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To instruct a specialist personal injury solicitor to formally commence a claim for personal injury compensation, all claimants must sign legal documents and forms of authority.  These signed documents give your solicitor legal instructions and authority to proceed with the claim.

No win no fee

At Direct2Compensation, all claims are handled on a fully compliant no win no fee basis by the specialist personal injury Solicitor firms that we have carefully chosen to represent our clients.  The formal paperwork that all claimants will need to sign to provide their solicitors with instructions and authority to act for them are known as conditional fee agreements (CFA) and will be provided and explained in detail by the specialist Solicitor with whom we place your claim for compensation.  A CFA is the formal term for no win no fee.  In claims for personal injury compensation, CFA documents confirm that the information a claimant has provided is honest and accurate and that the claimant will cooperate fully with their solicitor during the claims process.  The document confirms that a claim will be made on the basis that the claimant is not liable for any costs whatsoever should the claim fail* and that if the claim is successful, the claim will be made in accordance with the requirements of the LASPO Act 2012 and the claimants legally required contribution towards the costs of their claim will be capped at the maximum of 25% inclusive of vat of any settlement awarded to them as well as having to cover the cost of any ATE insurance premium paid by the acting Solicitor (if applicable) at the outset of the claim (no fee is payable for this should the claim fail).  CFA paperwork protects the right of the claimant and solicitor and enables the solicitor to recover the maximum amount of costs for the claimant.

*Should a claimant provide false or misleading information or choose to withdraw from a claim after the initial 14-day cooling off period, their Solicitor reserves the right to pursue the claimant for the costs incurred in the claim.

Usually straightforward

In most cases, once our clients have spoken to their specialist personal injury solicitor, they are happy to sign and return the paperwork sent to them without problem.  Our specialist solicitors will verbally explain the contents of the conditional fee agreement documents, confirming that no fee is payable should the claim fail and that there will be a deduction of up to 25% of any compensation settlement and recovery of ATE insurance premium from the agreed settlement prior to the claimant receiving the balance should they succeed with their claim.  The specialist Solicitor will also enclose a client care letter which again explains the contents of the personal injury compensation CFA.  This usually gives clients peace of mind and explains things simply and clearly.  The paperwork will also clearly advise that a claimant must provide honest and accurate information and cooperate fully during the claims process.

However, whilst Direct2Compensation and our partner solicitors work hard to make the claims process as simple as possible and try to ensure that all no win no fee paperwork is easy to read, easy to understand and straightforward, there are requirements from regulatory authorities that must be included in the paperwork.  Although the regulators are ensuring consumer confidence in the no win no fee claims process, their required text can be hard to read and may appear confusing.  If you are confused or want clarification on any of the paperwork you have received from your solicitor, please do contact us for help and support.

Make sure you know what you are signing

At Direct2Compensation we understand the contents of the documents and are used to helping clients fully understand what it is that they are being asked to sign.  When claimants contact us with a concern, we usually find that we can put their mind at rest during a telephone conversation and that claimants can then sign their documents and return them to their specialist injury compensation solicitor so that they can get on with their claim and avoid any unnecessary delays.

Occasionally, some clients need further help and we have no problem in providing that assistance.  One of the many things that is so great about Direct2Compensation is that we can personally visit claimants to explain the paperwork, complete a sign up of them and return them to the personal injury solicitor for them.  Sometimes a home visit isn’t needed, and the claimant just want to speak to an actual solicitor.  If this is the case, we will put them in contact with their specialist personal injury compensation solicitor and get them the right advice regarding the documents and authorities that they are being asked to sign.

Making a claim for personal injury compensation should be viewed no differently to any legal matter and with this in mind, when someone puts a bundle of documents in front of you or send you them in the post, you shouldn’t sign them until you are confident that it is the right thing to do and a fair process that you are signing up for.  To this end, we welcome clients contacting us for advice about their paperwork, the claims process or anything else to do with making a claim.

Our staff and agents that we use are well trained and knowledgeable with regards to personal injury compensation claims, what a CFA is, what it means to you, what the forms of authority you are being asked to sign are for, about the claims process, how no win no fee works and how to explain all this to you, the claimant.  If you need help, give us a call.  You’ll probably find that we can put your mind at rest with a simple chat, but if that doesn’t give you the confidence to sign your CFA there and then, you can request that we visit you or send an agent to see you (at a time to suit you!) to help you get your paperwork sorted and your claim for personal injury compensation started.

Remember, Direct2Compensation offer a fully legal and compliant no win no fee personal injury claims service. We are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, our authorisation number is 830395. Details can be found on the Financial Conduct Authority financial services register. We take our regulatory responsibilities very seriously and believe that we offer a service and level of trust that is second to none.

0 questions have been answered below, why not ask your own?

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