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7 Can I claim personal injury compensation for my child?

In most circumstances, when anyone is making a claim for personal injury compensation after an accident that was not their fault, they will deal with it themselves. However, in the case of a son or daughter, elderly parent or any vulnerable person that is unable to cope with such matters alone, people are often unsure as to how to go […]

28 Should I talk about my compensation claim with my employer?

If you are considering whether to make a claim for personal injury compensation after an accident at work, you may wonder if you need to discuss the claim with your employer. The decision as to whether or not you should inform your employer that you have made a claim is for you to make. There is no requirement for you to discuss […]

0 Can I claim for psychological trauma after a motorcycle accident?

Apart from a high likelihood of suffering serious physical injuries, anyone in a motorcycle accident faces the prospect of suffering from post-accident stress or psychological trauma – commonly known as PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder). In many circumstances, the time taken for a person to recover from psychological injuries can be far longer than the process of recovering from physical injuries. A surprising amount […]

25 How does claiming injury compensation affect my employer?

When an employee is injured in an accident at work, the injured person is often left in a quandary as to whether or not they should pursue a claim against their employer for Personal Injury Compensation.  Employees often feel a loyalty to their employer and worry that making a claim against the company, could cause the business financial hardship or […]

0 How do I know if I have a valid cycling accident claim?

For those of us that like to cycle, be it on the road or in the mud, we’re all acutely aware that any kind of crash can be a painful incident.  But how do you know whether or not the circumstances mean that you can make a claim for personal injury compensation after a cycling accident? Clearly, if you are […]

2 A hazard sign in compensation claims

The infamous hazard sign, you know – the little yellow ‘A’ stand with an image of someone taking a tumble… the one placed on in McDonalds when one of their ever-so-happy staff have to mop the floor… It’s job is to warn you that the floor could be slippery.  Although they are not glamours accident claims, claims for compensation after […]

6 Claiming from CICA, the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority

Many people are unaware that if you are an innocent victim of a crime and you are injured as a result of being involved in a crime, you are well within rights to claim for compensation from the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority. The Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA) is run by the government and it ensures that anybody who has […]

0 What to do if you slip, trip or fall in a public place

Slipping or tripping in a public place – aside from being embarrassing – can be traumatic and painful long term. It is not uncommon to hear of individuals who have slipped or tripped in a public place and broken their leg or arm, or even something as serious as their hip. Accidents in public are quite common because many people […]

0 Making sure your personal injury solicitor works hard on your behalf

You are well within your rights to claim for compensation for injuries that you have sustained in an accident that wasn’t your fault. It’s not an easy task on your own, though, so for the best chance at a successful outcome you should appoint a specialist personal injury solicitor to fight for justice for you. There are many solicitors who […]

0 How to avoid a bad work accident claim experience!

If you have been injured and want to make a claim for personal injury compensation after an accident at work, you’ll want to make sure that your claim succeeds and that you don’t have a bad experience.  So where do you go to do it? How do you know what to do after an accident at work? What do you […]

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