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Compensation is fully justified if you’ve been injured in a bus or coach accident. Whether as a driver, passenger or pedestrian, if the accident was not your fault, you are entitled to make a claim. He we look at what should you do to make sure you have every chance of being compensated for your injuries, whether physical or psychological.

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At Direct2Compensation, we have helped many people who have suffered really nasty injuries in a bus accident to claim compensation. These range from whiplash and other types of short-term injury, to life-changing ones that limit mobility, reduce independence and often leave people struggling to work or maintain their usual day-to-day lifestyle.

In all cases, there will be a requirement for evidence to demonstrate that the claim is justified. Early on in the claims process, defendant insurers will require the injured claimant to prove that they were on the bus at the time of the collision. This would seem a fair enough requirement, but how do you do that? How can you make sure that the details of your bus accident are properly reported and recorded?  Who should you speak to?  What evidence can you provide to prove your claim and maximise your chance of succeeding with a claim for bus accident compensation?

One thing is for sure, the passengers travelling on the bus are non-fault parties and as such, if they are injured, they have every right to pursue a claim for compensation against which ever party was responsible for the accident.

When can you make a claim?

As with all claims, you must allege negligence (responsibility) against the driver or a 3rd party. It is not possible to claim compensation if the injured party is responsible for their own injuries. Common scenarios leading to bus or coach accident compensation include:

  • Colliding with a 3rd party vehicle
  • Colliding with a solid object – such as a road sign, bus stop, kerb
  • A driver losing control and leaving the highway
  • A driver not allowing a vulnerable person (eg elderly, immobile, disabled or with special needs) sufficient time to take a seat before pulling away from a stop, and causing the person to fall due to the movement of the vehicle

In all cases of someone making a bus or coach accident compensation claim, they are doing so because they have been injured as a result of someone else’s mistake or negligence.

Bus and coach companies (and their employed drivers) that fail to ensure passenger safety, compliance with relevant vehicle maintenance, adequate driver training and adequate safety warnings to paying passengers, may well be liable should any injuries happen to the passengers travelling on their vehicle. Any person injured in this way is entitled to make a claim for personal injury compensation.

Alternatively, if the bus or coach was the non-fault vehicle in an accident, the 3rd party driver/insurers will be liable to compensate any passengers that they are responsible for injuring.

The evidence you’ll need for proof

To make a successful claim, a solicitor will need evidence to present a compelling case to the defendant insurers. Firstly, a solicitor will need to be able to prove that the bus accident has happened and that injuries have been treated professionally. All claims for injury compensation need to be supported by medical evidence and all claimants will need to sign authorities to enable their solicitor to access relevant medical records to prove the extent of any injury sustained. If you have not yet seen your GP, you can still pursue a claim and you can contact us for advice and support in this.

The accident should be recorded with the responsible party, which in the case of a bus or coach accident, would be the operating company. In most cases, when a qualified bus or coach driver is involved in a collision, the driver will ensure that they have properly recorded the necessary details. Then you will simply need to obtain an incident reference from the company. You should contact them as soon as possible to obtain this and report your involvement in the accident.

It is really important to make sure that the details of your accident have been recorded properly and with the right people. If you haven’t completed these steps already, we can help you to do so.

The kind of compensation you can get

As all bus and coach accident compensation claims are made on a No Win No Fee basis, you will never be charged if your claim does not succeed. A successful claim will lead to a compensation settlement being made to you, with the value of the claim including any lost income and incurred costs as well as a settlement value for the injuries you have suffered, and medical treatment that has been required.

As well as a final settlement, claiming compensation can also help you in other ways.

  • If successful, a claim can release funds from the liable party to pay for private medical treatment and rehabilitation therapies to speed the recovery process of the injured party.
  • A successful claim settlement will make up for lost income now and in the future if the injuries that are being claimed for have prevented the injured party from working, either temporarily or again.

Specialist rehabilitation therapies

When your claim is active and your specialist solicitor has been able to obtain an admission of liability (from the insurers that provide the vehicle insurance for the liability party), your claim will succeed. It is at this point that your solicitor can look to obtaining specialist rehabilitation therapy if it is deemed beneficial to your injuries.

Bus accidents often involve soft tissue injuries such as whiplash, a back injury or broken bones, and such rehabilitation would most likely involve physiotherapy, osteopathic/chiropractic or massage therapies. You can also claim for psychological damages, such as PTSD. Any private treatments will be provided at the expense of the third party dealing with your claim and their cost will form part of the value of the total settlement. Further information on this will be available from your solicitor once your claim has been active for a sufficient amount of time.

Remember, you can claim compensation for the injuries you have sustained – the value of which will depend on the nature of the injuries and any supporting medical evidence – and also for special damages. This will recover any lost income and costs incurred as a result of the injuries sustained in the bus accident.


2 questions have been answered below, why not ask your own?

  1. Hello, am I eligible for compensation?

    Here us the incident,

    My name is Mr. Abdulrahman Khan I am 36 years old married with 4 kids.
    I was checking online for someone professional and reputable who can help and guide me through this process with
    The DVLA licence revocation, This incident happened on the 28th December 2015 and the licence was revoked on the 21st January 2016.
    I must write a background before this incident happened, A week before this incident I had little sleep due to family
    Members turning up and long shift on work because of the festive period.
    I am driving buses since 2005 with the company called London United as a day driver on the shift work bases.
    The day this incident happened I was doing night shift on night bus N222 as an overtime on the 27th December 2015 @2030.
    I suppose to finish my duty at around 0530hrs.
    I completed my three rounds without any problem at the last and 4th round I was due to depart from the garage @0400hrs past
    After crossing Harlington Corner on the Bath road at the next stop I stopped and served after pulling out something happened
    I felt strange movement of my mouth and this is what I last remembered.
    I have no idea what happened how the bus got stopped I got unconscious, collapsed or I had a fit no idea whatsoever.
    I remembered another driver taking me out from the driver cab and handing over to the Ambulance staff after getting into the
    Ambulance I asked the paramedic what happened she replied “ your blood pressure was low” after reaching the hospital
    I had all the blood test CT scan ECG all came back normal, doctor at the duty said you had a seizure ( Generalise tonic clonic seizure )
    They discharged my I think within 2 hours’ time without any medicine given or prescription just with a letter for my GP to see him with.
    After seeing the GP next day I was referred to a specialist, I saw the specialist in the end of January 2016 and he explained me
    That you had a “ focal seizure” and he recommended me to have test done “ Head MRI and EET “
    Head MRI has been done on the 1st February 2016 and EET appointment is due in the end of February 2016 and the follow up
    Appointment with the same specialist is also has been made in the last week of March 2016.
    After reporting to the DVLA on around about 18th January 2016 I received the letter after few days asking me to return the licence
    Back and your licence has been revoked from the 21st January 2016 and you must not drive buses lorries for 5 years and car for the
    Next 6 months.
    Sir, I need your help in this regard if possible, because the day since this happened I have not felt any single day is different than

    Before this incident happened. I feel absolutely normal and healthy I go to gym , I go out do my daily routines homework going out
    With friends almost everything without any issues, And I have also spoke to number senior peoples and friends they pushed me to go out and find help in this regard because sir
    It’s my future and I rely on my licence my living and all my dependents rely on the licence if I lose my licence I lose almost everything.
    And I have also been advised to check with the doctors and professional that this unconsciousness or whatever you name it can that Happened due to the stress, tiredness, lake of sleep or due to the low blood pressure.
    Sir, I need your help I find you online the only professional and reliable individual who can I believe on please if there is anything you
    Believe is achievable then please guide me I will do anything you say or can forward to you any documents you may require for this case
    Any consent for the medical history or report you need from my GP I will be happy to that.

    • Dear Mr. Khan

      Thank you for commenting on our website. I am sorry to hear about your situation and I can fully understand just how distressed you must feel in that you have lost your ability to work in your chosen profession.

      Unfortunately, our business would not be able to assist you with your legal needs. We are a Personal Injury compensation claims specialist and only operate within this sector. As your legal need does not include a personal injury, we would not be suitably qualified or experienced to assist you.

      I know that the DVLA operates very stringent rules regarding revoking driving licenses due to health issues such as cardiac/heart health, seizures, epilepsy, black outs and other similar issues. These rules are in place in the interests of safety and despite the fact that your previous health was good and you now feel good, the DVLA would be concerned that you could suffer a repeat of the same seizure and pass out at the wheel. This could of course lead to a catastrophic serious accident and it must be said that you were lucky in your incident that you were not injured and that nobody else was injured.

      I am not sure that you will be able to overturn the DVLA decision, even with legal assistance, but I wish you the best of luck and I’m sorry that we cannot help you.

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