The records you should keep to prove and maximise your compensation claim

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In order to give yourself the best chance of succeeding with a claim for injury compensation, it is important that as much supporting evidence as possible is available to your specialist solicitor. From reporting the accident correctly to getting professional medical treatment, there are simple things that you should do to make sure you have the strongest possible chance to win your claim.

Here we offer some advice about keeping a record of things that affect you after an injury and that will be relevant to you claiming the maximum injury compensation settlement that you can.

  • Diary notes: During your claim, your specialist injury compensation solicitor will access your medical records.  You will give authority for this during the initial process of formally instructing your solicitor. Whilst these notes will fully divulge what you have reported to your GP or hospital doctors, it will not fully explain the level of pain that you may have suffered. Over the years, we have found that injury compensation claimants that have kept a diary noting their pain, struggles and issues caused by their injuries and dates of medical treatment or appointments (including physiotherapy or massage etc) have been able to give their solicitor more ammunition to fight harder to secure the fairest possible settlement for your claim.
  • Record expenses: Part of any claim for injury compensation will be a special damages claim. This is the element of any claim that includes the costs and losses incurred by someone as a result of an injury. Claimants can claim back costs that they incur because of an injury, whether it be a prescription charge, parking fee for medical treatment, taxi fare to hospital or other costs such as gardener fees. It may be that your spouse, children or parents have to take time off to care for you.  All of these things can be claimed for should you succeed with your claim. It is always helpful if you can provide a record of what has happened when, who has helped you and when and what they have done. Any cost you incur because of an injury could be reclaimed – but only if you can provide evidence. Therefore retain a record of your costs and receipts for the same. These can be handed to your solicitor to use in your claim.
  • Employer records: If your injuries affect your employment, whether it be that you were forced to take absence from work, if you had to work on light duties or even if you have had to leave your job, it is important that your employer understands that this is because you were injured in an accident that was not your fault. You should always discuss your situation with an employer and ask them to record the same on your employment record.
  • Tell your GP: We often speak with people who have suffered in silence and not returned to their GP or hospital when their injury has not settled. Any claim for injury compensation will rely on medical evidence being available to support your claim for injury compensation. We understand why people don’t want to bother their doctor as there is often not much that can be done other than to prescribe further rest or more pain relief. However, it is important that an ongoing injury is noted on your medical records as this makes it far easier for your specialist injury compensation solicitor to prove to a 3rd party insurer that your injury is serious and should therefore receive a higher level of injury compensation settlement than you otherwise may receive.

Simply put, the more information you have available, the easier the claims process will be and the quicker it will be too. Your solicitor will be able to reclaim more of your costs if you provide more information.

0 questions have been answered below, why not ask your own?

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