Injured whilst shopping? How to claim no win no fee injury compensation

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Shopping is something that none of us would consider a dangerous activity.  However, a very common accident scenario that leads to people claiming injury compensation is being injured whilst doing exactly that.  If you were injured out shopping, would you know what to do to ensure that you could then make a claim for personal injury compensation?

Accident risks when out shopping

Perhaps the most common kind of injury whilst shopping is when someone slips on a wet floor in a shop or a supermarket.  Whether the floor is wet because of a spillage, mopping, or a leaking item of hardware such as a refrigeration unit, a shopper who is injured when slipping on a wet floor that is not marked with a hazard warning sign has been injured because of the negligence of the shop and has a strong claim for personal injury compensation.  Remember though, that even if a shop or supermarket has been displaying a hazard warning sign when you slipped, it may not mean that you can’t claim slipping compensation.  With this in mind, you should always contact us for advice after a slipping accident.

Certainly, a specialist solicitor such as those that Direct2Compensation work with, would gladly pursue such a claim on a fully compliant no win no fee basis.  In any shopping environment, the risk of slipping on a wet floor is present and supermarkets and shops should be prepared to do all that they can to minimise the risk of one of their customers slipping on a wet floor and sustaining an injury.  At the entrance to stores, there should be a mat to enable people to wipe excess rain water from their feet and if there is a spillage, wet floor or other slipping risk a hazard warning sign should be erected.

Slipping accidents can seem innocuous, but often the injuries can be serious.  If you have slipped on a wet floor within a supermarket or shop, you may well have a valid claim for slipping accident injury compensation.

There are of course other risks of accidental injury that shoppers may face, such as badly stacked displays collapsing on them, getting packaging or other debris left on the shop floor wrapped around their feet leading to a tripping accident or shelving units with sharp edges causing lacerations.  We have assisted with a number of claims against supermarkets and other stores where claimants have been injured by staff members moving large items of stock around stores without ensuring that there are no shoppers in their way.

What to do after an accident in a shop

If you are injured in a supermarket or shop you may well be able to make a claim against that store and their insurers for injury compensation. Claims can be made on a no win no fee basis and as with all claims for injury compensation, it is important to ensure that there is sufficient evidence to enable a specialist no win no fee solicitor to present a strong claim that will lead to a settlement being awarded to the claimant.  To ensure that the correct evidence is available to support your claim, it is vitally important to report the details of an accident to the right people.  In most cases, anyone injured should insist on the details of their injury and the cause of the accident to be recorded within an accident book. Details held within an accident book can be obtained by a no win no fee solicitor at a later stage and can help a claimant to prove that the supermarket or shop in question is liable for their injuries.

Another vital element of evidence that will be needed to support a claim for compensation after an accident in a shop is medical evidence. Anyone claiming personal injury compensation will need to be able to prove that an injury has been sustained.  Therefore, if you are injured in a shop or supermarket it is vital that you seek medical attention, either from your GP or by visiting the A&E department of a local hospital.  When you present for treatment, it is important that you advise your GP or the triage nurse as to what caused your injury and where it happened.  The details of this, plus any medical diagnosis, treatments provided or referrals for other treatments will be recorded within your medical records.  Your solicitor will then be able to obtain this with your authority and can use this medical evidence to support your slipping compensation claim and form an estimation of the value of settlement that you could receive.

If you have an accident within a shop that does not have an accident book, or where you are refused permission to report it in such a way, there are steps that you can take.  To find out more about what you should do after an accident and how to make your claim for compensation, contact us today.

At Direct2Compensation we know your rights and have a very straight forward no win no fee claims process that you can easily understand.  Our no win no fee process guarantees that you will not pay a penny, to any party whatsoever should your claim for compensation fail.  However, if you do succeed with your claim, you will have to contribute up to 25% of your compensation settlement as well as the cost of an ATE policy if your Solicitor has put on in place, with the remaining compensation payable to you.  We’ll help you to understand how the process works and our the specialist Solicitors we work with will ensure that you have the maximum chance of succeeding with your injury compensation claim and link you with a suitably experienced specialist Personal Injury compensation Solicitor practice.

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