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Ligament injuries can be very painful and cause a considerable loss of mobility to the person suffering as a result.  In the more severe of cases, injury compensation claimants making a claim after suffering ligament injury will require surgery to properly recover.  Medical experts and specialist injury compensation solicitors will refer to ligament injuries as soft tissue injuries.

Ligament injury claims are commonly associated with slipping and tripping accidents.  For example, when someone slips on a wet floor at work, or within a supermarket, they are likely to sprain an ankle or knee and in doing so over-stretch the ligaments and suffer a tear or stretch. The same kind of injury can be caused by tripping in a pothole.

Our specialist no win no fee injury compensation solicitors can help you claim a compensation settlement that includes a value for the extent and severity of your ligament injury as well as covering lost wages, unused gym memberships and costs for care and support from a loved one or other carer, for example.

Who can claim ligament injury compensation?

Any person who is caused to suffer a ligament injury through the negligence of someone else (an organisation, business, workplace or public venue) can make a claim for injury compensation.  As with all claims for injury compensation, a claimant will succeed if it can be proven that they have been exposed to the risk of injury because of the negligence of others.

In slipping accidents, a ligament injury victim will usually have a valid slipping accident claim if there is no hazard warning sign present, or if it can be shown that the company, business or people responsible for the location have failed to ensure that the area is safe and fit for purpose.

It can be difficult to succeed with tripping accident compensation claims, which is why it is important to instruct a specialist injury compensation company like Direct2Compensation to manage your claim for you. Read our article about proving liability in tripping accident claims to find out more about winning a tripping accident claim.

Any person wishing to claim ligament injury compensation will also have to provide medical evidence to support their claim and must have seen their doctor or visited a hospital for medical treatment.

If you are injured in a slipping accident, always make sure that you report the details of your accident to the right people, that will usually be your supervisor if you slip on a wet floor at work. If you slip in a shop, report the matter to customer services and make sure that the details of your accident are recorded within an accident book. You should also ensure that you seek professional medical attention from your GP or local A&E Department so that the details of any injury are recorded on your medical records.  This will provide the evidence you need to support your claim for injury compensation and give your solicitor the best chance of succeeding with your claim.

Recover sooner by claiming

Recovering from ligament injuries can take many months and in some cases require surgery. When the severity of a ligament injury is worse, the value of your claim will increase accordingly. One thing that is common across all claimants of injury compensation is that they want to recover quickly and return to their usual activities.  With this in mind, it is important to avoid delaying any claim you wish to make as not only can making a claim quickly help to ensure the best chance of a positive outcome, it may also help you to recover more quickly.

The reason for this is that alongside claiming a compensation settlement, your solicitor will also look to obtain specialist rehabilitation therapies at the expense of the defendant for you. Claiming injury compensation isn’t all about money, in many cases it is about getting the right medical and rehabilitation therapies as quickly as possible. One of the things that makes Direct2Compensation so special is that we look to help our injury compensation claimant clients get medical treatment as well as financial compensation settlements.

If you have been injured in a slipping accident and wish to claim injury compensation, contact us today.  We can explain the steps of our claims process and help you to understand how no win no fee works.

How can Direct2Compensation help?

Direct2Compensation can ensure that you have the best chance of succeeding with a ligament injury compensation claim.  We will help you to find the right specialist injury compensation solicitor and ensure that you know how to maximise the value of your claim.

Alongside helping to ensure that you are fairly compensated financially for your injuries and also for any special damages, our expert solicitors will look to obtain specialist rehabilitation therapies at the cost of the defendant for you. This can help you recover more quickly and enable you to return to normal life sooner.

Remember, with Direct2Compensation we offer a fully compliant no win no fee claims service for you. You have nothing to worry about in terms of costs as if your claim fails, you will never have to pay a penny. To find out more about your compensation rights or to start your ligament injury claim today, call us on 01225 430285 or if you prefer, we can call you back.

In just a few minutes on the telephone with you, we’ll obtain the initial information needed for our solicitors to commence a claim. We understand your needs and know your rights and will help you get the justice you deserve.

20 questions have been answered below, why not ask your own?

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Questions & Answers

  1. Brad

    I have just had someone fall on to the back of my knee
    They are heavily overweight
    They fell backwards onto me, and my knee is starting to swell and feels tender to walk on
    I am a man of 50 yrs and was playing at a local bowls club, which does has insurance
    What should I do next?

    • Ian Morris

      Has the accident been reported and recorded with the Bowls club? Ideally, the details should be recorded in an accident book.

      If the club is insured for such situations, it may be possible to pursue a claim for compensation. You can either contact the insurers directly and liaise with them and see what the outcome is, or contact us to speak with our Solicitors and get their perspective on this matter.

  2. Phillip fury

    I injured my shoulder at work which required surgery, an 18 months after the injury and many months of physio .I am still unable to carry out certain tasks on top of that I am looking at being made redundant.
    With the way my shoulder is there is no way I can carry out the job I am trained in maintenance engineer, how do I stand and what are my rights, what can I claim against?

    • Ian Morris

      We can help you to exercise your legal right and pursue a claim for the injury to your shoulder. We can assist you on a No Win No Fee basis, which means that you don’t have to be anxious about legal costs etc for any work that we undertake.

      Please call us urgently on 01225430285 or ask us to call you so that we can explain your rights and how we can help you. As 18 months have passed since your injury, you need to act on this sooner rather than later and we would like to help you with this matter.

  3. Richard moore

    I tore a ligament in my knee at work. This happened about 2yrs ago but my employer didn’t put it in accident book. I worked for about 8 months then had to have an operation and had a sick note for 3 weeks but my manager didn’t tell the head office that I was on sick leave. Therefore, when i came back to work I had to carry on lifting heavy products and now my knee has gone again.

  4. David


    I had appointment in office and went over a small wall, below knee height, to enter the premises.

    I then fell and tore my shoulder ligaments. Doctor sent me for an mri which confirmed this and told me I had a frozen shoulder.

    16 months have passed and arm is still fairly immobile and stiff despite attending physio.

    Doctor tells me I might have to have operation. So bit under pressure.

    Any advice would be appreciated.


    • Ian Morris

      If you opted to go over the small wall rather than walk a little longer to the proper pathway/entrance, you would not have any right to make a claim as you would be the author of your own misfortune. However, if there was not an alternative way in, a claim may be possible.


    I had an Rta and fractured my scaphoid in my wrist. In was in cast for 11 weeks. Then the MRI showed scaplounate ligament tear. I now need to have reconstruction surgery. I have been off work since Nov 18 and still off. I am a nurse and worried I will never fully recover. As the stiffness and pain is severe already. And surgery is post the 4-6 recommended time frame for full recovery.
    I also have whiplash, shoulder joint and hip pain through the RTA.

    How much wud u think my claim was worth pls?

    Thank you.

    • Ian Morris

      It would be misleading and dishonest for us to assign a claim valuation to you on the basis of your description of the injuries and situation in which you find yourself due to the Road Traffic Accident in which you were injured. Anyone who offers a valuation without having seen the medical experts report regarding the injuries, required treatment and long term prognosis would be guessing and providing you with false information.

      What we can say is that on face value, any settlement that you may obtain if you do pursue a claim for compensation would likely be substantial. The settlement should include the long term impact of the injury to your thumb and wrist and how it may impact on your work and your career prospects. Given that you have required reconstructive surgery, it is likely that you will face some permanent implications from the injuries sustained. You also mention other soft tissue injuries caused in this accident which would be reflected in any settlement your claim for compensation could receive. You would also be entitled to recover lost income or incurred costs relating to this injury if you succeed with a claim for compensation.

      If you are not already pursuing a claim, it would be sensible to avoid any further delay and start your claim now.

  6. sue

    I worked in a school kitchen, in march i slipped on some food, my shoulder and lower back hurt but carried on doing my job. Next morning i woke in pain went to the doctors, was signed off sick after having x-ray and scans and mri, it turned out i had tore the ligaments in my shoulder. Hence getting frozen shoulder also. I have had an operation and now recovering. The health and safety have said it was just one of those things and that no one is too blame, I lost my job as work have said they are unable to keep my job open for me. What can i claim?

    • Ian Morris

      In theory, you can claim compensation against your employers insurance for the injury you have sustained and the losses you have incurred (loss of income etc) as a result. We know from experience that the injuries sustained in such slips at work can be very painful and lead to long term recovery periods.

      With regards to making a claim against your employer, you would be able to succeed with a claim if it can be demonstrated that the employer did not have an adequate cleaning regime in place and that hazards are left on the floor for long periods. Given that it is a busy working kitchen, it is foreseeable that items will be dropped or spilled on the floor and as such, the employer should be making staff aware of the risks of any hazards or spillages by way of regular checks. If they have not done that and an item of food has been dropped on the floor and left and you then step on it and fall as a result, you would have grounds to pursue a claim with reasonable prospects of succeeding. If however, the item of food that you slipped on had only just been dropped on to the floor, it will be difficult to succeed with a claim against your employer as the courts would find that there was no way that they could have placed any warning out or removed the hazard before you stepped on to it.

      Given the extent of your injury and the fact that your accident at work has cost you your job, I think that it is wise that we present details of your accident to one of our specialist Solicitors as they may well wish to pursue this for you.

  7. Callum

    I was at work and I stepped off some wood in the yard. My ankle just buckled on me resulting in a grade 3 sprain with a torn ligament but I had trainers on and not my steel toe cap boots. Out of work for 5 weeks. I would just like to know where I stand really *no pun intended*

    • Ian Morris

      We can certainly look at making a claim for you – but we would need to know more about the workplace, why the wood was in the yard and the nature of the job before we can advise you fully.

  8. joan coverley

    hello I was walking my dog and went over and fell down a small hole in the road …when I got to hospital shook up and in a lot of pain. I just told the triage nurse I had fallen while walking the dog I never mentioned the hole I went over in. can I still claim or will this be on my notes ? regards mrs joan coverley

    • Ian Morris

      Dear Joan

      Hi, you raise an interesting point regarding medical records and their importance in the personal injury compensation claims process. Anyone making a claim for personal injury compensation will have to demonstrate that they have been injured sufficiently to warrant making a No Win No Fee claim. In most cases, a claimants medical records are obtained by their Solicitor to be used to prove the extent of an injury.

      Whilst you haven’t directly advised the Hospital of the exact cause of your injuries, this is unlikely to matter when it comes to pursuing a claim for personal injury compensation. In your case, it sounds as if you would be making a claim for tripping accident compensation against the Highways Department of the local authority responsible for the area or land where you fell. For you, it is important to prove that a hazard exists on a footpath or road and that the local authority Highways team should have identified and removed the hazard during a routine inspection. You have medical evidence to confirm that you were injured and with our help you could attempt to pursue a claim for compensation.

      In the first instance, it would be very helpful if you could re-visit the accident site and obtain some photographic evidence of the hazard. This protects your interests if the hazard is subsequently repaired and removed. To find out more about tripping accident compensation and to see examples of useful accident site photographs, visit our page about tripping accident compensation.

      Once you have taken some photographs, you should then contact the relevant local authority to report your accident and the hazard that caused them. You should then contact us to discuss this with you in greater detail, with a view to helping you pursue a claim for compensation on a No Win No Fee basis.

      We look forward to hearing from you.

      Yours sincerely

      Ian Morris

  9. Amanda

    In May I twisted my knee during work. Basically I turned my body while my feet was locked. I torn my ligaments and meniscus. I had a surgery in December.
    Nobody done any accident report at work. I had an investigation about it, and for me the answer that it wasn’t a work related accident was not really a proper answer. I think they should report my accident, especially almost a year now and I am still not well.

    • Ian Morris


      Hello, your story is fairly typical with regards to many of the accident at work injury compensation claimants who come to Direct2Compensation for help.

      You’ve had an accident at work that has lead to a painful injury needing surgery to repair and along with the undoubted pain and discomfort the injury has caused you, I would imagine that you have suffered a loss of income and certainly been unable to take part in your usual day-to-day activities. This in itself is a difficult and upsetting situation. However, when an employer is unsympathetic to the predicament in which you find yourself and refuse to comply with their obligations to record the details of the accident within an accident report, it can make the situation even worse.

      You mention that your employer carried out an investigation in to the incident and that their response was that it was not a work related matter. Clearly, without knowing more about the actual cause of the injury (why you twisted your knee, where it happened and how etc), it is difficult for me to state whether or not you have a viable claim for accident at work compensation. Regardless of any claim, your employer should still have made a record of the accident and if they have conducted an investigation, they must have a record of an incident – otherwise they would have nothing to base an investigation upon.

      I would suggest that you provide us with your contact details so that we can discuss this matter with you in more depth. It could be that we feel that you have a viable accident at work compensation claim. If after speaking with you, we felt that the details of your accident at work merited a claim, we would be happy to take some details and then link you with a specialist accident at work compensation solicitor.

      Whether or not you have a viable claim against your employer for accident at work compensation will come down to the cause of why you twisted your knee. If your employer has provided an environment that was unsafe – perhaps a lack of training, a slippery surface on the floor, or given you an inadequate work space or an item of equipment that is not fit for purpose or broken for example, then you are likely to have a viable claim.

      We look forward to speaking with you to find out more.

      Kindest regards


  10. Matthew

    Hi i was at work 2 weeks ago doing groundworks, jumped down the hole we dug and broke my ankle. I work through an agency so i’m not sure what to do. I don’t really want to make a claim but bills still need to be paid. I’m getting paid ssp from the agency.

    • Ian Morris

      Hi Matthew

      Thank you for your comment. Your predicament is common amongst many accident at work compensation claimants – should I claim or not?! In your case, if you feel that your injuries were caused because of the negligence of your employer or the firm that the agency who employ you have contracted you to work for, then you have every right to try to claim compensation to cover your injuries and more importantly your lost wages.

      We would be more than happy to help you claim compensation and can link you with a specialist injury compensation solicitor.

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