Groin Injury Compensation Claims & Settlement Amounts

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Groin injuries can be painful and limit mobility and independence. They may require time off work or surgical intervention to enable recovery. Groin injuries are commonly caused as a result of slipping accident or due to repeated or heavy lifting at work. To find out more about making a successful No Win No Fee claim for groin injury compensation, read this helpful article.

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Common groin injury causes

Such injuries are usually caused as a result of excessive pressure or strain on the groin area and associated abdominal muscles. They can often occur after physical effort such as heavy lifting or repeated lifting at work, pulling and moving heavy items or as a result of sporting activity. Trauma associated with slipping accidents such as those where soft tissues like muscles tendons are pulled or stretched beyond their natural limit will also cause groin injuries.

Groin injury types

One of the most common types of groin injury is a hernia. Hernias are often found in the groin and stomach wall and most often occur as a result of improper repeated heavy lifting. Whilst a hernia injury can develop as a result of one trauma, such injuries commonly develop over a period of time due to repetitive strain.

In the milder groin injury claims, soft tissue injuries require rest and pain relief medication to foster a recovery. In the more serious of groin injury claims for injuries such as hernias, whether femoral (a groin hernia at the top of the inner thigh) or lower abdomen, surgery is likely to be required.

Most hernias are caused as a result of a trauma to the soft tissues (muscles, tendons and ligaments) within the upper inner thigh (Femoral) or lower abdomen (Inguinal).

Symptoms associated with groin injuries

Any person suffering a groin injury will report mobility issues or a reduction in strength along with moderate to severe pain when performing physical activity.

For those suffering a groin related hernia injury, simple physical movements such as moving the legs together or raising a knee from a sitting position will cause pain. Groin injuries will cause pain in the inner and upper thigh, reduced mobility, swelling and other discomfort.

Typically, groin strain injuries will be graded from the least severe, where someone will report mild discomfort with no real reduction in mobility, to moderate, where some physical activities are limited – such as sports, lifting and mobility, through to the most serious where symptoms can cause severe pain when simply walking, muscle spasms, significant swelling and bruising.

Hernia injuries can lead to severe pain and in some cases may require immediate surgery to remedy the situation.

Can I claim groin injury compensation?

If you have suffered a groin injury and believe that the cause of the injury can be attributed to the negligence of an employer, due to a lack of training at work or because of a slip or fall you are likely to be able to make a claim for groin injury compensation.

At Direct2Compensation we know your rights and will be able to help you identify whether or not the cause of your groin injury will lead to a successful claim for compensation.

Work related groin injuries

UK law requires all employers to uphold a duty to ensure that the risks of injury faced by all employees are minimised so far as practically possible. As such, all employers must assess all workplaces and job roles to avoid accidents at work, including groin injuries and hernias, and provide regular training to enable staff to work safely and identify the risk of injury.

Further, employers must also provide adequate and safe equipment to minimise the risk of groin injury and provide personal protective equipment (PPE) should it be relevant.

If you have suffered a groin injury at work or developed a hernia it is likely that you will have to take a period of leave to either rest or undergo surgery to enable recovery. As such, you may lose income. Direct2Compensation will help you recover compensation for the pain and discomfort of your groin injury and will also recover any lost income or incurred costs caused by the groin injury you sustained at work.

Compensation amounts

The following figures are a guide to how much compensation you might expect for a hernia injury, your final settlement could be a lot more when other costs are taken into account.

Severity of injuryCompensation amount
Continuing pain and/or limitation on physical activities, sport or employment£11,300 - £20,210
Direct inguinal hernia, with some risk of recurrence£5,325 - £7,620
Uncomplicated indirect inguinal hernia, possibly repaired, with no other associated injury£2,575 - £6,050

How can Direct2Compensation help?

At Direct2Compensation we are experts in personal injury compensation and know your rights with regards to claiming for injuries caused by the negligence or failures of other parties.

We work with expert specialist solicitors and offer a simple and easy to understand No Win No Fee claims process. Our results speak for themselves and our expert solicitors will ensure that your claim has the maximum prospect of succeeding. We’ll ensure that any losses you incur because of your injury are recovered along with an appropriate and fair level of compensation for the pain and discomfort caused.

How do I start my claim for groin injury compensation?

Starting your claim for groin injury compensation is simple. You can call our friendly and expert staff on 01225 430285 to discuss your situation or ask any questions you may have. Alternatively start your claim online today.

In just 5 minutes on the phone with you, we’ll have the initial basic information needed to start your No Win No Fee groin injury compensation claim.

2 questions have been answered below, why not ask your own?

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      When did your symptoms start? If you developed the symptoms within the past 3 years and your employer has not provided adequate training or equipment to assist with the lifting of heavy items, you may well have grounds to make a claim for compensation.

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