I haven’t seen a doctor or been to hospital. Can I still claim injury compensation?


The outcome of making a claim for personal injury compensation often depends on whether or not you can help your solicitor present a strong claim. To give you the best possible chance of succeeding, your claim needs to be supported by the right kind of evidence that will enable you and your solicitor to prove liability and therefore obtain a settlement.

To provide this proof, any person who is injured in an accident that was not their fault will usually go to hospital or see their GP so that medical evidence can support a claim, but what if you haven’t yet been to your GP or seen a doctor to report your injury and get treatment?

First, could you still go to your GP?

If your injury symptoms are ongoing, it is not too late to attend your GP to discuss your injuries and get things recorded on your medical records. It is important that you advise your GP about the cause of the injuries so that this is also recorded.

If you have recovered from your injuries, there may be little point in attending your GP surgery as there will be nothing for your GP to see or examine that will enable them to confirm your injury. However, you never know – underlying signs may still be present to the trained eye so it’s always best to get a professional opinion and pay a visit to the doctor.

The role of medical records

Medical records are used to support a claim as they prove the extent of an injury. They will describe the injuries that a person has presented to their GP or hospital after an accident. They will also confirm what medical treatment the injured party has required, whether they have recovered or if treatment is ongoing.

The contents of medical records enable a solicitor to form an evaluation of how much a claimant’s settlement for their injuries ought to be. They will also be used during the claims process for an assessment of the claimant’s injuries. To enable this, someone making a claim for personal injury compensation will provide their solicitor legal authority to access their medical records and provide the same to a specialist medical expert to use during any medical assessments made in the process of pursuing their claim.

Claiming if you haven’t had any medical treatment

If you have not had any medical treatment for the injuries you have sustained, you can still make a claim for injury compensation. For obvious reasons, not having medical evidence to support your claim will make the prospects of succeeding a little harder, but not having had medical treatment doesn’t in itself mean that you cannot claim injury compensation. There may well be other ways of proving that you were in the accident, and that the injuries you claim to have suffered from could reasonably be linked to it.

If the details of your accident have been reported to the right people, entered in to an accident book or – in the case of a road traffic accident compensation claim – to a car insurance provider, there will at least be some evidence for your solicitor to work with. If you haven’t done this already, don’t worry, we can help you claim even if there is no existing record.

In addition, you may have had to take time off work as a result of the injury, in which case your employer may be able to provide some kind of evidence in support of this. You could also collect witness testimonies from people present at the time of your accident. If you were injured at work and are concerned about your relationship with your employer, have a read of your legal rights in this kind of situation.

Self medicating your injuries

Rightly or wrongly, many people who have suffered an injury that could form a claim for personal injury compensation choose to self-medicate. This is where people opt to use pain relief purchased from a pharmacy, or get a partner or friend to apply ointments or massage, for example. In the case of injuries such as whiplash, most people realise that the best medicine is time and rest and often don’t go to their GP as they think that there isn’t much that their doctor can do. Whilst this isn’t completely true, as doctors can refer people to physiotherapy or other treatment providers, there is little a GP or doctor can do to alleviate many soft tissue injuries.

One of the real benefits of claiming injury compensation is that it can help you get access to the right kind of rehabilitation treatments and therefore may help you to recover more quickly. Even if you have not seen your GP or been to a hospital to get treatment for an injury, we would advise that you still pursue your claim for injury compensation.

Seek professional advice to see if you can claim successfully

Seeing a doctor or visiting a hospital at the earliest opportunity is always the best bet, regardless of making a claim for injury compensation. However, don’t let the fact that you haven’t had any medical treatment stop you from contacting us to discuss your accident, injuries and the merits or otherwise of making a claim for injury compensation.

At Direct2Compensation, your enquiry will be met with a sympathetic ear and we can advise you how best to proceed. In most cases we’ll arrange for a specialist injury compensation solicitor to speak with you and give you advice about the strength or weakness of any claim you may wish to bring. We are experts in handling claims and may well be able to get compensation for you, even if you have self-medicated or not seen a medical professional.

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  1. Hi a couple of weeks ago I was on the bus for our area and a light fitting fell off and hit me on the head. I reported it to the bus company who reported it to there insurance who are saying I need to take legal advice to take it further?

    • You did the right think in reporting the incident to the bus company. Making sure that the details of an accident are properly reported and recorded is a very important and helpful step in the process of claiming personal injury compensation.

      In your case, if you were injured by the falling light fitting, you could instruct us to help you make a claim against the insurers of the bus company to recover compensation for your injuries and any associated losses – a matter that we would pursue on a No Win No Fee basis for you.

      If you would like us to take this further for you, please use the ‘start your claim‘ page of our site. One of our team will then contact you to talk you through the claims process.

  2. We were out for dinner at a Carvery. My 3 year old tripped and fell (I am not 100% sure how it happened) and ended up with his tooth going through his lip. Waiting staff were watching and saw what happened, but when I asked them for help and a first aid kit none of them did anything to help and they simply told me to go in the bathroom to clean him up as they had no first aider here.

    Surely by law they should of had a first aid kit or someone to help? I cleaned the blood up and took him to hospital for treatment where had stitches in his lip.

    • As things stand, it would not be possible to pursue a claim against the Carvery as you cannot identify any hazard or defect that caused your Son to trip and fall. As such, it is not possible to prove negligence on the part of the restaurant and their insurers would simply point out that no defect or hazard has been identified.

      Moving on to the lack of 1st aid trained staff and a 1st aid kit, it is something you would expect to have available in such an establishment – particularly a restaurant where it is foreseeable that people could sustain laceration or burn injuries whilst working there.

  3. Hi

    Can you please advise what should I do after I fell in a drain hole. When I fell, half of my leg (up to the knee) was inside the drainer which is on the road. I was crossing the street to the car park where I work. There are no any zebra crossings or safe passage on that particular street.

    When I fell, a car just missed me and I was lucky because someone behind me ran and helped me to get out of the way. I was lucky as the driver saw me and managed to change direction to miss me.

    My knee and ankle were hurt and I had lots of bruises on my legs and the muscles an ligaments were injured. It is so painful, but after an X-ray, I found that nothing was broken.

    • We would like to speak with you further about your accident in order to advise whether or not you have a valid claim for tripping accident compensation. On face value, it would appear that you should pursue a claim further and we would like to investigate this with you.

      We suggest that you use our ‘start a claim‘ option to provide us with some contact information. We can then call you and help you to better understand your rights.

  4. Hi, I have a badly bruised upper leg after a tripping accident and sustained soft tissue bruising in my wrist and ankle. Is it worth making a claim?

    • Soft tissue injuries are often assumed to be minor, but the evidence is that soft tissue injuries can often be worse than a bone fracture and are definitely serious enough to meet the injury severity criteria needed in a No Win No Fee claim for personal injury compensation.

      In your case, as you tripped over whether or not you would succeed with a claim will depend on whether or not you have a valid claim for tripping accident compensation and if the defect or hazard that caused you to trip breaches the statutory requirements faced by local government highways departments.

      We would be happy to pursue this further for you and invite you to use our ‘start a claim‘ page to make further contact with us so that we can help you make your claim for compensation.

  5. I went to the ER because of a shoulder injury that occurred from a bike accident – I fell from the bike. An ambulance took me to the ER and I then had to sit in waiting room for 4.5 hours and they had a shift change during that time. Suddenly, Security guards approached me and asked me to go outside to talk, but I said that I just wanted to see a Doctor so I refused. Then three big security guys showed up and slammed me to the floor – I was screaming in pain, but they cuffed me and took me out through the doors. The Security guys really hurt my shoulder and seemed to be picking me up to intentional hurt me. They called the Police and said they wanted me charged with trespassing. The Police said they can’t do that cause I was seeking medical treatment and they ended up taken me to another Hospital where they found I had a Grade 3 ac shoulder separation. I’m seeking a lawyer can you help?

    • In the UK, such action by the Hospital security staff would most likely be seen as criminal assault. Did you speak to the Police to see what their view was of the way you were treated?

      In UK law, if you are injured as the result of a criminal assault, you can seek to make a claim through the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority, which is a tax payer funded government scheme that provides a route to compensation for those injured by assault. There could also be an option to sue the Health Authority responsible for the Hospital with regards to professional negligence by their security.

  6. Hi whilst staying at a UK holiday park chalet style apartment with big heavy patio sliding doors, we had just arrived I put my 9month old lay on the floor to play with his toys safely whilst I was unpacking his things into a cupboard, my daughter has gone to leave the chalet she has slid the door a few inches when she shouted me to say the door was stuck IV turnerld and looked and the door was off at the top, Iv immediately screamed and ran for my son,and as IV swooshed him to one side out of the way the door has fell and hit my head and trapped my hand my daughters hand also got trapped and injured, my son managed to get away with just a bruise on his knee where he his oxygen regulated when I swooshed him out of harm’s way if I would have been a second longer he would have no doubt in my mind been crushed to death, I have pictures, the maintenance man who came to fit it said the runner had gone on the bottom and replaced it.. do we have a claim?

    • We should definitely place the details of this accident to our specialist Solicitors. We couldn’t at this stage state for certain whether or not you would succeed with your claims, but it is clear that there is sufficient information within your description of the incident to warrant making a claim for compensation – both for yourself and your daughter. It sounds as if your Son was extremely fortunate and managed to avoid injury.

      To successfully defend this claim, the holiday company will have to demonstrate that they carry out adequate maintenance inspections to each chalet and that the doors and sliding mechanisms of the chalet in which you were injured (particularly the door that caused your injury) had been recently checked and inspected. It is unlikely that they will be able to defend such a claim.

      We would very much like to put your claims to our Solicitors and allow them to advise you and pursue your claims on a No Win No Fee basis. We need a few minutes on the telephone with you in order to obtain the initial basic information and as such, we invite you to either call us on 01225430285 or if you prefer, send us your details by way of an online claim enquiry and one of our team will call you and help you get the ball rolling.

  7. Hello, Mother had a fall on ice at a supermarket and had minor knee and buttock injuries. Said supermarket has accepted liability and their insurers would like her to attend a independent medical as well as allow consent for medical records. Mother does not wish to be poked an prodded by someone she does not know and does not wish to give consent to accessing her medical notes. Where do I go from her to help with her claim?

    • The reason that the insurers dealing with this claim have requested that she provides medical records and has an assessment is to enable them to make sure that your Mother is not attempting to claim for a pre-existing condition and in order that they can form a proper valuation of the injury and subsequent settlement offer.

      Your Mother needs to appreciate that she will not be ‘poked’ or ‘prodded’ but will see a specialist Doctor, usually a GP with expertise in the area relevant to her injury who will see her, with sight of her medical records. The specialist Doctor will discuss the accident, the initial symptoms and ongoing discomfort or pain and will carry out a brief assessment of your Mother – mostly with regards to the mobility and stability of the affected areas – and then write a report for the Insurers that will contain a confirmation of the injuries sustained, whether or not a full recovery has been made and if not, whether a full recovery will be made in time.

      It is from this vital medical evidence that a fair valuation can be reached on the claim. If your Mother refuses to attend such a medical, the insurers will most likely offer an extremely low settlement and your Mother would have no grounds to demand more.

      This issue is one of the main reasons why you should hire a personal injury Solicitor to represent you during a claim. A specialist Solicitor would have been able to discuss this with your Mother and give her the understanding and confidence to trust in the claims process and attend any medical.

  8. I was in a car accident this morning and suffered with back pain straight away, however I haven’t been to the drs. If I go tomorrow or later on in the week will I still be able to make a claim? The pain has got worse as the day has gone on.

    • You can certainly make a claim for car accident compensation with us, even if you do not go to the Doctors immediately or within the first few days. It is common for people who have been in a car accident to not immediately go to the Doctors or a Hospital for a variety of reasons including shock or the loss of use of their vehicle due to the damage caused in the accident. Many people who are injured in a car accident notice immediate discomfort but want to give themselves a little time to see whether their pains increase or begin to subside. Of course, if serious injuries are obviously present, medical treatment will be sought urgently, but with soft tissue injuries such as whiplash and those commonly sustained in a road traffic accident, the symptoms and discomfort often begin to show a few hours after the incident. Sadly there is no magic pill or cream that will remove the symptoms of back pain or whiplash caused in a car accident but it is important to make sure that you do see your GP and get your injuries recorded and assessed by a medical professional.

      The most important thing to do is to make sure that you have a full record of the details of any vehicles involved – particularly the registration numbers of the cars, the location of the accident and date and time of the collision. This information is vital evidence that will support your claim for compensation.

      In any event, you should contact us immediately regardless of whether or not you have yet seen your GP as we can start the claims process now and update your medical condition at a later stage.


    • Unfortunately, the strict law of limitation only allows a maximum period of 3 years from the date of an accident or 3 years from the date of diagnosis of a work related health condition in which you can make a claim for compensation.

      With this in mind, we believe you are statute barred and therefore unable to take any action against your former employer.

  10. Hello my name is hazel Smith I was going with a family member/ friend and my son to the grocery store on 10/29/2017 in the process of going we get into an accident, she was in the right & the person was in the wrong .not thinking at the time in a panic son suffered a wound across his forehead & I’ve been having migraines but haven’t been to Dr. There’s a police report stating my son injuries plus they were under the same insurance company how can I go by filing a claim? Or can I file a claim?

    • It is often the case that someone will self-medicate for a while after an accident, especially a car accident where there is no obvious immediate trauma. In your case, it would be wise to now seek the attention of your Doctor and discuss your headaches and the recent road traffic collision with them.
      You can certainly file a claim for car accident compensation and should seek the services of a specialist Solicitor like Direct2Compensation to act for you.

  11. I have been involved in a bus accident which colided with a car but carried on driving and picking up speed and going to oncoming lane and hitting other cars and not trying to stop causing everyone to think it was a terror attack and press the emergency button to jump off but the buttons did not work during this i hurt my knee and my neck but it isnt severe pain it is pain that i can sleep off with couple paracetamol but istill feel traumatised from the even and there is video footage of the bus hitting cars and carrying on driving and i have proof that i was in the bus even tho i ddnt sustain critical damage can i still claim?

    • You can certainly make a claim compensation for bus and coach accidents and we have expert staff here ready to help you do just that. I would strongly recommend that you contact us as soon as possible so that we can take the basic information needed and then pass the matter to one of our specialist Solicitors to act for you.

      It would be wise to see your GP in order to get the injury to your knee and the damage to your neck checked and recorded as this will give you important medical evidence to support your claim later on during the claims process.

  12. I had an accident in February but because of commitments I had I couldn’t actually go to the doctor’s til a week later. I sustained neck and shoulder injury and also my thumb on my left-hand was jarred in the steering wheel. I consulted my niece who is a nurse and she told me to put ice in a towel and put it on my hand and also take ibuprofen and buy a support which I did when I went to the doctor’s my hand wasn’t hurting as much as in the beginning but I still had the hand support on it I told him I had been self medicating and he told me to continue with this however he only recorded the injury to my neck and shoulder. Again I went away on holiday and this was ruined as I couldn’t use my left hand and do the things we had planned on return I went to see a physiotherapist who thought they may have been a hairline fracture to my hand sent me back to my doctor’s and asked for an x-ray I have since had acupuncture and injections to my hand I have consulted a solicitor and he told me as there is a break in between going to the doctor initially and then seeing the physiotherapist and the lack of mention by my doctor initially he tells me I will not be able to claim for the hand injury can you please advise thank you

    • Medical evidence is vital in a claim for personal injury compensation in terms of being able to ensure that a full and fair settlement valuation is reached when the claim is finally settled. Medical evidence in the form of Doctors records and details of any treatments will be used in conjunction with a medical experts report and it is from this that the extent of the injury element of the settlement value will be reached.

      The lack of any record on your medical notes relating to the thumb/hand injury could well cause you difficulty in demonstrating that any injury you had with regards to that part of your body is linked to the accident in February. As you can probably imagine, a defendant insurer will immediately pick up on the fact that you didn’t present with any hand injury problems (in terms of medical notes) at the time of your first Doctors appointment and that it was only a while later and after a Holiday. Rightly or wrongly, the defendant insurer will likely allege that the thumb/hand injury was caused at a different time.

      With this in mind, it maybe worth returning to see your Doctor to explain the situation and see if they can remember offering you the verbal advice to continue with your self-medication of the injury. If they do and are willing to state the same, then that could open up your access to claiming damages for the thumb injury as well as the neck and shoulder damage.

      Your Solicitor can also seek to put forward an offer to settle the thumb/wrist injury without any medical evidence alongside settling your claim for the shoulder and neck injuries on the basis of a medical report.

  13. Hi,

    I slipped down wet stairs at work not long ago, whilst the cleaner was cleaning and he was the only one who saw my fall and was in shock as it was pretty nasty. When I slipped, I immediately got up as I was in shock, embarrassed and didn’t think I was too injured and then proceeded to start my shift.

    I did notify my manager as soon as possible but as I was still in shock, I wasn’t able to explain what happened properly and this was overlooked and not recorded as an accident.

    2 hours into my shift and I begin to feel immense pain in my neck, lower back, elbow and upper body and have bruises on my hand. I then notify another floor manager of what had happened and that I need to seek medical help asap. She then notified the manager that I reported it to first and he lodged it in the accident book, that I signed.

    From what I recall I don’t remember seeing a ‘caution’ sign as i was going down the stairs (before my accident) as I’m not exactly looking to slip when I go to work. However as I went up the stairs (after my accident) I noticed it then.

    The same day I went to my GP who stated it was soft tissue injury and has given me pain killers and also told me to rest.

    My manager looked at CCTV, but where I fell has no CCTV cover and my only witness is the cleaner.

    Do I have a claim for injury?

    • There is certainly sufficient in your description of your slipping accident to give rise to pursuing a claim for compensation against the employer.

      In an ideal world, you would have reported the accident immediately and noted the lack of hazard signs, but clearly, when you fall heavily and are embarrassed and in pain, you don’t always think straight.

      We would be happy to pursue this claim further for you and see what defence your employer and their insurers can mount. Please send your contact number to us via email to justice@direct2compensation.co.uk fill in a contact request on our website or call us on 01225430285 so that we can help you further.

  14. Hi i was standing waiting to cross the road standing on the pavement when a transit van mounted the pavement and ran right over my foot I also hit my head and chin on the side of the van and received some bruising to my chin and cuts to both my hands I received hospital treatment for my injuries the tendons on my foot my were was badly swollen I now using crutches with difficulty and I’ve been told to rest it for 2-3 weeks so the swelling can go down.

    • David

      The road traffic accident you mention sounds very nasty and given that you were a pedestrian injured by a van hitting you whilst on the pavement, I would anticipate that any claim you wished to make for compensation would have strong prospects of success.

      If you have the details of the vehicle that hit you, our specialist Solicitors can run a standard No Win No Fee claim for you via the insurance portal and pursue the insurers of said van. If you do not know the details of the vehicle – if it was a hit and run for example – we can still assist with a No Win No Fee claim. This would however be pursued via the Motor Insurers Bureau uninsured or untraced driver claims scheme.

      Your injuries sound painful and the value of your claim would certainly make it worthwhile you pursuing this further. Please send me your phone number by email to ian@direct2compensation.co.uk and I’ll call you to get things moving for you. You would pay nothing whatsoever should your claim fail and you’d stand to benefit from a considerable compensation settlement if you were to succeed.

      I look forward to hearing from you.

  15. My name if Felicity I had an injury while I was giving birth. The hospital has hidden my patient file. What can I do?

    • Felicity

      I am sorry to hear of your situation. In the UK, patients have a legal right to access their hospital/medical records and this can be enforced legally if the patient is denied access.

      If you think that the injury you sustained was by way of negligence rather than just an unfortunate natural incident, you could investigate your prospects of a clinical negligence claim. Clinical Negligence is a very specialised area of personal injury law and as such, I would recommend that you seek the assistance of a specialist in this area if you wish to take such an enquiry further.

  16. Myself and my partner were involved in a car accident on Friday 2nd June, we were hit from behind by a 4×4 whilst in traffic, the driver stopped and admitted liability straight away, he has asked that we deal with the damage to the car privately which we are in the process of giving him the chance to pay for this before we go through the insurance.

    immediately after the incident myself and my partner felt pain in our necks and suffered headaches for the rest of the day. Since the incident we have both has sore backs/ necks, we have been taking pain killers for this.

    Can we make a claim ?

    • Thank you for your question. This is a nice and easy one to answer in that yes, you are both fully entitled to pursue a claim for compensation as a result of the injuries you sustained in the car accident last Friday.

      It does not matter (at this stage) if you have not yet seen a GP or been to an NHS clinic for treatment regarding the injuries, but it would be a good idea to present for medical treatment at some stage. Of course, the only way you can pursue a claim for injury compensation for the symptoms you describe (which sounds like typical road traffic accident soft tissue injuries such as whiplash etc) would be by instructing a No Win No Fee solicitor to act for you. This would see you having to pursue a claim against the 3rd party drivers insurance.

      I appreciate that you are allowing the 3rd party driver the chance to pay for your vehicle damage personally, most likely as they wish to protect their No Claims Bonus or Insurance Premiums. Of course, if you opt to pursue a claim for the injuries their insurers will be aware and as such, his desire to pay for your vehicle repairs may be reduced.

      That said, there is no need for you to place concerns as to his situation ahead of your own needs or injuries. Claiming compensation for injuries sustained in a car accident can assist in more ways than simply receiving a financial settlement for the injuries or losses sustained. If you win your claim (and on the basis of what you have said, there is every chance that you would succeed), you can claim compensation for the injuries, recover any costs or expenses and also look to access rehabilitation therapies (physiotherapy, osteopathy etc) at the cost of the 3rd party and this has been proven to greatly increase recovery times.

      We’d love to assist you with a claim for compensation and have some of the best Road Traffic Accident compensation solicitors working for our clients. Please email your contact number to me so that I can call you. I’m more than happy to explain how we can help you, make sure you can better understand your rights and how the claims process works.

      Please forward your number to me in confidence to: ian@direct2compensation.co.uk

      I look forward to hearing from you.

      Yours sincerely

      Ian Morris

  17. Hi,
    Last year I was on a bus on my way to work,I was sat at front of the bus where the single seat is with the glass it had been raining most of that morning and previous night so roads were a little slippy the driver had drove towards some traffic lights and car in front didn’t put it’s hazard/break lights on in enough time for the driver to see that she was stopping anyways he ended up trying to Break as quickly as possible and we crashed into the back of her and as that happened my face smacked of the glass infront of the seat and really hurt my cheek bone and mouth to the point of having headaches and I had a little whiplash but did not seek medical help as I know whiplash isn’t really treated and couldn’t afford the time off work to go could I still claim for being injured without seeking medical help?

    • Nadine

      Thank you for telling us about your accident on a bus last year.

      A claimant does not have to have sought medical treatment for their injuries in order to succeed with a claim for personal injury compensation, but as you will appreciate, having medical evidence such as Doctors records in place does help a Solicitor when it comes to demonstrating the severity of an injury.

      In your case, you can still look to pursue a claim for compensation for the injuries you sustained and this is something we would be happy to assist you with.

      The strength of your case will rest on a few different factors, but one of them will be proving that you were on the bus at the time of the collision. Hopefully the bus driver took your details at the time or you subsequently contacted the bus company to report the details of the accident and any physical injuries you were suffering from?

      We look forward to assisting you.

      Yours sincerely


  18. Hi,

    I’m currently 27 weeks pregnant and work as an administrator for a large utilities company. Yesterday I was left alone in the office again as one colleague was off sick and my managers were away at meetings when a filing cabinet full of files dropped onto my foot.
    I had to go and find someone to help as the rest of my company all work 4-5 offices down the corridor and are on different contracts to me.
    I filled in the accident book and went home after feeling quite shook up at the fact that it could’ve hit my belly.
    The filing cabinet is unstable and has been put together wrong, something that my managers are aware of!
    Also in my expectant mothers risk assessment it clearly states if I am to be left alone in the office someone should be checking in me on regularly, this has never happened once.

    Do I have grounds to claim?

    Thank you,


    • Lauren

      Thank you for visiting our website and submitting a contact enquiry request as well as stating what happened to you.

      As you know, we have now spoken with you and submitted your claim to our specialist Solicitors.

      Yours sincerely


  19. Hi
    I work in a shopping centre
    I was collecting food waste in buckets from Frankie& Benny’s
    They had bags of rubbish and cardboard boxes in their walkway to their firedoors
    I was carrying two full buckets of waste food out and got my foot caught in the rubbish that was left there
    I fell and hurt my wrist and knee
    Security have my fall on tape and my team leader as pictures of the bags of rubbish and boxes left there
    I had an icepack applied to my wrist by a firstaider at work but didn’t notice the bruise on my knee until I took my trousers off at home
    Work also as a picture of my knee
    Don’t really know if I can make a claim or not
    Hope you can advise
    Gail Longley

    • Gail

      Given the description you have provided of your accident, our view is that you most definitely have a viable claim for compensation here. Leaving rubbish in an area that staff need to walk through is creating a hazard in the workplace. As such, when you have then caught your foot in the litter and been caused to fall and sustain injury, the employer responsible for allowing the rubbish to be in that area is then responsible for your injuries. This was a completely avoidable accident and should not have happened. Leaving rubbish littering a working area is inexcusable and simply creates a foreseeable risk of injury to people trying to go about their work.

      We would be very keen to pursue this claim for you Gail. Please call me on 01225430285 or email me your number (justice@direct2compensation.co.uk) and we’ll then be able to help you understand your rights and how the claims process works.

      I look forward to hearing from you.

  20. Hi, I had an accident on Friday (today is Monday) as another driver drove into the back of me as I was stationary waiting to turn right into a car park. The driver admitted responsibility for the accident and apologised, my car had a scratch on it and at the time myself & my car passengers felt fine but since Sunday evening my left shoulder and my neck/back have been hurting me really bad , I tried today on several occasions to call my gp but the line was very busy , I am ringing again tomorrow to get an appointment as I need it to be looked at. Me and the other driver didn’t exchange insurance details or anything although I did make a note of the registration number and make & model of the other drivers car, and I thought that would be the end of it but since getting this trouble with my shoulder & neck I’m wondering if I have a claim ? I personally think it’s a bad case of whiplash but will wait for my gp to confirm that.
    Thanks for your help

    • Emma

      Thank you for letting us know about your situation. What you describe, is very much in keeping with a vast majority of our claimants who have been involved in accidents like yours. When people have car accidents like yours, they often feel fine at the time and don’t feel any symptoms of injury at all. However, with whiplash related injuries, it is often the case that symptoms start to present 24-48 hours later and in the way you describe – painful shoulders, upper back and soreness in the neck area.

      You have done the right thing in terms of taking a note of the registration number of the 3rd party vehicle. Of course, you may wish to inform your insurers about the damage to your car and they can then deal with that. I would however, keep any injury claim separate – your insurers can handle this, but experience shows us that claimants get a better outcome when using a specialist injury compensation solicitor to manage such matters.

      We would be very happy to help you make a claim for whiplash compensation as a result of this road traffic accident. We could also do the same for any of the passengers – if they are suffering in a similar way to yourself.

      May I suggest that you call us on 01225430285 or email me your contact number (ian@direct2compensation.co.uk) so that we can discuss this in detail, explain the claims process and help you get this up and running.

      I look forward to hearing from you.

      Yours sincerely


  21. Hi. I was in a car accident 2 weeks ago in my works van, a woman drove out of a junction I was passing and hit the side of the van at about 30-40 mph. I was quite shook up at the time and fealt no injuries, up until recently. I’m getting pain in my back especially in the mornings and evenings but havent seen a doctor yet. Ive been self medicating just to take the edge off so its more comfortable to go to work. Im going to the doctors asap and wondered if I’m in a position to make some sort of claim?

    • Blaine

      You can definitely pursue a claim for compensation here. Please call me on 01225430285 or email me your phone number to: justice@direct2compensation.co.uk so that we can call you and get this up and running.

      The fact that you have self-medicated for 2 weeks is totally understandable and something we are used to seeing. The common symptoms from Road Traffic Accidents such as yours often don’t appear for a few days after the accident and then become steadily worse before they become better.

      You should go to the GP as soon as possible, but don’t delay making your claim for compensation.

      I look forward to hearing from you.

      Yours sincerely


  22. Hi, I was at Homebase when I picked up a paving slab that was on a rack ‘at head height’. The slab crumbled and a large piece crashed onto my head narrowly missing my young daughter who was standing beside me. I was left with a bump and some reddening to my head and face. I was left in pain and shock. The accident was recorded in the stores accident report book and I took photos of my injuries. However I did not attend the doctors, I just self medicated with paracetamol and Ibuprofen. I already had a couple of days off from work due to annual leave booked and in place so I didn’t need to take any time off sick from my employment.
    I have a copy of the accident report and photos of the injury.
    The incident occurred in July 2015, it is now February 2017. Can I still claim and is it likely to succeed?
    Thank you

    • Ross

      From what you have said, I think you’d have every chance of succeeding with a claim for compensation on this one. Although you have self-medicated and not seen a GP, the accident book entry you made at the time plus the supporting photographs you have will prove matters.

      Please email your phone number to us at: justice@direct2compensation.co.uk and we’ll call you to get a claim up and running for you.

      As your accident happened in July 2015, you have until July 2018 to pursue the claim. Whilst there is still plenty of time left, I would recommend that you don’t leave it much longer.

      We look forward to hearing from you.

      Yours sincerely


  23. I was in a car accident on the 23/08/16, women hit me from behind while I was sitting in traffic. Wasn’t going very fast about 5 miles but then she drove off. I got her number plate and she accepted responsibility and I have just had the bump fixed. I was asked at the time if me or any of my passengers received any injury. I answered no; but since about a week after the accident I have slowly been getting a pain in my shoulder and back which gets worse of an evening; someone advised it could be whiplash. Can I still put in a claim a month after accident when I already said there was no injury? As you can see I am writing this message at 2.45am as struggling to sleep. I have not seen a doctor and have been self medicating as I have not had the time due to my son having lots of hospital appointments and CT scans unrelated to the accident and I am also my mums full time carer.

    • Jessica

      Hi, thank you for sharing your road traffic accident story. What you state is a common occurrence when it comes to injuries manifesting themselves after a Road Traffic Accident in that it is often the case that the symptoms that come from injuries such as whiplash develop in the days and weeks after the initial incident that caused them.

      What is key here is that you reported the accident to your insurers and have had your damaged vehicle repaired. This confirms that there was a collision and that the collision was of sufficient force to damage your vehicle and therefore cause you injury. We would be very happy to assist you with a claim for whiplash injury compensation and have some really expert solicitors who can help you with this. Another benefit of claiming whiplash compensation is that we may well be able to obtain some really good rehabilitation therapies for you. You can read more about the rehabilitation therapies you can expect to receive when claiming whiplash compensation by clicking here.

      Please contact us on 01225430285, respond to the email copy of this reply that you’ll receive or complete a call back request on our website at the start your claim page: https://direct2compensation.co.uk/make-a-claim-for-compensation

      Given that the person who caused this accident has already admitted liability, it should be a straight forward matter to succeed with your claim and we have every confidence that our specialist whiplash solicitors would settle your claim in your favour.

      We look forward to helping you.

      Yours sincerely

      Ian Morris

  24. I was sitting in my car at a convenience store .this lady pulled up by the newspaper stand. She gets out of her vehicle to purchase a newspaper. She forgot to put her vehicle completely in park after getting out of the vehicle. The vehicle starts rolling towards me and it strikes my driver’s side door. She finally gets in her vehicle and pulls the vehicle back. She comes over and ask if I’m alright. I was very shooken up and was crying and shaking I also had a panic attack at the time of the accident. I had called the lady I work for and told her I had been in an accident .

    • Loretta

      The situation you describe would certainly leave good grounds to make a claim for whiplash injury car accident compensation. Whilst you were in a stationary vehicle and hit by an unmanned vehicle rolling by means of gravity, there is known scientific and medical evidence to support the fact that such an accident scenario can caused both physical and emotional injury.

      At Direct2Compensation, we’ve made many such successful claims for our clients.

      I wish you all the best and hope that we are able to help you too.


  25. Hi my two year old son tripped on raised flags in front path, i had pointed out in past to council that the path is full of trip hazzards who hsve failed to fix them as i rent council house, i have pics of his head of his really nasty bump…ive contacted council who have not yet bothered to reply! Do i have chance of claim

    • Sarah

      I am sorry to hear about your Son’s accident. We would certainly be willing to look in to pursuing a no win no fee claim for your son. Your Son has been injured after tripping on the raised edge of a flagstone on a council owned footpath. Therefore, he may well have a strong claim for compensation against the local authority in question. As you have previously reported the raised flagstones as a hazard to the council and they have failed to inspect or repair them, the claim will succeed if we can demonstrate that the flagstones are sufficiently raised with a tripping hazard that can be shown as dangerous. Claims for tripping accident compensation will succeed when a tripping hazard is 2.5cm or 1 inch in height/depth and when they have been in situ for 6 months or longer.

      To find out more about whether a claim for tripping accident compensation will succeed, please look at this article

      You mention that you have taken photographs of the injuries to your Son’s head. I would also suggest that you take some photographs of the raised flagstones before they are repaired or removed. Whilst taking such photographs, it would help to take a close up of the edge of the slab that your Son tripped on and place a tape measure or a 50p coin against the edge to give a measurement of the exposed edge of the hazard. Even if the edge is below 2.5cm or 1 inch, you can still succeed with a claim if it can be shown that the council were aware that the flagstones were hazardous and a young child, elderly person or someone with a disability used the pathway and would therefore need as safe a surface as possible.

      Please get in contact with us so that we can discuss this with you. Please submit your phone number by way of our ‘start your claim page at: https://direct2compensation.co.uk/make-a-claim-for-compensation or respond to my email to you with your number.

      I look forward to hearing from you.

      Yours sincerely

      Ian Morris

  26. i had accident at work but didnt go to hospital i was carrying 105 kg window unit with another person but shud i have been carrying that weight i sure the unit was above thast weight. its cut my nose and top lip and twisted my ankle.

    • Chris

      Hi, I am sorry to read that you have been injured in an accident at work. On the basis of what you have said, it would seem that your employer will have some questions to answer here. My initial view (although I must add that we would need to speak with you in greater detail to find out more about the situation to confirm this initial view) is that your employer may well be liable in terms of employer negligence regarding their obligations to protect your health and safety whilst at work. To this end, we would be happy to help you pursue a No Win No Fee claim for compensation against them.

      A weight of 105KGs is above the safe carrying weight for 2 people and as such, if your employer is expecting you to lift and move such items without adequate assistance, they are likely to be liable for any accident you have whilst attempting to carry out such a task. Your employer should be providing trolleys or hoists to items of such a weight. Has your employer provided any manual handling/safe lifting training to you or your colleagues? You mention that you have not been to Hospital and whilst it would be a good idea to seek medical treatment and ensure that your injuries are recorded on your medical records, it is not the be all and end all when it comes to making a claim for compensation after an accident at work. The most important thing you should do is to make sure that your employer has recorded the details of your accident within an accident book or incident report log. You can ask them to do this now even if the accident happened a few weeks or even months ago. If they refuse to record the details or deny you access to an accident book, take a look at our article https://direct2compensation.co.uk/help-articles/my-employer-wont-let-me-use-or-see-the-accident-book-what-should-i-do that gives you help with this.

      We would very much like to speak with you to find out more about your situation and be in a position to properly assess the prospects of succeeding if any claim were to be pursued. Therefore, please visit our start your claim page at: https://direct2compensation.co.uk/make-a-claim-for-compensation call us on 01225430285 or reply to the email that I have sent you. Once we have your contact details, we will be able to make contact and help you get your claim up and running.

      We look forward to helping you with your claim for accident at work compensation.



    • Fiona

      Hi, good question! Many people are really concerned about making a personal injury compensation claim against the company that they work for as they feel worried that they will be treated poorly for doing so.

      However, you are under no obligation at all to discuss any aspect of claiming compensation with your employer as you can request that they direct any queries or correspondence about any claim you make directly to your specialist Solicitor. Of course, someone at your workplace will be aware that a claim has been made as they will have to put their side of the story forwards – whether they choose to deny employer liability and defend the claim against them or accept liability and enter in to negotiations to settle the claim. However, the people that are aware must not discuss this matter with the general workforce, your colleagues or anyone unrelated to the handling of such matters.

      If you haven’t already made your claim, we’d be more than happy to help you and investigate this for you. If you would like our help, please visit our website page: https://direct2compensation.co.uk/make-a-claim-for-compensation and give us your details – we’ll then call you to get your claim for compensation started.

      Yours sincerely

      Ian Morris

  27. I have had an accident in tesco in Middlewich. I picked up a packet of battery’s that had a security tag in but only the pin was in not the back of it. I got a double pin stab it hurts a lot and it did bleed they got an first aider who gave me a medical wipe then put 2 blue plasters on. Will I have a claim.

    • Marie

      I’m pleased that as well as making a comment on one of our website claim articles, you also visited our make a claim page at: https://direct2compensation.co.uk/make-a-claim-for-compensation

      This enabled us to call you and as you’ll know from speaking with us, we feel that your situation is certainly worthy of further consideration from our expert personal injury compensation solicitors. Further to my colleagues telephone conversation with you, we have now submitted your claim enquiry and we hope that you will be successful with that.

  28. Hi.
    I was wondering if I could claim compensation for my 10yr old daughter who tripped on a sign that was on the floor in a supermarket.
    She hurt her foot she attended the hospital and she had bruised it.

    Regards Mandy farmer

    • Dear Mandy

      We would be more than happy to discuss this in greater detail with you. We may well be able to help your daughter make a successful claim for personal injury compensation if we can demonstrate that the sign was dangerous, erected in a dangerous situation and as such posed a hazard to shoppers.

      Please visit our make a claim page at: https://direct2compensation.co.uk/make-a-claim-for-compensation so that one of us can call you to discuss this in greater detail. Clearly, we need to know more such as whether or not the accident details were recorded in an accident book, what medical treatment (if any) was needed and how your daughter is now.

      We look forward to hearing from you.



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