Falling Object Injury Compensation Claims

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You’re entitled to claim compensation if you have been injured by a falling object at work or in public and it can be proven your employer or a third party was responsible.

Falling objects can cause head injuries such as concussion, brain damage, severe lacerations and psychological trauma. Claims for compensation commonly relate to an accident at work where an employer has failed to adequately ensure the safety of workers or visitors. Alternatively, it could be a public liability claim if a pedestrian or passer by is injured by an item that falls from height, such as a loose or unsecured part of a building, a falling shop or pub sign, or dangerous practices on construction sites that are adjacent to pedestrian areas.

When it can be shown that there has been a failure to comply with legal statutory duties to minimise and prevent the risk of injury from falling objects, a compensation claim will succeed.

Why claim injury compensation?

If you have been injured as a result of a falling object, claiming personal injury compensation can help ease some of the problems you’ll experience and help in a number of ways:

  • It will compensate you for injuries that were not your fault.
  • A successful claim could fund private medical treatment and rehabilitation therapies to speed your recovery.
  • Settlements can help you recover any lost income now and in the future if you are prevented from working again.
  • In the case of a fatal accident, loved ones can claim compensation for their loss.

As all claims are made on a No Win No Fee basis, you will never be charged if your claim does not succeed. A successful claim will lead to a compensation settlement being made to you, with the value of the claim including any lost income and incurred costs as well as a settlement for the injuries and medical treatment that you have sustained.

Common scenarios for falling object claims

A compensation settlement will be awarded to the claimant if it can be proven that the object fell as a result of negligence and a lack of adequate risk management.

Falling object injuries often happen when people are working at height, and commonly on construction or demolition sites. In these environments, the site management company should have adequately assessed the risk of such accidents and taken every precaution to reduce the risk of injury as far as possible. This should include requiring workers and visitors to wear personal protective equipment such as hard hats, and also establishing safety zones with adequate signage near which pedestrians are prohibited from passing. Alternative walkways with adequate signage should be created to ensure that people are not likely to be standing in an area where masonry or other items could fall. If you have been injured by a falling object in this sort of situation, you are likely to have a very strong claim.

Other claims relate to dangerous buildings in disrepair that have footpaths beside them. Building owners and local authorities have a legal responsibility to ensure that unsafe buildings are either cordoned off and repaired, again with pedestrian exclusion zones clearly marked, or where repair is not possible such buildings should be demolished. If you have been injured because of an object that has fallen from a such a building, again you will have a strong claim for injury compensation.

Other common causes of falling object injuries include:

  • Shop or building signs that fall from height on to pedestrians standing or walking below.
  • Wall mounted pictures or mirrors in venues such as pubs or restaurants that fall on to patrons sitting or standing below.
  • Ceiling tiles in public venues that fall on to people standing or sitting below

How Direct2Compensation can help with your claim

Any person who suffers an injury because of a falling object is entitled to make a claim for personal injury compensation. As with all claims, it is important to make sure that the details of your accident have been recorded properly and that medical attention is sought for any injuries that you have sustained. For help with reporting your accident correctly, contact us for free advice.

At Direct2Compensation we have the right expertise to manage your claim successfully. We know your rights and can help you to understand whether you have a valid claim or not.

Direct2Compensation work with some of the best expert injury compensation solicitors in the UK. With our easy to understand claims process and ability to handle your claim quickly, simply and transparently, there are many reasons that make us the right choice.

To start your claim today, or even to find out a little bit more about the claims process and how we can help, call us on 01225 430285 or if you prefer, we can call you back. In just a few minutes on the telephone with you, we’ll obtain the initial information needed for our solicitors to commence a claim.

31 questions have been answered below, why not ask your own?

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Questions & Answers

  1. Lorraine

    April 2018 while at work I was putting glass bottle of drink on top shelf.
    I then began to clean the mess on the floor below when the whole shelf with 50 glass bottle fell on my head and neck.
    Moving forward two days which I hadn’t been able to get out of bed. On the 3 day I manage to get up but lost all vision and numbness down one side of face and very dizzy.
    I was admitted into hospital as they thought I had a bleed on the brain. I was kept in two days.
    Scan showed that I had chairi so I was sent to see a neurologist and head ache specialists. However this isn’t the cause for my headache. Still 2 years later I’m I have terrible headache daily.
    A accident report was filled by my co worker.

    • Ian Morris

      Under UK law, any person at work in the UK is afforded a period of 3 years from the date of an accident at work in which they can seek to make a claim for personal injury compensation. As 2 years appear to have passed since your accident at work, you have a further period of 12 months (or until the 3rd anniversary of your accident) in which you can seek to make a claim. Therefore, if you have not already instructed a Solicitor to act for you, please call us on 01225430285 as our initial assessment of your comment indicates that you have valid grounds to pursue a claim for compensation.

  2. Abbie

    A lantern fell on me in the store I work at. One of my colleagues was stocking the top shelf in the next aisle & pushed an item which then hit a lantern on the top shelf of the aisle I was working at. I was bent down stocking shelves myself & the lantern then fell & hit the bottom of my head/my neck. I am suffering from a headache currently as it only happened a few hours ago. There is a mark on my neck & I feel slightly lightheaded. I was not asked if I wanted to go home but I need the money so I will stay on as I would not get paid if I went home. I do not believe any accident/injury report was filled out. Do you think I can claim?

    • Ian Morris

      Yes, you can make a claim. You should find out whether an accident report was completed and if not, make your own report in writing.

  3. Leah

    My partner had a wooden sofa frame fall from a shelf at work and cut the back of his head. He had a trip to A+E and was told that there was no need for any stitches/glue as it wasn’t too deep. He had a constant headache/neck ache all day yesterday but has gone back to work today (as he doesn’t get paid for sick days as he does piece work although employed by the company)

    Is he able to make a claim?

    • Ian Morris

      Your partner is absolutely able to claim. The fact that the laceration did not require stitches or glue is irrelevant as an injury has clearly been sustained. Whilst the immediately obvious injury was the laceration, it is not uncommon for people who suffer a laceration to the head when an item falls from height to develop other symptoms associated with such incidents including headaches, concussion, blurred vision, nausea and neck pain. Your partner should re-attend his GP to discuss the headaches and ongoing symptoms as it is important that they are noted in his medical records.

      We would be very happy to help your partner better understand his rights after his accident at work and would like to discuss a potential claim with him. If he would like to find out more, he can call us on 01225430285 or if he would prefer he can make initial contact online and ask us to call him when it suits him. Taken at face value, the scenario you describe indicates that he has a valid claim with good prospects of success.

  4. Rizwan vika

    Hi. I was at work as I was called in for emergency. I was in the medication room where I was trying to look for service user tablets in the medication cabinet. The medication cabinet is metal and is attached to the wall and is just under 1 metre in size. As I was putting my hand right at the back to find tablet the full cabinet fell on me and hurting my head and causing me to fall and falling on top of me. I had a bump to my head and my neck was sore. I had to ambulances come and they observed me but i was dizzy. I was okay at the time and went home. Was advised if I have continuous headaxhes then go straight to hospital. I went home and rested but started to vomit and constant headaches. Went to A&E and they were concerned I had internal bleeding after checking it was all clear but I had a tender neck pain. Was given morphine and was told to rest and take time off work. Hospital said if that had hit my neck or spine then I could have been paralysed. Can you tell me if I have a valid claim as I was given the all clear?

    • Ian Morris

      You have a valid claim in this matter. Our specialist Solicitors can help you claim compensation for the injuries you have sustained in this accident at work.

  5. Rachel

    I had a car cleaner bottle from the very top shelf fall on my head yesterday at work because a co worker on the other aisle was top stocking and knocked some over on me. My head hurts, but not to the point where I think it’s a serious injury or anything. Is that something I should file?

    • Ian Morris

      Any injury at work, no matter how small it may seem and insignificant the damage, should be recorded within the employers accident book or accident reporting system. Whilst you appear to have escaped any serious damage, having the initial incident reported is vitally important as it proves that an incident happened. This would be very important if you began to develop other, unexpected symptoms that indicated that you had actually suffered a more serious injury and needed Doctor or Hospital treatment. If that were to happen and you then needed to make a claim for compensation, it would be much easier for a specialist Solicitor to prove a causal link between the bottle falling on your head and the injury sustained.

  6. Robyn

    A metal shelf fell on my head today as I opened a filing cabinet which had been moved. I was taken to A&E by a colleague but sent home as they had serious team as in and weren’t seeing any patients unless life threatening injuries. I’m going to try and get and emergency appointment at my GP’s tomorrow morning. I believe I have concussion as feel dizzy and nauseous.

    • Ian Morris

      I think you have a valid claim for compensation and it would appear that you have suffered concussion. Make sure that you have reported the incident to your employer and that your injuries and symptoms are on record.

  7. Michael

    Should I claim after a curtain rail support falls an hits my head in my supported housing accommodation?

    • Ian Morris

      Had you previously noticed any issues with the curtain rail? If no issue had been noticed and the landlord hadn’t been put on notice of a need to carry out some maintenance, it is unlikely that you would succeed with a claim.

      We would be happy to discuss your accident in more detail with you in order to be able to advise you as to whether or not you could take this matter further.

  8. Jan Fisher

    Boxes were haphazardly stacked up in the ladies changing room at work over new year and one fell off onto my arm on my way to the toilet. This has caused me pain ever since. I went to the minor injury unit and they said it wasn’t broken. Do I have any recourse please?

    • Ian Morris

      On face value, you would appear to have a valid claim for accident at work compensation. The employer is likely to be seen as having acted negligently in allowing the boxes to be badly stacked and thus become a possible hazard. Did you report the accident at work?

      We would be happy to assist you further with a No Win No Fee claim for this injury at work. Please use the ‘start a claim’ page of our website to make further contact in order that our team can speak with you to discuss this.

  9. Tony Short

    Whilst at work I had a heavy notice board fall off the wall on me which winded me and caused neck and headache for about 1hr. No other injuries and didn’t require medical attention. Would I be entitled to claim?

    • Ian Morris

      If the board falling on to you has caused injuries that are sufficiently serious, you would be entitled to make a claim against your employer. In your case, you seem to have escaped serious injury and if your symptoms were eased within an hour or even a couple of days, you would not be sufficiently badly injured to enable a claim to proceed.

      We often hear from people involved in accidents such as yours where an item has fallen on to their head that they have gone on to suffer ‘whiplash’ related symptoms with neck pain and associated discomfort. If that is the case for you, then you would be able to pursue this.

  10. Sophie Mitchell

    Hello Ian, around 2-3 months ago my area manager caught a falling tray(s) that almost hit my head from an elevated state. This near miss wasn’t recorded and no corrective action was implemented, 4-5 days ago the trays fell again and knocked me out. I was out cold for around a minute an ambulance was called and I was luckily okay, I went home with a severe headache and back ache but am slowly feeling better, i went back to work a couple of days ago to find no corrective action was taken on the object that fell on me. Also my manager gave no interest in my well being asking if someone was able to cover the shift, is a claim on the table?

    • Ian Morris

      Yes, you definitely do have a valid claim in this matter and I would very much like to help you further with getting your claim started.

      Given that an Ambulance has attended the scene, there will be evidence to support your claim but you should ensure that an accident book entry has been completed at work. Further, it is important that you do not underestimate the damage/injury that such an incident can cause. You should keep an eye on all symptoms as it is likely that you will have sustained soft tissue injuries such as whiplash as well as muscle spasm and possible concussion. You should make sure that all relevant symptoms are recorded with your GP.

      I look forward to hearing from you.

  11. Ben

    Hello i was moving a shelf at the supermarket i work at and the shelf fell and landed on my leg it wasn’t a serious injury but i had the rest of the day off and my leg still hurts when i move it the shelf was not fastened on properly which is why it fell on my leg and i should not of been even changing them as it wasn’t my job too but i was told to do it anyway.

    • Ian Morris

      Although your injury is not too severe, the scenario you describe is likely to give rise to you being able to succeed with a claim for compensation against your employer. It is important that you make sure that you have properly reported the accident at work and that an accident book has been filled in – in which you should (if you can) mention that you were not doing your usual job.

  12. Stephen grosvenor

    Recently been off work for two weeks and am currently starting my third week off. I was backing a container on to the premises ready to be unloaded, I stopped the container at designated area and as the container stopped it jolted and as I was walking away a box fell on the back of my head n neck, suffering with neck cramps and muscle cramps between the shoulders, unable to do much can’t even hold new born daughter for long before muscles start aching and hurting, just wondering if there is any possible claim? thanks.

    • Ian Morris


      Hi, thank you for using our website. I’m sorry to hear about your accident at work and the injury you’ve sustained to the muscles and soft tissues around your upper back/neck area. From personal experience, I know just how sore that kind of injury can be. I hope that you make a speedy recovery and that you can soon get back to work and more importantly, enjoy holding your new daughter.

      We would gladly investigate this matter for you and on face value of the information you have provided so far, I don’t think we’d have any difficulty in placing your claim for accident at work compensation with one of our specialist no win no fee personal injury Solicitors. Of course, we can never guarantee that we can succeed with any claim, but we can guarantee that you will not have to pay any costs whatsoever if the claim fails.

      You should make sure that your employers have a record of your accident and injuries within their accident book/accident reporting system. I assume that they are aware of the issue given your absence from work.

      We are happy to help you with this claim and need to speak with you in order to get the further details we need to enable us to link you with the right expert accident at work solicitor.

      We look forward to hearing from you.

      Kind regards and best wishes


  13. Nora Murphy

    I had an accident at work on Friday 11/6/2015. I entered a Cellar to get a bottle of champagne for a client as I turned around to leave a gas bottle fell on my leg causing pain and bruising.

    • Ian Morris

      We’re really sorry to hear about your recent accident at work. Unfortunately, poorly stacked or loosely stored stock or items falling on people is an all-too-common cause of accidents in the workplace.

      If you are minded to make a claim for injury compensation, or would like to find out more about doing so – your rights, how no win no fee compensation works etc, we would be more than happy to help you with this.

      I appreciate that you may be undecided as to whether or not you should make a claim for accident at work compensation and this is fine. When it comes to making a claim for personal injury compensation, you have plenty of time to decide whether or not to make a claim as there is a 3-year period in which you can commence your claim. However our experience suggests that it is best to avoid delaying a claim as doing so can lead to a lower prospect of success and a longer claims process. However, for now, it is important that you protect your interests should you later decide to pursue a claim. To this end, please make sure that your employer has recorded the details of your accident within an accident book or incident log and also see your GP to have your injury assessed and noted.

      We hope that this information is useful to you and we look forward to hearing from you to help you with your claim.

      Best wishes

      Ian Morris

    • Daniel Jones

      On the 11/11/19 at work I was attempting to lift a wooden stool frame off a stack which I was unaware was stuck together due to being stacked by a colleague while the wood glue was still wet, the stack then fell onto my left shin causing a cut and swelling, it’s been painful since but is not broken, so it worth pursuing?

      • Ian Morris

        If the laceration to your shin will leave a scar or has required medical attention, is sore and impacting on your day-to-day life, it is certainly worth pursuing a claim for compensation.

        Make sure that the details of your accident at work have been recorded within the employers accident book or incident log to ensure that appropriate evidence is available to support your claim. Please call us on 01225430285 or ask us to call you at a time that suits you so that we can help you further understand your options in terms of a possible claim for compensation.

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