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Facial injuries are often traumatic and can be of many different types. We’ve dealt with claims involving soft tissue injuries, bruising, swelling, lacerations, burns, scarring, fractures and nerve damage. Settlement values can be quite high with injuries that lead to permanent visible disfigurement.

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Common causes of facial injuries

Most commonly, facial injuries are associated with impact trauma as seen in accidents involving a slip, trip or fall, or as the result of a car, cycle or motorbike accident.

With impact trauma, facial injuries can range from severe bruising to fractures, lacerations and damage to the jaw, nerves or teeth.

Facial injuries can also be caused in accidents at work, for example due to defective equipment or the mishandling of hazardous chemicals which can lead to severe chemical burn injuries.

Can I claim compensation?

Any person who suffers a facial injury as the result of a non-fault accident, or due to the negligence of an employer or other party, may seek to make a claim for compensation.

In order to make a claim, you’ll need to be able to identify the cause of your accident or injury as being the responsibility of someone else, or due to an act of negligence.

You should make sure that the details of your accident are recorded properly in an accident book or similar incident reporting system, and that appropriate medical attention is sought from a GP or a hospital.

To find out whether you can make a claim for facial injury compensation, speak with our specialist staff. We know your rights and can help you to claim.

How will my settlement be valued?

During the claims process, the extent of the facial injury and its impact upon the claimant will be subjected to an evaluation by a medical expert.

Your specialist solicitor will instruct a medical expert to assess the injury and discuss its impact with the claimant. They will note any long term implications such as visible scarring, nerve damage or impact on eyesight and breathing, and provide a detailed report outlining the long-term prognosis to the solicitor.

The contents of the report will be used to assign an appropriate compensation settlement value for the injury element of the claim, with more serious facial injuries leading to higher compensation settlements.

The settlement will also include the special damages element of the claim, where any lost income or incurred costs caused by the facial injury will be calculated and recovered.

How Direct2Compensation can help

Direct2Compensation work with leading specialist personal injury solicitors who have a proven track record of success in pursuit of claims for facial injury compensation. From the first contact with our expert staff, through the entire claims process, we’ll ensure that you understand your rights and that your claim is being handled professionally.

We want you to focus on recovery and normal life, and not have to worry about your claim. That’s why we’ll ensure that you have the direct contact details for your specialist solicitor and that we are available to answer any queries you may have.

We know your rights and will make sure that your claim has the very best prospects of success, and that any settlement awarded to you appropriately compensates you for the pain and distress caused to you by your facial injury.

How do I start my claim?

Starting your claim for facial injury compensation with Direct2Compensation is easy. We know that you may have concerns or questions to discuss with us, and our experienced staff have the right expertise to guide you through the start of your claim.

You can call our friendly and helpful staff on 01225 430285 or get your claim started online today. We take pride in making sure that you feel understood and look forward to helping you make your claim.

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