How claiming injury compensation can help you

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There are a few factors that come in to play when it comes to the motivation to pursue a claim for injury compensation after an accident.  You may consider making a claim for injury compensation if you feel angry because of what happened to you, disgusted by the way an employer or organisation treated you when you reported an accident, or because of the severity of your injuries.  Whatever reason lies behind your decision to pursue a no win no fee claim for injury compensation, you will certainly want to know how making a claim for injury compensation can help you.

At Direct2Compensation we want to help you to overcome the situation that your accident and the injuries you have sustained have left you in.  If you feel angry, we want you to feel that choosing us to help you has given you a voice and a chance of justice.  If you feel aggrieved because your accident could have been avoided or because you were shown no compassion or care when you were injured, we’ll help you choose the right specialist injury compensation solicitor to give you the best chance of winning your claim and leaving you feeling that you got what you deserved.

If your injuries are severe and you’re struggling to cope with day-to-day life, unable to work and coping with a loss of wages, we want to help you maximise your claim settlement value so that you are no longer worrying about how to pay your bills so that you can concentrate on recovering and being stress free.  This is why we’ve developed a really simple claims process that is as hassle free as possible.  It’s why we work with some of the best specialist injury compensation solicitors around and it’s why we want you to know how making a claim can benefit you, such as how you can obtain specialist rehabilitation therapies as a part of your claim*.

What will claiming compensation mean to me?

If you make a claim for injury compensation with Direct2Compensation, you can expect to receive:

  • A transparent and easy to understand claims process.
  • A no win no fee claim process that guarantees that you will not pay a penny should your claim fail.
  • A caring and understanding service from both Direct2Compensation and your specialist injury compensation solicitor.
  • Great advice and support about how to make the most of your claim and maximise any settlement you may receive.
  • A compensation settlement that will cover the extent of your injuries and the pain and suffering caused by your accident.
  • A special damages claim to recover any lost wages/income and associated costs and losses caused to you by your injuries.
  • Access to specialist rehabilitation therapies at the expense of the organisation or employer that caused your accident.

What about the cost of claiming injury compensation?

At Direct2Compensation, we offer a no win no fee claim process that guarantees not to cost you a penny should your claim fail.  What makes things really good is that you are never asked to pay up front costs to make your claim.  All claims are made on a fully LASPO Act 2012 compliant basis and this means that you only contribute to the costs of the claim if you succeed and that any costs that you are obliged to contribute to the claim are limited to a maximum of 25% (inclusive of VAT) of any settlement awarded to you. These costs will be deducted from any settlement before you receive your compensation and you will not face any further costs.  To find out why you have to contribute 25% of any award made to you, read this article.

*Rehab therapies can be obtained by your specialist injury compensation solicitor should the 3rd party defending your claim admit liability and agree to compensate you for your injuries.  To find out more about the possibility of rehabilitation treatments, contact us

2 questions have been answered below, why not ask your own?

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Questions & Answers

  1. Frazer Rodriguez

    Can I get Physiotherapy as part of my settlement?

    • Ian Morris

      Hi, great question! Yes, in many cases if you are still suffering from the symptoms of your injury whilst going through the claims process, your Solicitor is able to try and seek rehabilitation therapy for you at the expense of the 3rd party defending the claim. Any such rehab treatment will only be available when an admission of liability has been obtained.

      What you can do is seek the treatments you need now – such as physiotherapy, osteotherapy, massage therapy etc etc and get yourself the help you need. Although you’ll have to pay the cost at this stage, retain receipts and you can then look to reclaim any such costs through your special damages claim.

      I hope this helps.

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