Injured on holiday or overseas? You may still be able to claim injury compensation.


Accidents can happen anywhere and at any time, indeed we usually get injured when we least expect it and there is never a good time to have an accident, least of all when you are on holiday or overseas.  The majority of people that contact Direct2Compensation to make a no win no fee claim for injury compensation have had an accident in this country, and although they may not fully understand the claims process, or how no win no fee compensation claims work, they know that they have the right to make a claim and that there are legally regulated and approved claims companies like Direct2Compensation out there to help them.

However, when it comes to making a claim if you have had an accident overseas it is much harder to know if you have a right to do so, or how to go about it. Most specialist no win no fee injury compensation solicitors working within the United Kingdom are only able to pursue claims against companies or organisations based within the UK. In the majority of cases, we can only help people claim injury compensation if they have had their accident and sustained their injuries in this country.  But there are some exceptions…

Injured on a package holiday

With one of the most common types of claim arising from slips on wet floors, it is no surprise that people suffer the same kind of accident whilst overseas, particularly in hotel lobbies. Claiming injury compensation after a slip on a wet floor in a shop or hotel is usually an easy process if the accident has happened in this country, but when it has happened in a foreign country it is never as simple. However, if you have slipped on a wet floor (or suffered any other kind of injury) in a hotel that was booked and organised through a UK based tour operator as part of a package holiday, you may well be able to make a claim as we would attempt to hold the UK tour operator liable for placing you in a hotel that failed to ensure your safety at all times.

As with all claims for injury compensation, it is important that the details of any accident are correctly recorded and reported to the right people. In the case of an accident in a hotel overseas (or any other venue) in which a UK tour operator has placed you, you should report the details of an accident to the venue and also demand that your locally based tour operator representative records the details of your accident and their cause and then advises the UK office of the tour operator of the details. This would give your injury compensation claim the equivalent of an accident book to refer to for evidence. You should also obtain medical treatment as soon as possible and in most cases when you have medical treatment overseas, you will need to pay for that service and then claim the costs on your travel insurance.

Road accidents overseas

Another common kind of injury overseas occurs as a result of road traffic accidents.  Claiming compensation for injuries in a road traffic accident in a foreign country is usually not something that a UK based solicitor is able to assist with. However, claims for injury compensation after road traffic accidents that have happened within the EU can often be managed by a specialist no win no fee solicitor.  In cases where a UK solicitor is unable to assist you, they may be able to refer you to a solicitor based in the country where your accident has happened or they may know a UK based solicitor with qualifications to operate in another country.  For example, some solicitors are qualified in both UK law and that of another country.  It is quite common for injury compensation solicitors to be qualified in English law as well as Spanish or American law.

Why not see if you can claim?

If you have been injured whilst overseas, you have nothing to lose by contacting us to discuss the details of your accident.  Even if you think there is no way on earth that you will be able to claim compensation for your injuries, you may be wrong.  Whilst we may not immediately be able to assist you, we can enquire for you and could well end up helping you to obtain a compensation settlement for the injuries you have sustained.  One of the things that makes Direct2Compensation so special is our network of expert solicitors.  This gives us an ability to speak to specialist no win no fee solicitors from many companies with different expertise and enables us to help people with all sorts of claims for injury compensation, from common injury claim scenarios through to the unusual or complicated ones such as overseas accidents.

At Direct2Compensation it won’t cost you anything to seek advice from a solicitor and it won’t cost you anything if your claim fails.  You have nothing to lose and plenty to gain, so contact us today and let us find out whether or not you can claim injury compensation for your overseas travel accident.

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  1. Peter Leamon

    Whilst on a weekend break (21/9 – 24/9/18) at a well known caravan park company, it was raining quite heavily and there was a leaking gutter directly over the door and set of metal steps. The result being a puddle on the R H side of the steps. When I went out my right foot made contact with the puddle on thr top step, slipped off, and I slid down all 3 steps on my back landing in a heap on the ground below.
    I sustained a bruised back and muscular bruising to my right shoulder and just above my right buttock. Quite intense pain incurred.
    Do they have a “duty of care” in this instance and could I make a claim against them? I have kept a log of the accident/times etc. I have heard nothing from them even though I saw their First Aider on site who filled in an accident form just after the accident

    • Ian Morris

      The caravan park company most certainly do have a duty of care and there is a strong argument to be made that they have breached it in this case and that their negligence (in not repairing the leaking guttering prior to placing you in the caravan in question) directly lead to your injury. As such, I would recommend that you do pursue a claim against this company for your injuries, the cost of the weekend break and any associated losses.

      Please send your contact details to us via our ‘make a claim’ page and we’ll call you to take some basic further information ahead of passing this matter to one of our specialist personal injury Solicitors to act for you on a No Win No Fee basis.

  2. Susan

    I have suffered a fall at a holiday property I was stay at. Whilst stepping off the porch the ground gave way and a small sink hole appeared and my foot sank in the hole. I suffered cuts and bruises. There was no visable sign when I stepped off.
    Do I have any rights to compensation?

    • Ian Morris

      You do have a right to make a claim for compensation in this matter, but whether or not the holiday property owner will be held liable will depend on the exact cause of the hazard that caused you to sustain injury.

      If the hazard was caused by a newly developed sink hole that appeared at the time of your injury, it is unlikely that you would be able to demonstrate negligence on the part of the property owners as the courts would find that they had no way of knowing of the risk to your health. However, if the sink hold was already in situ and had not been cordoned off or marked with a sign to warn you of the risk to your health, you would have a strong claim.

      If the sink hole was caused as a result of some adjacent construction or similar, you may be able to claim against the relevant persons if their actions can be shown to be negligent. You may wish to call us on 01225430285 to discuss your thoughts on this matter.

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