Injury severity and speed of recovery, how they might affect a claim for injury compensation

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The severity of an injury, the speed of recovery and the extent of medical treatment that is yet to be received will have a big impact on the length of time it takes to get to the point where a compensation settlement is made.

It helps when people understand the different stages of the claims process as then they can understand how the value of a claim is reached. In cases where an injury isn’t too serious and recovery is reached within a few weeks or months, there will be no delay to the claim being settled. This is because by the time liability is admitted, your specialist injury compensation solicitor will have obtained medical evidence that confirms the extent of the injury you have sustained. This will be used to form the value of your claim along with any additional losses in the form of special damages.

However, when there is a serious injury from which the claimant has not yet recovered or where there is further medical treatment to undergo, the full extent of an injury and the impact that it will have on the future life of the claimant will not be known. Therefore, your solicitor will advise you that they cannot yet suggest the valuation at which you should look to settle your claim. This all comes back to the medical evidence issue as the injury and ongoing effects of it will need to be known and proven for a final settlement valuation to be known.

Interim payments in long lasting claims

If you are involved in a claim for injury compensation that will take a long time before the extent of an injury and the effects of it are known, there are things that your specialist injury compensation solicitor can do to help you with regards to coping with a loss of income.

Once liability has been admitted, you can contact your solicitor and ask them to approach a 3rd party defendant insurer with a view to obtaining an interim payment. Such a payment is designed to help an injured person who maybe unable to work or requires rehabilitation therapy on a private basis or even costs for care. It may also include a loss of income from the date of the accident to the point that the interim payment is made. Claimants in this situation should be aware that any interim payments received will be deducted from their final settlement valuation, but because they are so helpful in the short-term, they are still a useful way of coping with the day-to-day issues caused by a serious injury or ongoing health problem.

0 questions have been answered below, why not ask your own?

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