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78 Using your medical records in support of your claim

Some people are not convinced that they would be able to get compensation for the injuries that they sustained as a result of somebody else’s negligence. However, if they spoke to a specialist solicitor, they would say there is a chance of winning their case provided there is enough evidence to prove that the accident was somebody else’s fault. In […]

16 Having the right evidence to support your claim for personal injury compensation

When you first speak to a Direct2Compensation solicitor about your personal injury claim, you need to be completely honest about what has happened and how you have sustained your injuries. While we expect this from our claimants, we don’t expect them to know what to do to ensure that the correct evidence is in place, so part of our service involves helping you […]

25 RIDDOR – when to report an accident at work

This article is for anyone who has been injured in an accident at work and wants to know whether or not their employer has properly reported and recorded the details. Specifically, whether or not the Health and Safety Executive should have been informed of under RIDDOR. What is RIDDOR? RIDDOR is a term relevant to accidents at work and stands […]

13 How to report your accident to the right people

In many cases after being injured in an accident, people find themselves unable to discuss or report it to the relevant authorities before they are rushed off for medical treatment. At this stage, someone who has been injured in an accident is rightly focused on getting their injuries seen to rather than thinking about making sure the details of an […]

2 5 tips to maximise your compensation claim settlement

At Direct2Compensation, we’re all about making sure that our injury compensation claimants see the full benefit of instructing us and our expert solicitors when they decide to make a claim for personal injury compensation.  You’re pretty much guaranteed to get a better outcome with your claim if you choose to use the services of a solicitor than if you choose to deal […]

142 You can claim psychological injury damages as part of your compensation

When most people think of a personal injury compensation claim, they usually consider injuries such as a broken arm or whiplash. They will certainly be thinking of a physical injury that is visible. However, as well as physical injuries, a claimant should be aware that psychological trauma is also something for which they can claim. At Direct2Compensation, we realise that […]

98 Will claiming compensation affect my benefits claim?

If you currently receive state funded benefits, such as Universal Credit or similar, making a claim for personal injury compensation could affect your benefits entitlement and the amount of benefit payment that you receive. Benefits claimants are only allowed a certain amount of savings or income before they would be deemed to have too much to claim full benefits, or […]

152 Proving council liability in tripping accident compensation claims

Succeeding with claims for personal injury compensation isn’t always easy and although we take as much hassle out of the claims process as possible, some types of personal injury claim prove much harder to succeed with than others.  One such type is public liability compensation claims, usually against the council after a fall or trip on a damaged section of […]

118 Does any accident at work let you claim personal injury compensation?

Have you got a valid work accident claim? All accidents and causes of injury should be reviewed on an individual basis. However, there are some basic pointers that can help you identify where you stand regarding the strength of a claim or otherwise. They key is to be able to prove that your employer was liable for your accident and […]

203 Getting compensation payments upfront before a claim is settled

The regulated personal injury compensation claims sector has literally thousands of companies offering their services.  With this in mind, the consumer should be aware that not all companies are worthy and that not every piece of advertising you see can be counted on as being the level of service that you will receive. Be wary of any claims company or […]

87 Rehabilitation therapies and personal injury compensation

There is one thing that is common amongst all people making a claim for personal injury compensation – they have been injured by someone else’s mistake, negligence or lack of care. The severity of injury and longevity of symptoms varies from claimant to claimant. In cases of ongoing pain, discomfort and injury symptoms, an important part of a person’s claim […]

57 Employer negligence and claiming compensation

Accidents in the workplace can happen to anyone and often occur as a result of negligence on the part of the employer. Employers in the UK have a legal obligation to protect their workers whilst they are on site. Whatever type of job you do, you should be safe and working in an environment that is free from any dangers […]

20 Claiming injury compensation on behalf of someone else

The legal right to make a claim for injury compensation is something the majority of people are aware of. But what if the person to whom the claim would relate is incapacitated because of their injuries, or even worse was killed in the accident? Can you make a claim for injury compensation on their behalf? You’ll be pleased to know that […]

0 Can my private health treatment records be used in my injury compensation claim?

In previous articles, we have covered the importance of making sure that your accident and injuries are properly reported and recorded, such as by way of an accident book and also how important medical evidence is when it comes to making a claim for injury compensation. The obvious course of immediate emergency medical treatment will be used to prove what […]

6 Claiming without a Solicitor? Should you accept an insurers offer?

You don’t have to instruct a solicitor if you want to make a claim for personal injury compensation.  Anyone who feels that they have been injured through the negligent actions of someone else has a legal right to make a claim.  Anyone who succeeds should receive a settlement that adequately covers the full extent of their injuries as well as covering any losses or […]

0 Claiming injury compensation in Scotland

The UK is divided into three separate legal jurisdictions: England and Wales, Northern Ireland, and Scotland. Each has slightly different laws, and in most cases a personal injury claim has to made in the jurisdiction the accident occurred and will be dealt with according to the laws there. Here we look at making a compensation claim in Scotland, and how it […]

177 How do I know if I have a valid claim for whiplash injury compensation?

What is whiplash? Most people think whiplash is simply a pain in the neck, yet it can be much more than that. Caused by the hyper extension of major and minor muscles, whiplash is a phrase used to cover injuries to the muscles and soft tissues around the spine, most commonly in the neck and shoulder region. In minor cases, […]

8 Personal injury claim medical assessments and who pays the cost

Claimants often ask us why solicitors want access to medical records, why they should be required to undergo a specialist medical assessment of their injuries and who will pay for it. Medical evidence wins claims To be in a position to succeed with a claim for personal injury compensation, claimants need to prove certain things. In order to prove how […]

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