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Unfortunately, there is a hardcore minority of uninsured or illegal drivers on the roads of Great Britain. Whilst the vast majority of us drive cars legally, paying expensive insurance premiums, road tax duty and with MOTs, there are some who for whatever reason, decide not to be so honest and law abiding.

In usual circumstances, when a road traffic accident happens, the two drivers speak to each other and the driver responsible for the accident provides details of his insurers to the innocent party. They can then make a claim for their injuries and car damage against the liable driver’s insurance via a company like us.

However, in the case of a hit and run or uninsured driver causing an accident, there is no insurer to claim from. Most people assume you can do nothing and will have to claim against their own comprehensive insurance for the damage to their vehicle. If you have comprehensive cover, you can do this, but you will probably lose your excess and certainly can’t claim for injuries.

So, what if an illegal driver crashes in to you and either doesn’t have insurance, or speeds off before you have the chance to get their registration number? How can you still claim compensation?

Motor Insurers Bureau to the rescue

Don’t despair! There is a body set up to provide access to compensation for just this kind of incident. They are the not-so-well known ‘Motor Insurers Bureau‘ or MIB. The MIB are funded by the insurance industry by way of a minimal donation from each sold insurance policy to the MIB. The MIB act as a quasi insurer in handling such claims and investigate them and where applicable, provide medical rehabilitation to injured claimants and compensation payments including loss of income etc.

Report the accident to the police asap

So now you know about the MIB, but what criteria do they use to evaluate whether or not a claimant has a valid claim? In MIB claims, it is vital – absolutely vital – that an incident is reported to the police and that an incident reference number is issued to the claimant. In the case of hit and run accidents the police should be notified immediately where possible, and certainly following any emergency medical treatment.

Instances where a driver provides what seems to be genuine insurance details which later turn out to be fake, the police should be told as soon as this fact becomes known.

To warrant a claim, the claimant must have received professional medical treatment for their injuries from a hospital or GP, and the injuries must be adequately severe (usually a minimum recovery period of 4-6 weeks).

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  1. My wife got hit by another car while she was at a roundabout Turing into a new road. The car driver sped off immediately. Unfortunately there was no CCTV camera there. She reported the incident to the police and my insurer immediately. While disappearing, the driver little did my wife knows that they took the car registration number. Few weeks later, the driver’s insurers contacted our insurer with the intention of making a claim. We had intended to repair the car ourselves but with the claim being pursued against us by the other party should we make a claim with our insurer or go ahead with our own repair? The sad part is that our insurer is refusing to reveal the information of the car and driver trying to claim against us. Please advise

    • You should immediately contact your insurers and ask to speak with their fraud department as the other party appear to be acting in a fraudulent manner with regards to their alleged claim against your wife.

  2. The man who hit my car ran off and when police arrived at the scene I was told car stolen and fake number plates which probably means he had no insurance??
    My insurance company are being really awkward and making things really unpleasant and saying I’ve to pay this and that and I have to pay rest of,years premiums!!
    I’ve got fully comp car insurance and. I’ve got crime number off police I really need some help and advice ASAP

    • We can help you claim personal injury compensation even if you were injured by an uninsured and untraced driver. Please use the ‘start a claim’ page of our website or call us on 01225430285 to find out how we can help you in that regard.

      However, we can’t assist if you were not injured. With regards to your vehicle and the damage caused to it, if you have fully comprehensive insurance you can claim from that to cover your loss (albeit you are claiming against your own policy), but to be able to do that, you would need to pay for your insurance cover in full so if you pay by installments, the Insurers will want you to settle the cost of your policy before they’ll pay out for the repair or loss of your car.

  3. I was driving on a learner licence and was hit by a guy who’d let a 16 year old drive his van ,,, the van had fake number plates ,, but I traced his address I didn’t go to police but gave insurance details I got book price on car ,, I’ve been left with lots of spinal damage incontinance and many other problems had to give up my business and deferred half way through a nursing degree I’m now classed as disabled ,, I didn’t report to police I was frightened

    • Your failure to report this matter to the Police could well ruin any prospect of succeeding with a claim for compensation.

      The UK claims system allows people injured by uninsured or untraced drivers to make a claim for compensation via the Motor Insurers Bureau. However, to qualify for such a claim it is likely that the Motor Insurers Bureau would require you to have reported the matter to the Police.

      When did the accident happen?

  4. My mother in law has been hit by a driver that made off, she was unable to get the number plate and her car has sustained significant damage and she is in utter shock. She is covered fully comp and has contacted the police but they said they are unable to do anything although there are multiple cameras along the road where the incident happened. She has been told that she has to pay to get this footage. Is there any way you could help

    • We can certainly help with regards to a claim for personal injury compensation, but because your Mother-in-Law was fully comprehensively insured she will have to make a claim against her own insurance for the damage to her vehicle.

      There is a scheme that our specialist Solicitors can use to make a claim for compensation for any injuries in the case of being injured by a Hit & Run driver and we’d gladly assist in that way.

  5. Hi,

    When I was 15 (currently 19) I was riding home from school to which a parked car, the driver opened her car down on me to which I had to swerve and go over the top of my handlebars. This caused a broken elbow and 2 operations and 6 months to get straight again. I dont know the driver or have any details as at the time my adrenaline was pumping and I just wanted to go home so didnt think. Is there anything you can do?



    • Although your accident happened over 4 years ago, you are still within the legal time limit to pursue your claim as the 3-year claim limitation period does not start until you reach the age of 18. In your case, your limitation period will expire when you reach 21 years of age. You can read more about claim limitation in our ‘How long do I have to make a claim‘ article.

      As you do not know the details of the car driver or their insurers at all, your only option to pursue any claim would be via the Motor Insurers ‘Untraced Driver’ claim scheme. The Motor Insurers Bureau (MIB) is funded by deductions from car insurance premiums and is set up to compensate the victims of uninsured or untraced drivers. We have some more useful information about making claims where the 3rd party vehicle details are unknown in this article.

      I would not at this stage, advise as to whether or not any claim you may make to the MIB would succeed. Your prospects of success will be higher if the details of your accident were reported to the Police at the time (or soon afterwards) and if there are any witnesses available to support your description of the incident.

      At Direct2Compensation we have specialist Solicitors who can pursue No Win No Fee claims for you via the Motor Insurers Bureau scheme. Call us on 01225430285 and we’ll take some details and get you some specialist advice on this matter.

  6. My partner was at work on a public road when a car drove past and clipped his boot from behind. It happened in a split second ! He has no witness and didn’t see what car it was he didn’t even think the driver was aware of it. He reported it to the police 3 weeks after as he thought his work had done it as he ended up
    Being kept in hospital for 5 days for a 3 hour operation for a triple ankle fracture. The police report is done and it’s filed as an untraceable car?

    • Julie

      We can help people who have been injured in a car accident where the driver responsible hasn’t stopped and has not been traced, as there is still a route to obtaining compensation in such cases. You can read more about untraced or uninsured driver road traffic accident compensation claims in this article.

      Our Solicitors can pursue a claim via the MIB’s ‘untraced driver’ scheme. Given that a Police report has been filed and medical treatment has been sought, there is a reasonable possibility that our Solicitors could succeed with a No Win No Fee claim for your partner.

      I suggest that your partner should call us on 01225430285 or email his contact details to so that we can call him. We’ll just need a couple of minutes to obtain the information needed to enable our Solicitors to take this forward.

  7. Hi I am wondering if you can help me. My parents car was hit from behind causing significant damage to the car and injury to those in the car. The driver that hit my parents car fled the scene quickly and they were unable to get any details. The incident has been reported to the police and insurance company. The police have advised that they cannot do anything because there are no details of the driver. The insurance company have advised that they need photo evidence which needs to be requested from the local authority. Can you advise how further action can be taken? As the car is very damaged and has caused a lot of distress and injury. Look forward to hearing from you.

    • Kiran

      Hi, I’m really sorry to hear that your parents have been injured in a hit and run accident. I realise that when an uninsured or untraced driver causes an accident with injuries and damage to vehicles, that it can seem even more stressful than a straight forward car accident with a 3rd party admitting responsibility. However, don’t stress any more – we can help you as there is a scheme in place against whom we can register a claim for your parents injury claims.

      If your parents are fully comprehensively insured, they will have to claim from their own insurance for the damage to their vehicle. However, if they are third party fire & theft insured, they can also claim for vehicle repairs/loss with us too.

      I look forward to hearing from you.


      Ian Morris

  8. My audi has just been hit from behind the other driver of a Renault drove straight away. I did not get registration but he jilted us hard and hurt neck slightly. I have tpft insurance I can repair car but how would we claim for injury

    • Terry

      Sorry to hear about your car accident. Being hit by an uninsured or untraced (hit and run) driver doesn’t prevent you from pursuing a claim for personal injury compensation. For more information on how we can help you make a claim for compensation for your injuries, please read the info in this article:

      We can certainly help you & anyone else in the car to pursue claims for compensation with the help of one of our specialist personal injury compensation solicitors. Any claim would be made via the Motor Insurers Bureau ‘untraced driver’ scheme on a no win no fee basis and you would pay nothing if the claims failed.

      In order to give yourselves the best possible chance of making a successful claim for compensation please do make sure that you have informed the Police about the incident, giving them a location, date and time of the accident along with any description of the car or driver. You should also seek medical attention from your GP or your nearest A&E Department.

      To get your claim started, we’ll need to speak with you to obtain some basic details and understand the incident.

      We have a very high success rate with our claims made for hit and run or uninsured car accident claims and are ready to help you succeed with your claims. As always, it is important to avoid delaying any claim and we’d therefore advise you to contact us as soon as possible.

      We look forward to hearing from you and helping you start your claim.

      Yours sincerely

      Ian Morris

  9. Hi I was the victim of a hit & run RTA 15 years ago I’m now 26 and have only just been made aware of the mib would I still be able to make a claim for compensation ?

    • Sam

      Sadly, you are out of limitation. You had until your 21st Birthday to register your claim and despite the fact that you were unaware of the MIB scheme until recently, the fact that you are now 26 would rule you out of making a claim.

      You could of course, contact the MIB directly to discuss this with them.

      Kind regards


  10. I had to swerve to avoid a collision from a vehicle approaching very fast on the wrong side of the road and hit a wall in which i sustained a cracked rib severe seatbelt bruising and whiplash do i have a case to claim

    • Gordon

      Your accident must have been particularly upsetting given that the 3rd party that caused your collision appears to have been uninsured or has fled the scene (I say that as you’ve commented on an article about such incidents). I am sorry to hear about it and hope that you are recovering well.

      We can help you make a claim for injury compensation through the Motor Insurers Bureau (MIB) untraced or uninsured driver scheme. These claims run in much the same was as a standard road traffic accident claim. We’ve got expert Solicitors available to manage a claim such as this for you.

      I will email you these details under separate cover.

      We look forward to hearing from you and to helping you with a claim for compensation.

      Kindest regards


  11. I drive for medicaid. I was transporting a patient home yesterday and was run off the road by another driver that was coming head on. Is there any compensation for this?

    • Claiming compensation in an incident such as the one you describe is a possibility. There are two possible routes available to you and which one would best match the scenario of your situation depends on whether or not you managed to obtain the vehicle registration number of the offending vehicle.

      If you did obtain the 3rd party vehicle registration number, you can make a standard road traffic accident compensation claim. If this is the case, simply click this link: road traffic accident compensation claims to go to our page for further information and then start your claim online.

      If the 3rd party vehicle responsible for causing your accident fled the scene before you were able to obtain any details and is therefore an untraced vehicle, you can make a claim with us through the motor insurers bureau untraced driver scheme for compensation. To do this, you MUST report the accident to the police, giving them as much information as possible.

      Of course, to claim compensation for an injury, it is always important that any injuries you have are reported to a medical profession. Ideally, you should already have seen your GP or attended an Accident and Emergency department of your local hospital for medical attention.

      Each claim route is available to you on a no win no fee basis with you being able to make a claim without taking a risk of being responsible for the costs of a claim should your claim fail.

      I shall also email you regarding this so that you can respond directly to that should you so wish.

  12. hi just need some advice I was recently hit by a car when I was walking across a pedestrian crossing she just drove off and this was classed as hit and run , the police have got all the cctv but cannot make out the registration of the car that hit me , I was just wondering could I still claim against something I have a 8cm bruise on my right leg and it was a zebra crossing can anyone help?x

    • Hi, thanks for the comment on this article. I am sorry to hear of your situation and hope that it hasn’t caused you too much distress.

      Regarding claiming compensation, as long as a few criteria are met, we should be able to help you with a claim for compensation. Such a claim would be made via the Motor Insurers Bureau and from your perspective, handled in the same way as a straight forward Road Traffic Accident claim. As you have reported the incident to the Police that element of requirement has been sorted. The other two issues would relate to when you had the accident – in order to ensure that it happened within the last 3 years – and whether or not you have had medical treatment.

      You would face no costs should your claim fail, so you definitely have nothing to lose and plenty to gain in making a claim.

      I will email you with these details also so that you can look at things further from there too.

      Kindest regards


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