How to claim injury compensation if you have not been to hospital or seen your GP due to coronavirus

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Seeking professional medical attention after suffering injuries would usually be an expectation of someone wishing to make a claim for personal injury compensation. However, given the current specific circumstances presented by the Coronavirus outbreak, unless very serious injuries have been sustained, the majority of people would understandably avoid attending their GP surgery or visiting A&E for medical treatment.

If you have been injured in an accident, but have not seen your GP or visited A&E, you may be interested to know that you can still pursue a claim for personal injury compensation.

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How to document your injuries

When someone has sustained an injury, they seek medical attention to ensure appropriate treatment and that, if relevant, good pain relief medication can be obtained.

In terms of claims for personal injury compensation, when a claimant has attended their GP, or visited an A&E Department of a Hospital for treatment of their injuries, important medical evidence will be available to their Solicitor when it comes to demonstrating the severity of an injury and establishing the appropriate level of compensation that a claimant should expect to receive.

But what if you haven’t seen a GP or been able to attend Hospital for assessment and treatment of your injuries?

In the current circumstances, unless the injuries sustained in an accident are serious and cannot be dealt with by self-medicating and using over the counter pain relief, avoiding GP surgeries or A&E departments is both sensible from the perspective of reducing the risk of contracting coronavirus and also to avoid placing further burden on our already strained health professionals. Therefore, it is important that a claimant attempts to document or report their injuries in some way so that evidence will be available in due course.

There are various steps that a claimant can take if they have not been able to present to a health care professional. Including:

  • Book a telephone consultation with their GP to discuss their symptoms, explain the accident which caused the injuries and see whether a prescription can be issued without the need for a face to face examination.
  • Call NHS 111 and discuss symptoms and seek advice and ask for the symptoms to be noted on their medical records
  • Take photographs of visible injuries such as bruising or lacerations
  • Keep receipts for purchases of pain relief or other medication
  • Ensure that any accident book entry or incident report made after an accident include the details of any injuries caused at the time
  • Seek medical attention at the earliest opportunity as and when it is deemed appropriate and safe to do so

Reporting your accident and establishing evidence to support a claim

In any claim for personal injury compensation, a claim will only succeed if it is supported by the appropriate evidence to establish both liability and extent of injury.

Along with medical records, another form of evidence to support a claim, and prove the nature of injuries that were sustained, could be an accident book or incident report completed after an accident.

As always, we would strongly recommend that the details of an accident and any injuries be recorded in an accident book and/or reported to other appropriate relevant parties. You may wish to email information regarding injury symptoms to an alleged defendant or 3rd party as this could help to provide evidence during the claims process.

How Direct2Compensation can help

At Direct2Compensation, our team can ensure that you are given the right help at the right time after an accident. We have an excellent understanding of the personal injury claims process and what criteria is needed to enable our specialist Solicitors to succeed with a claim.

We can help you to build a strong claim and ensure that you are given the right advice and support before getting your claim placed.

Our No Win No Fee service affords you protection from the risk of facing costs should your claim fail and our friendly and supportive staff will ensure that you are given the confidence to support you throughout the claims process.

Starting your claim for compensation

The easiest way to start your claim is for you to call our friendly and helpful team of staff on 01225430285. Alternatively, you may prefer to ask us to call you back.

Initially, we would spend around 5-10 minutes on the telephone with you to gain the initial contact information and details of your injuries and the accident. We’ll explain the claims process and ensure that you understand how our No Win No Fee service works and then present your claim to our specialist Solicitors for detailed consideration.

0 questions have been answered below, why not ask your own?

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