on. My suggestion at this point would be for you to send your contact details to me via email ( so that I could call you to take some basic information. I would then pass your enquiry on to our specialist Solicitors so that they could evaluate the details of your injury at work and advise you further as to any possible claim and your rights going forward.

  11. I have read the intelligent and constructive manner you have responded to many questions put to you and I am very impressed with the thorough and clear answers given by you.
    My question is, if I can be able to put in a claim for an injury I sustained at work as a temporary worker which happened, close to 3 years ago, on July 9, 2015, but which also was not recorded in an accident book because the supervisor ignored me.
    This had led to nearly 3 years loss of earnings and previous contacts with the employer have seen them denied responsibility. I am now trying to do a course in different field to enable me get a job because I cannot return to the same field of work I did.
    Also should my former agency (I used the word ‘former’ because they took me off their book months later) take a part/full responsibility?
    Thank you.

    • In UK law, you are allowed a period of 3 years from the date of an accident or incident in which you can pursue a claim for compensation. The date you have provided gives you around 3 months of that remaining. Therefore, in theory, you remain within the claim limitation period and could proceed.

      We can certainly look at helping you to make a claim for compensation but it is worth noting that it becomes harder to place and fund a claim when the amount of limitation period available is less than 6 months. This is because the claim becomes more ‘risky’ and can be harder for a specialist No Win No Fee Solicitor to insure.

      In your case, the outcome will depend on the cause of your accident and whether your former employers were negligent in their obligations towards your health and safety at work.

      With regards to the agency issue, a specialist Solicitor can investigate whether they too should accept some responsibility for your situation. In most cases, the liable party will be the employer for whom you were working at the time rather than an agency. However, if the agency has failed to properly risk assess the role and seek assurances from the employer regarding the health and safety at work protection on offer, they could face action.

  12. As an agency support worker, the remainder of my tooth and post crown was knocked out by a mental health patient whilst I was on duty at a placement.

    I have been told by the company I was on placement at, that my agency is liable to pay for my tooth repair, so I followed it up with my agency… then almost three months later after nothing, I was told by my agency that the client/company I was on placement at is liable.

    Who is responsible for my claim to compensation to fix my tooth – the agency I work for or the the company I was on placement at?!

    • Your situation is a clear case as to why it is important to instruct a specialist Solicitor to act for you as it prevents you from being fobbed off and pushed from pillar to post by people trying to avoid responsibility. With that in mind, please contact us and let us get our specialist Solicitors to speak with you about your situation. They will be able to identify who is liable and pursue a claim for you in order to recover your dental costs and claim compensation for your distress and injury too.

  13. I worked with royalmail for 4 weeks as a christmas temp. During that time I was put on sorting letters which required standing in one spot for 7 hours. I complained that over the course of 3 weeks I have developed a back pain and would like a chair to sit or to be transferred to sorting parcels which at least means you move on your feet rather than being in one spot.
    I told the manager to log my complaint in the accident logbook.
    He said I was committing fraud as I did not have an accident, that if I have pain it is due to the fact that I have 2 jobs and then I was sacked on the spot.
    Can I make a claim?

    • You have the right to make a claim for an injury sustained at work whether you are a temp worker or a permanent member of staff. In your case, you have put the employer on notice of a possible injury and requested assistance that has been refused and this could lead to you making a claim against the employer.

  14. Hi Ian,
    I wonder if I will be entitled to some form of compensation. I broke my ankle and leg in two different places, this unfortunate event occurred whilst I was at work for a Local Authority. I was chased by an aggressive pit bull terrier at the Local Authority’s property on my walk about doing my job, I had no option but to jump from an 8/10 foot drop into a garden in order to escape the raging dog. I had 3 surgeries and a two-week stay at the hospital. My injury was so bad in that I suffered an open fracture (bone sticking out through my ankle) The hole that was created as a consequence of the bone sticking out was covered with a lump of skin cultivated from other leg’s ankle and thigh. I’m still recovering at home, I have not earned a single penny for 3 months. A lot of expenses have been incurred by myself and my wife, taxi fares to and from the hospital, loss of earnings on my side and much more inconveniences. The trouble is that I was a temporary staff. I’m I entitled to any form of compensation.

    • The fact that you were a temporary worker is irrelevant in this matter, but I cannot see how you can hold your employer liable for the injuries you sustained. They were not responsible for the out of control dog and there would have been no training the employer could have provided or protective equipment that could realistically have been provided by the employer.

      There is the potential of pursuing a claim against the owner of the dog, if you are able to identify them. However, that is fraught with difficulty as they may not have the personal resources to fund any claim that was found against them.

  15. Hi, I was recently injured at work, from an accident resulting in me not getting my pay for that day. It haooend Thursday night, March 23, 2017. I work as a machine operator, working through a temp agency. About an hour into my night shift, the accident happened. An alarm went off, indicating that there was a down bottle in the machine. (I work for a company that produces different kinds of plastic bottles). I went over to the area, paused the machine & opened the machine door. There were a lot of fallen over bottles. So I started to clear them out. There is this part of the machine called a row former. It was still in the up position & also had fallen bottles, and bottles standing up, right under it. In the process of me trying to remove the bottles, the row former came down on my fore arm, full pressure. & started cutting off the circulation in my arm. I was telling at the top of my lungs for someone to come & help me. The pain was very bad. I was telling for a minute, Luckily there was a forklift driver passing by & saw me & heard me yelling. He then radioed for help. Within a matter of minutes a few of my other coworkers were over there to help. The row former had to manually be lifted off of my arm to free it. Upon being released, my whole arm was shaking & the part of my arm that the row former came down on was extremely swollen & was purple. The veins in my hands were showing, they were purple & my hand was cool to the touch. My fingers were also numb. After looking at my arm, I was given ice to out on it & told that I needed to be rushed to the hospital immediately. I was then tooken to the emergency room by my supervisor. I sustained a muscle strain to the right flexor carpi radials & a pinched nerve. They only exrayed me to check for fractured or broken bone. No meds for the swelling/inflammation nor pain. A wrist splint was put on my arm. My employer is going to take care of the hospital bill. I did not return to work that night. I had to fill out an accident report. Upon returning to work, the following Monday (Arm still in pain) I asked my supervisor if I would still be payed for the night of the accident, & he told me no. Upset in hearing this I started to do research & stubbled across this website. I don’t think this is fair to me, because of lost wages, I’m going to have a hard time paying my rent. I want to include that I think I may need to go back to the hospital, because the part of my arm that the row former came down on, feels to me like some lumps in my arm. I don’t know what it could be. Unfortunately I didn’t get pictures of my arm as soon as it happened there was so much going on, I didn’t think about taking pictures while it was swollen & purple. I’d be grateful for your thoughts on this matter.

    • I am sorry to read about your accident at work, the incident sounds distressing and was obviously painful for you.

      I would be of the view that you have a very strong claim for accident at work compensation and this is something we would be more than happy to assist you with. Please email your contact number to me and we’ll be in touch to discuss this further and help you proceed with a claim.

  16. My son works for an agency he had a bad accident at work which he said was his fault he was driving a crane missed a log steel which landed on his legs he has had an operation and is still in hospital where does he stand claiming benifets

    • Susan

      For claiming benefits, he really needs to speak to the Benefits Agency as they will be able to advise him as to what he is or is not entitled to – of course, he could seek advice and support from the Citizens Advice Bureau too.

      We could certainly look at whether or not he could claim compensation against the employer on the grounds of negligence. Your Son should not be so quick to say it was his fault as whilst he may feel responsible, we may well be able to identify ways in which the employer could have ensure that the accident could not happen.

      We would be very happy to chat with you/him on the phone regarding this so that we could give him a better view as to his situation and possible options going forward.

      You can call us on 01225430285

  17. Hi,

    I work for a temp agency and where I am working it involved using an old commercial dishwasher. On a couple of occasions the dishwasher had flooded the kitchen and I have had a couple of near misses with injury as the only option is for me to clean the floor with dish towels on my hands and knees.

    Bank in October I had a small slip and near miss with injuring myself and I requested that I have the use of a mop in the Kitchen. This was ignored.

    One month later the kitchen had flooded again, this time however when getting up from cleaning the floors with a dish cloth I slipped backwards and landed flat on my back. This caused allot of pain at the time and I am still having issues a week later. At the time of the incident I reported it to my employment agency and the company I was temping for. My employment agency did ask how I was and advised me not to go to work if I was unfit as a result of the injury. The company who I work for has totally ignored the incident, despite being warned a month prior of the potential for an incident. They also have not done anything to rectify the problem or supply me with PPE. The other issue being I have to clean the toilets without any sort of PPE like gloves etc.

    My question is I was told as a Temp even if it was a work injury I would loose pay if I did not work, is this true. Also does the company, not the agency, have a duty of care towards ensuring I am working in a safe environment. Clearly the accident was a result of their negligence as this has been previously reported to them. They current feel it is not their problem and to date despite repeated requests for the mop and reporting my back is still causing problems they have not enquired to see if I am ok. I try to bring it up and the contact (Manager) I have just ignores me and changes the subject.

    I am also not happy that I am being forced to clean toilets without the correct PPE. Surely they are responsible for this. From what I have been able to find so far this does appear to be the case.

    It should also be pointed out that apart from Emergency Procedures I have had zero training from this company as to OH&S or anything for that matter. I now the agency has also continuously attempted to get the company to supply me a mop and PPE but still nothing eventuates. They just say we have passed your concerns on.

    I want to ensure that this company is held accountable and it does not happen again to either myself or any other person who is employed under a temporary contract. As mentioned from my understanding it is the employer who is responsible to both the temporary worker and the employment agency to ensure a safe working environment and also to ensure appropriate training.

    Thanking you


    • Grant

      Thank you for taking the time to share your situation. On the basis of what you have said, I would suggest that the circumstances that lead to your accident at work can be directly attributed to employer negligence and that you would have a good prospect of succeeding with a claim for compensation should you opt to pursue the same.

      Although you are working as a ‘temp’, you are still afforded the same employee rights as any permanent member of staff and the usual health and safety rules apply to your situation. In this case, you have put the employer on notice of a possible hazard and that this could be resolved by the provision of a mop and bucket. Unfortunately, the employer has elected not to provide this and as a result, you have had a nasty fall. I would argue that you have a strong prospect of succeeding with a claim in this circumstance.

      You mention that you will not get paid if you can’t work because of this injury. Sadly, it is likely that you will not able to claim any ‘sick’ pay if you can’t work. Certainly nearly all temporary workers receive no sickness pay as do many permanent employees also. Whilst this is not good news, what I can say is that if you did opt to pursue a claim for compensation you may be able to recover any lost income. Should you make a claim and succeed, you can claim compensation for the injuries you have sustained and you can also pursue a special damages claim to recover any lost income and other expenses caused as a result of your injuries.

      Direct2Compensation would be more than happy to assist you with this matter should you wish to make a claim for compensation. Indeed, if you would like our help with this or even just want to discuss things in greater detail we’re here to help.

      We look forward to helping you.

      Yours sincerely


  18. hi,

    just making a general inquiry.

    if at work while being in a temporary job through an agency and you have an accident, you can claim for injuries but can you also claim for the time you had off work due to the accident?

    • Hello

      This is a really good question and one that many agency workers ask us about when they contact us to start a claim for accident at work compensation.

      Agency workers are afforded the same rights as someone working on a permanent contract basis. With this in mind, if someone is injured in an accident at work as a result of negligence whilst working via an agency, they are entitled to claim compensation for their injuries and also for their losses.

      With regards to losses, this would be what is known as special damages. Special damages claims include lost income, expenses and any costs caused by the injuries and accident. In the case of an agency worker, they would be entitled to claim any income lost whilst they recovered – if of course, they succeed with their claim for accident at work compensation.

      If you would like to start a claim, please do call us on 01225430285.

      I hope that this information helps you and we look forward to hearing from you.

      Yours sincerely

      Ian Morris

  19. Hello I had a accident at work Tuesday just gone, I work has a temporary retail assistance and I fell over a pallet that was in the warehouse and my back has been painfull am of work in severe pain I wen to the docters and they gave me pain killers which are not working am needing to go docters again to see if they have anything stronger, we have pallets in the warehouse and yellow markings up towards were they should go the one I fell over was over the yellow lines near the exit door ,just wondering if I would be able to claim
    Kind regards

    • Dear Zoey

      Hi, thank you for making contact with us to discuss your accident at work last week. I am sorry to hear about this and hope that you now feeling more comfortable.

      We are more than happy to investigate your accident further with a view to pursuing a no win no fee claim for compensation for the injuries you sustained whilst at work. To succeed with a claim, we’ll need to demonstrate that there has been some negligence on the part of the employer and that they are therefore, responsible for causing the accident and liable for the injuries you have sustained. It sounds like we can do this given the location of the pallet and it being outside of the markings that it should be inside of.

      So that we can properly assess the viability of making a claim for compensation on your behalf, we’ll need to speak with you and ask a few questions about your job, the training you’ve had, where the pallet was and whether there is an accident book entry relating to this accident.

      We’ll need your contact details so that we can discuss these issues, so please either call our claims team on 01225430285, or reply to the email copy of this response that I have sent you and provide them that way.

      We very much look forward to hearing from you.



  20. I applied for a job Transline agency was advertising for parcel force. I went through a telephone interview and was asked to attend an interview at Parcelforce , where I would be met by a Transline representative who would register me with the Agency(Transline). I attended and filled in very confusing photocopy forms to register. I was told briefly about my duties and asked if I could start ASAP. I replied yes and within 2days i was asked to start a night shift. I was happy i gained employment and attended my workplace early on the night of my first shift. I was greeted by the man in charge at Parcelforce who explained my duties briefly and showed me the fire exits. I was then asked to start work with an experience member of staff who would show me the ropes. I did what I was told and started unloading parcels from very large lorry’s, I found the work very hard and when i tried to gain advice from the staff member in charge of me I was told to just hurry up. After 6hrs of work I could not do no more, my back was hurting and all my shoulder and arm. I was told by another agency member who had observed me working that i had been lifting all wrong and asked if i had any manual handling training before I started work which i replied No. I left my shift early and sought medical advice who confirmed i had tendentious in my shoulder and arm and hurt my lower back, both are due to the fact i was lifting heavy items and incorrectly. I would now like to claim compensation but have been told by both Transline and Parcelforce that they are not responsible for manual handling training. Please can you advice who is legally responsible

    • Neil

      Hi, thank you for making contact with us to raise your issue.

      Firstly, from what you have said, I feel that you have a claim worthy of further consideration and we would be very happy to assist you with a No Win No Fee claim for compensation for your injuries caused by the lack of manual handling training your employers provided.

      As you work for an agency, there are potentially two parties responsible for your injuries. However, our view would be that Parcel Force (the workplace that you were sent to by Transline) has responsibility to ensure that you are properly and safely inducted in to the workplace and provided with the necessary training, guidance and advice to work safely. Employers have a responsibility to provide a safe environment in which to work and as a worker, your responsibility is to follow the working practices and safety training guidance provided to you.

      If you were not provided with manual handling training and subsequently sustained an injury caused by lifting items, it is quite possible that your employer could be held liable for the injuries you sustained.

      As with all injuries caused at work, it is important that you make sure that the details of your injuries and the cause have been properly recorded and reported within the workplace. Therefore, you should record the details of your injuries with both the Transline Agency and also at the workplace. To do this, you could request that the details are entered in to an accident book or if this is not available, you should email or write to the two parties outlining what happened to you and the lack of manual handling training. For more information on this, visit this page of our site:

      I will email you a copy of this response separately and you can respond to me directly with your contact details if you prefer.

      I look forward to hearing from you and assisting you with this matter.

      Best wishes

      Ian Morris

  21. Hello
    I have had. Fall at work and I am wondering where I stand I work for a agency and went to my work place it had been snowing an was extremely icy I slipped on the ice due to it not been gritted at all I attend hospital and have to rest my arm for 5 days it’s in a sling when management was asked why it hadn’t been gritted the answer was to save money I will need a few days off work and won’t be getting paid can I claim loss of earnings

    • Lynn

      I am sorry to hear about your injury. Having spoken to many people in your situation over the years, we understand that the pain and discomfort of an injury like yours is made all the worse when it transpires that you will also be out of pocket due to lost income.

      Claiming compensation after slipping on ice or snow is not always a straight forward process because ice and snow is known to be slippery. However, when it happens in the workplace it can often be an easier process. The fact that your employers (even though you are working via an agency) have decided to save a few pounds by not spending money on gritting or salting the area could make them liable for your injuries.

      We would definitely be happy to help you try to make a claim for injury compensation against the business where you were working. As with all accidents at work, it is important to ensure that you have reported the details of your accident to both the business where you are working and the agency who have placed you there.

      I will email you directly also to invite you to make further contact as I believe that we should make a claim for you regarding this injury.

      Yours sincerely

      Ian Morris

  22. Hi my name is Remus I work in the construction site on temporary contract through a agency like a electrician mate and in 10.11.2015 I was involved in a accident at work I was cought right index finger by the drill bit in the hole bi my coworker and I have a bad injury I will be surgery on my finger to repair and I will not be able to work I call my agency to tell abaut the accident and nobody answer to my call after I text them end I receive next day from them a text:,,Don’t worry are you ok” and but still now no call from them wath should I do

    • I’ve done the procedure on site for the work accident today they call the my agency end they sey tha company call me later but still nothing en sincerely I don’t know wath should do to know if I wall receive a compensation or something if I need to stay home to recover because if I Kent work I don’t have no money to throw

      • Hi Remus

        You will note that I have replied to your other comment already. Well done for completing the accident reporting procedure – you have done all you can do in terms of ensuring that your employer is aware of the situation.

        As stated before, please visit our make a claim page and let us have some further details and your phone number so that we can get things moving for you.

        I look forward to hearing from you.



    • Dear Remus

      I am really sorry to hear about your accident, it sounds like a very nasty, painful injury. You mention that you are likely to need surgery and will therefore certainly be off work for a while and given that you are an agency worker, I would imagine that you will not receive payment whilst you cannot work. To this end, I feel that you should put in a claim with us immediately.

      You have taken the right steps in reporting the accident both on site and with the agency and whilst making a claim for compensation won’t immediately see you receive the money that you will be missing through lost wages, a successful claim would eventually see your losses covered and compensation paid for the pain, discomfort and distress of your injury.

      I will email you a copy of this reply and look forward to hearing from you.

      Yours sincerely


  23. Good evening

    I am a worker with Hays Specialist Recruitment Agency contracted out to a supported housing provider. I have been working in this capacity since February this year in a Homeless Hostel in Somerset and more recently in one of the provider’s supported move-on projects in Somerset. My role as Support Coordinator involves supporting people who have been homeless. I work with vulnerable people who have a range of support needs.

    On Tuesday 4th November 2015 I was working at one of the projects and was bitten on the hand by a dog that was staying with one of the residents. I was posting a letter through the letterbox and there was a dog the other side. Residents are not permitted to have pets in their accommodation. I received emergency medical treatment and reported the incident appropriately. The injury is such that I can’t drive or use my left hand until it has healed suitably and I’ve had to cancel booked shifts at both projects. The injury is having some considerable impact on my day to day activities and, of course, my income.

    My concern is that its not really clear who is accountable in this instance. I feel I should be compensated in some shape or form even if its just some sort of sick pay to make up for lost earnings. I don’t want to make any kind of direct personal claim to the client (or the dog!) as there was absolutely no malice involved and the clients I work with are vulnerable. It just wouldn’t be appropriate or sit well with me to put them through it.

    Ultimately the organisation I’m working for as an Agency/Temp/Flexi worker, whatever I am to them, knew that clients/residents were keeping pets in their properties against project rules and their tenancies and there was a lacksadaisical approach to this by management which ultimately resulted in me sustaining this injury. My line managers are aware of the situation but we haven’t had a conversation about my financial concerns.

    I would be grateful for your thoughts on this matter.



    • Kath

      Thank you for taking the time to comment on our site, your issue and the conundrum in which you find yourself is clearly not a nice one.

      Firstly, I hope that your injury settles quickly and that you make a speedy and full recovery. Injuries such as those sustained when a dog bites are nasty, sore and painful, so I hope you are not in too much discomfort.

      Regarding your situation, I can confirm that agency & temporary workers have the same rights in terms of making a claim against an employer as staff who are on a permanent contract with company. Therefore, you can certainly attempt to make a claim for compensation against your employers and the business for whom you have been working for via the agency. We would gladly help you find out a little more and can link you with a specialist solicitor with whom you can discuss your situation and know a little more about your rights. We have experience of handling dog bite claims and have managed to succeed on a number of occasions. However, succeeding with a compensation claim after a dog bite injury is not always easy as there can be quite a bit of work to do to prove that someone or an organisation has been negligent and therefore liable for the incident.

      I fully understand your feelings about not wishing to claim against the dog owner (or the dog!) – you are right, they are vulnerable and clearly in need of support. Further, if they have been allowed or not prevented from keeping dogs in their accommodation because someone has turned a blind eye, the liability rests elsewhere. To be honest, it would be most unlikely that you would be able to claim against the dog owner anyway as it is highly likely that they would have no funds with which to compensate you and no insurance cover in place.

      On the basis of what you have said, it would appear that the employer/agency may have been negligent towards your safety by failing to implement their policies and enforce rules about animals in the accommodation. If it can be demonstrated that there was a lackadaisical and irresponsible approach to the safety and management of the workplace by the employer, you may well be able to succeed with making a claim for compensation.

      Given the situation in which you find yourself – injured, unable to drive, work or lead a normal life for the time being, I believe that you should certainly attempt to make a claim for compensation.

      I hope that this information helps you and gives you food for thought. I will email a copy of this reply to you directly for your records and I look forward to hearing from you.

      Kindest regards and best wishes


  24. I work in construction through an agency on a temporary contract.

    Recently suffered a broken leg after a pretty serious fall. Scaffolding was wet and I slipped…

    Now looking to find out what I’m entitled to exactly. The agency is my employer but the construction company is responsible for health and safety on site right?

    Where do I go to and who should look after me now that I can’t work?

    • Tom

      Thank you for your comment. Your predicament is something we hear about quite regularly. Many of the more ‘dangerous’ workplaces (such as construction sites and manufacturing plants) use a high number of agency workers – people employed by a 3rd party agency, but working on another companies site or premises. In cases where these workers are injured in an accident at work – such as your construction site accident – many agency workers don’t know where to go to get help or who is responsible for looking after them. Further, many people are not sure who they can make a claim for compensation against.

      In most cases, agency workers are worried about losing their income whilst they are unable to work and want advice from us about this. Sadly, it is common practice for many workers, not just agency workers, that they do not receive sickness pay and therefore have to survive on Statutory Sickness Pay (SSP). With this in mind, it is important to make a claim for compensation as part of an accident at work compensation settlement will include a special damages claim – covering all lost income (the difference between SSP and the usual take home pay) during their absence from work.

      Regarding who is responsible for your accident and therefore liable in any claim you decide to make for personal injury compensation, it is likely to rest with the company that own or manage the site on which you were working at the time of your accident. They would be responsible for ensuring your safety on site and should have done all they can to make the scaffolding as safe as possible. However, there could also be some liability against the agency who are your employer. Therefore, it is wise to ensure that you report your accident in the construction site accident book and also with your agency employer. For more information about reporting your accident to the right people, read my article; ‘how to report your accident to the right people‘. You can also learn more about construction site accident compensation by reading our page about construction site accident compensation.

  25. been working with company for well over 13 weeks…. Had a crash complete accidental then he lays me off can I get compo I still have bruised ribs sore neck etc

    • Matthew

      Thank you for your comment on this article. As we have also now spoken, you are aware that we may well be able to help.

      When an employee has an accident at work, the employee has a right to make a claim for compensation. Mis a right for all employees and it does not does not depend on the worker being a permanent member of staff or working via an agency.

      As you know, we have passed your enquiry to one of our specialist solicitors and asked them to contact you directly to discuss the specifics of your enquiry further.

      Best wishes and many thanks


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