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After being involved in an accident that wasn’t your fault, do you know that you may be entitled to compensation? Many individuals are completely unaware that they are well within their rights to claim compensation for the injuries they sustained in an accident that wasn’t their fault.

In order to have a strong case against those who are responsible for your injuries, you need to have medical evidence of the injuries and also have a good solicitor on your side to fight your case for you.

You should have medical notes from your doctor or the hospital to back up your claims and to prove the injuries that you sustained. Medical evidence is an important piece of evidence and it will strengthen your case considerably. Should the case go to court, medical evidence carries a significant amount of weight and will be a corner stone for your claim.

Your solicitor should have expertise in the field of personal injury claims and they will be able to go through the processes involved in claiming for compensation with you. Their expertise should be utilised to their full potential so that you can fight those responsible for your injuries to the end.

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    • The photographs you mention showing your injury would not be relevant at this stage as your medical records will provide the evidence needed to substantiate the injury element of any claim for personal injury compensation you wish to pursue.

      The important thing at this stage is to understand how your injuries were sustained. If you fractured your hip in a fall, you could pursue a claim if you tripped on a raised/sunken hazard or if you slipped, you could pursue a claim if you slipped on a spillage or substance left on the floor. Perhaps you could elaborate further as to how you fractured your hip and we can then advise you as to whether or not you can make a claim for compensation.

  1. I’ve slipped on a council path which had paint spilled all over it. The paint has been there ages but when it is wet it’s like ice. As a result of the slippery surface, I have broken my ankle and the tibia/fibula.

    • As stated in our slipping accident claims 5 top tips You should obtain photographic evidence of the accident site that caused you to slip and suffer such a nasty injury and then report your injuries and the accident location to the relevant local authority.

      In order to succeed with a claim for compensation, it will have to be demonstrated that the local authority highways department have been negligent and allowed a hazard to remain on the pavement surface for an excessive period of time. To that end, it would be wise to speak to local people to see if anyone is willing to act as a hazard witness in support of any claim you may attempt to make. A hazard witness isn’t someone who has seen an accident, but someone who can verify that a defect or hazard has been in situ for a specific amount of time. Perhaps someone living near this path could state that it has been there for 6 months, a year or even longer. Such evidence would greatly help any claim that were to follow.

      Whilst your accident scenario is unusual, we think it is worth looking a little further in to this with a view to making a claim for compensation. Please contact us so that we can take some further information and get one of our specialist public liability accident Solicitors to discuss this with you.

  2. I slipped and fell in Parkside Restaurant 11/19/17 and called 911. Taken to Ochsner WB. Got a left fractured hip and pelvis. After a week and surgery with rods and screws was sent to River Bend Nursing & Rehab for 2 months. Then confined to a wheelchair. After 2 months came home last Friday, 1/19/18. Have a walker, therapy, home health. I can’t drive yet. I did not go back to the place b/c I was in a nursing home and did not file accident reports. I am 76 years old and also am in treatment for cancer. I believe the way they had their steps not lighted with no sign watch your step or step up caused this. I have a long recovery ahead. I hope you can come to my house b/c I can’t drive.

    • You may well have a valid claim for slipping accident compensation is you slipped on a hazard that was left on the floor – for example, a wet patch, spilled liquid or dropped food – that was not marked with a hazard warning sign.

      Regarding your mobility and ability to access our Solicitors, don’t worry. We can visit anyone anywhere within the UK and our Solicitors will travel to see any claimant that requires a face to face meeting.

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