Can you claim compensation if you slip or trip on a shop floor?

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Slipping accidents are a common cause of injuries, some of which can be very serious. They often happen on smooth, highly polished floor surfaces such as those found in shops and supermarkets, which are even more slippery when they are wet. 

We are often contacted by people asking whether they can pursue a slip or trip compensation claim against the shop in which they had their accident. Usually the slip is due to a wet floor, one that’s been subjected to a spillage (eg a broken item in a supermarket aisle) or a leak. Sometimes the floor has been subjected to intense polishing, rendering it dangerous.

In such cases, if the shop, supermarket or other public venue has failed to erect a hazard warning sign, you are likely to have a strong claim for personal injury compensation as a result of your slipping accident. However, even if a hazard sign was erected, you could still be able to claim slipping accident compensation if it can be demonstrated that the sign was inadequately displayed – hidden or obscured from view, or located in the wrong place.

Other potential hazards on a shop floor can cause trips and falls, whether you can claim will depend on if the management has been negligent in its duties to protect customers from injury. In any shopping environment, the risk of slipping on a wet floor is present and supermarkets and shops should be prepared to do all that they can to minimise the risk of one of their customers slipping on a wet floor and sustaining an injury.

At the entrance to stores, there should be a mat to enable people to wipe excess rain water from their feet and if there is a spillage, wet floor or other slipping risk a hazard warning sign should be erected.

Slipping accidents can seem innocuous, but often the injuries can be serious.  If you have slipped on a wet floor within a supermarket or shop, you may well have a valid claim for slipping accident injury compensation.

There are of course other risks of accidental injury that shoppers may face, such as badly stacked displays collapsing on them, getting packaging or other debris left on the shop floor wrapped around their feet leading to a tripping accident or shelving units with sharp edges causing lacerations.  We have assisted with a number of claims against supermarkets and other stores where claimants have been injured by staff members moving large items of stock around stores without ensuring that there are no shoppers in their way.

What to do after an accident in a shop

If you are injured in a supermarket or shop you may well be able to make a claim against that store and their insurers for injury compensation. Claims can be made on a no win no fee basis and as with all claims for injury compensation, it is important to ensure that there is sufficient evidence to enable a specialist no win no fee solicitor to present a strong claim that will lead to a settlement being awarded to the claimant.  To ensure that the correct evidence is available to support your claim, it is vitally important to report the details of an accident to the right people.  In most cases, anyone injured should insist on the details of their injury and the cause of the accident to be recorded within an accident book. Details held within an accident book can be obtained by a no win no fee solicitor at a later stage and can help a claimant to prove that the supermarket or shop in question is liable for their injuries.

Another vital element of evidence that will be needed to support a claim for compensation after an accident in a shop is medical evidence. Anyone claiming personal injury compensation will need to be able to prove that an injury has been sustained.  Therefore, if you are injured in a shop or supermarket it is vital that you seek medical attention, either from your GP or by visiting the A&E department of a local hospital.  When you present for treatment, it is important that you advise your GP or the triage nurse as to what caused your injury and where it happened.  The details of this, plus any medical diagnosis, treatments provided or referrals for other treatments will be recorded within your medical records.  Your solicitor will then be able to obtain this with your authority and can use this medical evidence to support your slipping compensation claim and form an estimation of the value of settlement that you could receive.

If you have an accident within a shop that does not have an accident book, or where you are refused permission to report it in such a way, there are steps that you can take.  To find out more about what you should do after an accident and how to make your claim for compensation, contact us today.

If you’re wondering about your situation, feel free to leave a question at the bottom of this article or call us on 01225 430285, or if you prefer, we can call you back.

All injury compensation claims managed by Direct2Compensation are run on a fully compliant no win no fee basis, so it will never cost you any money should your claim for injury compensation fail to succeed.

80 questions have been answered below, why not ask your own?

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Questions & Answers

  1. Leslie

    A faulty tesco home brand flask I bought leaked and scalded my hand. I reported this to the store manager who took my details. After a few days I received a letter from head office giving me a number to phone.

    To cut a long story short they offered me a £20 gift card! I was very offended by this as I’ve been in a lot of pain since and the burn has swollen and is very sore. It’s been 8 days now and is still very red.

    • Ian Morris

      We would be happy to look in to this for you and potentially pursue action against Tesco. If you have photographs of your hand injury, please send to us at so that we can review this and advise you further.

  2. Kathleen

    I fell on a piece of ice in Asda in March 2020. I had taken a bag of frozen veg from the freezer and slipped causing me to twist my left ankle and injure my right shoulder.
    A woman who witnessed me fall, picked up the ice to show me what I had fallen on.

    I sought medical attention at A&E and had physio for a few weeks.

    My main reason for asking is, I did put in a claim with Law Together solicitors, but they have since said that asda are not taking responsibility and are closing the case. They are sending me a letter to break down the reasons why and have said, I can use it with another solicitors if I want to pursue the claim.

    I am very disappointed with the outcome as I am still suffering with my shoulder.

    However, I am not expecting another firm to take my case on, but just a opinion about my case.

    • Ian Morris

      I assume that the supermarkets defence is based on them having ‘inspected’ or cleaned the aisle in question within 30 minutes of your fall and having found no ise or slip hazard on the floor of the store and that they had no reports from shoppers or staff in the intervening period of any such hazard? If so, it is sadly the case that the store in question will not be deemed to have been negligent as they will simply say that they have done all that could reasonably be expected of them to ensure that they had provided a safe and secure environment for their customers.

      If you would like to email a copy of the letter your Solicitors are forwarding to you to us to review, we’d be more than happy to give you our view as to whether there is any potential to take this enquiry further.

  3. Barry

    Hi I had a fall in a local shop a box of bananas was left on the floor with no easy way to see it I received A/E treatment to a deep gash on my arm I took photos of above + short video. But the shopkeeper refuses to give any information about insurance he offered me £200 and not to take it any further I said no. I have been told and read that it might be too risky to sue him owing to proof of assets. I would like to know what your initial thoughts are to sue or not sue Thank you for your time and reading my rant. Kind regards

    • Ian Morris

      Our Solicitors can conduct insurance searches on the business in question and can also investigate whether the proprietor has sufficient personal assets to face a claim if there is no insurance in place.

  4. Evelyn

    I tripped and sprained my ankle today when stepping out of a Chinese shop due to bad paving directly in front on the door. My ankle is now swollen and I’m in a lot of pain as a result. I was unaware of an accident book and the shop owner didn’t even come to see if I was ok. I was helped out by two strangers. I was wondering if this was something I could make a claim for?

    • Ian Morris

      Can you obtain any photographs of the uneven and dangerous paving surface? There is certainly the potential to pursue a claim for compensation and it would be most helpful if we could view images of the accident site so that we can advise further. Can you email such images to us at

      It would be sensible to return to the shop in question – or make contact with them via email – to make a report of the incident with them. As the accident has happened on the pavement outside the store, it is likely that the local authority will be the party against whom any claim would be made.

  5. Fareed bashar

    I fell down in shop entrance where he put cardboard. The card board was wet and I fell down. There are bruises on my hand and my back is very painful. Can I make claim

    • Ian Morris

      You can make a claim in such circumstances. Please make sure that your injuries have been recorded within the shop (in an accident book – or in writing). If they don’t have an accident book, or won’t let you use it, just email them to outline what happened and when.

      Please call us on 01225430285 to make your claim, or if you prefer, you can ask us to call you.

  6. Sandy

    I slipped in a store recently and fell flat on my left side. Frankly they really didn’t treat it well and that was worrying, I had to insist that it be logged, in-fact who turned out to be the manager had seen I and merely said are you ok, hen walked on and started cashing on the till. I then went ot him and asked If I could speak with the manager when he informed me he was. I am in agony in my back , been to A& E ye said nothing Is broken bu my pains are still severe. I am on pain killers and my friends keep saying to claim, but I feel ashamed. Should I be feeling this way? I came home after , rang my GP after I rang te store head office and asked about their slip policy. I was a retail manager so I know the rules, there was no cone etc and the mat at the entrance was wet.

    • Ian Morris

      You should not feel ashamed or embarrassed by your recent fall. Although such feelings are understandable, you were caused to fall by negligence – a wet floor with no hazard warning signs in situ. You have done the right thing in terms of contacting their head office to discuss the accident reporting system and to ensure that they have your details and it is also good that you have obtained medical treatment and your injuries have been noted on your medical records.

      We can help you make a claim for compensation and look forward to helping you. You can reach us on 01225430285 or if you prefer, you can start the process by providing more information on our ‘start your claim for compensation‘ form and we’ll then call you to offer further help.

  7. Emily

    I slipped on something on the floor in Aldi in December 2020, the accident was logged in store.
    Since the accident I have sought medical advice as had pain in neck, shoulder and lower back affecting my left leg

    • Ian Morris

      Do you know what you slipped on? Was it a liquid? Squashed produce or a piece of plastic/wrapping? If you can identify what you slipped on, we can help you make a claim for the injuries you have sustained.

      Please call us on 01225430285 or ask us to call you if you prefer to get some further help and discuss this with us.

  8. Anna

    I fell after slipping on cards left on the floor in cardfactory, bruised and skint knee, bruised hand and arm. I didn’t know about an accident book and the staff didn’t mention it?

    • Ian Morris

      If this happened recently, contact the shop – or company – by email and make your own report of the incident. Tell them what happened, when and how you were injured. You should also mention that the staff didn’t inform you of, or give you the opportunity to record the details in the accident book.

      You have a valid claim under the occupier liability act, to pursue a claim for personal injury compensation. The store has an obligation to ensure that the premises is safe for customers and the fact that they allowed cards to be left on the floor – which is a foreseeable hazard – is negligent and you would likely succeed with a claim for compensation after being injured as a result.

      You can call us on 01225430285 or use our easy ‘start your claim for compensation‘ form to make a No Win No Fee claim for compensation.

  9. Kayleigh

    Hi I’m working in a SuperValu store while in work a Combie witch was packed with 24 packs off coke had falling on me when I was asked to pack it I pulled it and it toppled over and I fell to the ground with it as it was over packed
    I am badly Bruised and had to go to A&E
    I am looking to claim as my body is destroyed
    Do you think I will be able to claim ? I am unsure what way to go about it

    • Ian Morris

      Please call us (01225430285) or use our claim enquiry form to get further help and make a claim for compensation. You certainly have a valid claim and we can help you recover compensation for the pain and distress caused by your injuries and recovery any associated costs or losses too.

  10. Debbie

    I fell going into Sainsbury’s today just as I was about to pick up shopping basket. I fell really hard and was quoted shocked and felt sharp pain in my lower back and my hand which I think took the blow. I sought of did the splits but land on left knee. I do have wear and rare arthritis but umm in pain already and I only did it an hour ago.
    The young chap on the entrance to Sainsbury’s was very nice and asked if I was ok but had not noticed that the floor was wet by the basket stack. The weather is quite wet today so customers are bringing in wet footwear in to store.
    I just want to know what I am to so if my lower back pain persists and becomes a problem as I already have minor aches and pain with arthritis. Can I get compensation for slipping on the wet floor which I was not made aware of?

    • Ian Morris

      After a slipping accident caused by a wet floor surface, the most important thing to do is to ensure that the details of the incident are recorded within an accident book or similar incident reporting system within the shop in question. If you have already left the store, you should make contact with them – ideally in writing, outlining what happened, when and where and list any injury symptoms that you have. If there was no hazard warning sign in situ or insufficient floor matting, you should also make reference of that.

      Although you are not yet sure as to the extent of your injuries, you should contact your GP if the symptoms remain present after around 48 hours in order to have medical record evidence in place should it be needed in the future.

      Should you wish to make a claim for compensation, please call us on 01225430285.

  11. Rousell

    I fell over in a sweet shop. Due to cardboard at the door on the floor. I fell and twisted my back. The shop keeper smile which I was very unhappy about. There is also cctv in the shop so it is on the camera. I am a Hiv nurse I worked for Kings college hospital. Denmark Hill

    • Ian Morris

      Under the occupier liability act, a shop keeper or business owner has a legal responsibility to ensure that they provide an environment that is safe for visitors and free of hazards. Should a hazard be in situ (such as a water leak or other item on the floor as in this case), it should be clearly marked with a hazard warning sign until it is removed.

      As there appears to have been no such hazard warning in this case, it would seem that you have a valid and robust claim for personal injury compensation and this is a matter we are happy to help with.

  12. Hailey

    Slipped on metal sheeting floor at a local corner shop, wet rainy day and not fully covered by shelter from the outside elements along with others traipsing water in and out of shop on shoes, 1 wet floor side propped up against produces so not in plain sight. Hit my knee on impact and flat on my stomach, laid out for a few minutes with my sign of help from shop assistants metres away at til, I managed to get up and get inside shop also slipping on entrance, made them aware of what happened to be given a half hearted “I’m sorry that happened to you” there is a sign, you should be careful, we cannot clean up every minute, you was wearing the wrong shoes. Etc no manager available to speak to about insurance policy for the store asked for the cctv footage, was told to come back to store tomorrow after demanding they call someone which they called the store owner who was no help. I worry they have erased footage, I was in pain and shock and didn’t get a chance to record on my own phone. Any possibility I have a case? Off work currently laid up in bed as I await x ray for possible fracture to knee.

    • Ian Morris

      Please make further contact with us – either by calling 01225430285 or by using our ‘start your claim‘ service as we would like our specialist Solicitors to consider this matter for you.

      The failure to properly erect a hazard warning sign in clear and plain sight indicates that you may be able to succeed with a claim for the painful knee injury you have sustained.

  13. Bree

    Hi there,

    My names Bree, I’m currently living in Australia.

    My mother who lives in the UK had an accident at a petrol station a few months back. The floor was wet inside the shop (no wet floor sign) and she slipped and shattered her elbow.

    She’s had to have emergency surgery which resulted in a metal plate and bolts. She’s now got a large scar and still hasn’t fully recovered after 3 months. The surgeon said that it was one of the worst shattering he’s ever worked on and she was put into the intensive care unit post surgery.

    Do you think my mother be eligible to make a claim for this?

    I’m worried she’s going to be left without compensation for an major injury that wasn’t her fault.

    I would greatly appreciate any advise.

    Thank you kindly,

    • Ian Morris

      When someone is injured as a result of a slip on a wet floor or hazard that is not indicated with a hazard warning sign, there is the right to make a claim and this is something we and our Solicitors act upon on a daily basis.

      We can certainly have your Mothers claim pursued and would hope to succeed. Of course, we can never be certain on the outcome of a claim until a defendant has had a chance to offer a defence, but our No Win No Fee service protects the claimant from the burden of costs should their claim fail. I’d be very happy to discuss this matter with your Mother and offer assistance. If she would like to speak with me, she can either call us on 01225430285 or email me directly at

  14. Barbie Roe

    I slipped in my local Tesco on Sunday August 2nd, I saw the warning sign about slippery floor, but didn’t see all the water due to the lights not being on fully (just before store opening time) and my glasses being steamed up from wearing a mask, when I slipped backwards and fell full force onto my legs & back, I banged my hand and I was soaked head to foot in water, my hair was dripping and my clothes were drenched through to my skin, THERE WAS alot of water on the floor otherwise I wouldn’t have got wet, the staff tried to dry me off with towels and I WAS IN DEEP SHOCK. my left leg hurt and I had trouble standing up, the following day i went to my local minor injury unit where they took me in an ambulance to A&E, as they had concerns about my high blood pressure (180) and constant headaches and feeling nauseous, I had head & leg scans, luckily no concussion or broken/fractures. almost three weeks later I am just able to walk unaided without a stick, but still can’t bend my left leg properly, i was made to feel like it was my fault after I contacted their claims line i was made to feel like a fraudulent charlatan scammer and they are now looking into it all, all they said was that the CCTV showed me slipping ( my phone in my pocket also fell into the water and my headphones broke) i was off sick for about a week and returned too soon before my GP issued a fit note to return to work, I don’t own a car and live alone, so i have been using taxis to take me places ie Doctors and railway station, I just want a token claim from them especially for my pride but my left leg which was damaged was my only good leg (right leg is weak due to fractures over the years) and I have concerns about Winter months pain also had i been older or much slimmer, the whole accident could have been much more serious or even fatal, i very much doubt if Tesco will even pay me for my taxis expenses

    • Ian Morris

      Unfortunately, it would seem that the supermarket in question are unlikely to have been negligent in this matter. As a hazard sign was erected – and you have confirmed having seen it, they would argue that you were aware of a possible slipping hazard. Further, the lighting in the store was not fully on as it was yet to open and you also couldn’t see the pooled water due to your glasses steaming up – which of course is not the fault of any party.

  15. Marie

    I fell on a coat hanger on tiled floor of a store, broke my leg,operation and weeks in hospital.claim commenced,no admit or deny liability after time up,12 weeks,what can i do??

    • Ian Morris

      You can pursue a claim for compensation against the store in question. Please contact us for further assistance.

  16. Lorraine

    Sandles caught in between faulty flooring poundland,lamenate hard lino. Cut at the back . Never wrote in accident book jus took my name number. Gave me plasters blood all over the place. Flooring was already faulty . I have photos flooring and photos of my injury.

    • Ian Morris

      Please call us on 01225430285 so that we can help you start your claim for personal injury compensation

  17. Chris

    I had a slip in a supermarket a few months ago in which i banged my knee on the floor resulting in a small bruise. I was ok although my knee was sore for a couple of hours afterwards but i was still able to walk and drive without any difficulty. I slipped on a broken tub of cream that was on the floor and there was no warning sign to signify to customers to watch out for. I made a shop assistant aware so that he was able to clean it up and i stood next to the spillage to make other customers aware that this was a hazardous area. I didn’t think anything of it at the time i was ok and carried out the rest of my day. Had i’d been an elderly customer the outcome could have been very different. I didn’t feel out an accident book as i didn’t want to make a scene nor did i see a doctor as i thought my injury wasn’t serious. Can i still make a claim and if so roughly how much could this be?

    • Ian Morris

      You can still make a claim as you have 3 years in which you can do so. We can help you with this and our No Win No Fee service gives you the opportunity to pursue a legitimate claim without risking any financial consequences should the claim fail.

      As for the potential value of your claim, it is impossible to say at this stage, as to what sum of compensation you should expect.

  18. nam


    i went to lidl today and there was spring onion on the floor, which i didnt see. I slipped and fell down, hurt my back. can i claim for it

    • Ian Morris

      Yes, we can help you pursue a claim against the supermarket and their insurers in this scenario. Please call us on 01225430285 or if you would prefer that we call you, we are happy to do so.

      If you haven’t already done so, it is important to ensure that a record of your accident and injuries has been made with the supermarket in question. If it wasn’t done at the time, make sure you either go back to the store or contact them over the phone to get this done.

  19. Louise

    Hi, I have fractured my ankle through a fall down a slope In My local shop, the floor is tiled and had been raining outside, no Mat on entry to shop to dry feet, and no wet floor signs. It wasn’t recorded in an accident book, however two members of staff witnessed the fall And came to my aid. Would I have a claim?

    • Ian Morris

      The failure of the shop staff to place any hazard warning sign or matting to make the floor of the slope safe or to warn of the risk of injury would appear to be negligence and you appear to have a valid claim worthy of pursuit.

      If your fall was recent, you could still attempt to have the shop in question note the details of the injury in their accident book, either by going in person to the shop or by emailing them to outline what happened.

      If you would like our help in making your claim for personal injury compensation, please call us on 01225430285 or you can ask us to call you and we’ll be in touch to offer help and assistance.

  20. Duncan

    I just had a slip on a supermarket floor which was wet.
    I didn’t really make a big deal of it in the shop but have returned home and have hurt my hip and knee.
    Do you think I would have a case for compensation?

    • Ian Morris

      You do have a valid right to pursue a claim for compensation as a result of any injury or loss caused as a result of a slipping accident such as the one you described.

      Please call our team on 01225430285 so that we can further discuss your accident and look further in to pursuing a claim for you. Our No Win No Fee service affords you the opportunity to pursue your legal right and make a claim for compensation without having to worry about the costs of the claim should your claim fail to succeed. Our expert specialist Solicitors will ensure that your claim is given the best opportunity of succeeding.

      It is common in accidents such as the one you describe that the severity of any injury is not always immediately obvious, so the fact you didn’t make a fuss at the time is not unusual. If you haven’t already done so, we would recommend that you contact the supermarket in question regarding the incident and report your injuries and ensure that an accident book entry is made. You can do this in person, over the phone or by email.

      Other than calling us, you may prefer to engage further with us directly via email ( or you can ask us to call you if that suits you better.

  21. DIANE

    Hi Ian I tripped in asda over a empty pallet getting injurys bruised and swollen cheeck bone bleeding mouth bruised leg all in accident book there admitting all responsibilities sayinging they will offer compensation what would that be

    • Ian Morris

      Hopefully you are being represented by a specialist personal injury Solicitor in your claim for compensation? If not, you should call us on 01225430285 in order to get specialist representation. A specialist Solicitor will ensure that an appropriate level of compensation is obtained in your claim. A Solicitor will be able to ensure that an appropriate compensation settlement is reached by obtaining a medical experts report with a detailed understanding of the prognosis of any injuries sustained and what you recovery period will be (or if any ongoing symptoms will persist). A Solicitor would also ensure that any out of pocket costs you have incurred or lost income etc is also recovered.

      As for the value of your claim, without knowing the extent and severity of your injuries, we cannot advise.

  22. Vikki

    Hi there November last year I fell on the tiled floor at work. I’d locked up come in wiped my feet and slipped, causing problems to my knee. I’ve since had to have a lot of time off, trips to physiotherapy and even to have injections for pain (still waiting). I’m now on reduced hours due to the fall, do I have a claim?

    • Ian Morris

      We think you have valid grounds to pursue a claim for compensation and we would like to help you with that, so please contact us.

      If there isn’t/wasn’t a mat provided by the employer on the floor of the entrance at work, you are likely to have a valid claim. Providing a mat at the entrance would have enabled you to wipe your feet and reduce the risk of a slipping accident such as the one you had.

      Please call us on 01225430285 or if you prefer, we can call you when you are available if that suits you better.

  23. Susan

    I have slipped in Asda today on some spilt shower gel. I have injured my knee and have had to come home and rest, feeling rather sick. I had to go in room and fill in an accident form, a member of staff witnessed my fall.

    • Ian Morris

      Well done with making sure that an accident book entry was made. Making a proper report of an accident such as a slip in a shop is very important and protects your interests should you pursue a claim for compensation. Not only does the accident report confirm the date and location of the accident, but it also will confirm the nature of the injuries and details of any persons who witnessed the incident. As such, this would provide strong evidence to support your claim in future.

      Please call our team on 01225430285 so that we can further discuss your accident with you. We feel you have a valid claim and one that should be pursued. Whether or not the supermarket in question can mount a robust defence of such a claim is yet to be seen, but as we work on a No Win No Fee basis and you would pay nothing at all should the claim fail, you have nothing to lose by exercising your legal right to make a claim for compensation. Remember, if you prefer, you can ask us to call you at a time that suits you.

  24. Brooke

    I was walking out of Gregg’s and I slipped down the slope that was wet coming out of the shop. There wasnt a visible sign. I fell onto my bum but with embarrassment i said i was fine to the worker who came to see if I was okay. I got up and he gave me my order for free. As the day has gone on my coccyx feels tender and bruised. When I got up he then came and put out a slippery wet floor sign. I wasnt offered an incident book also, but with embarrassment and pain at the time I just wanted to hurry and leave! Will this be a claim I can get looked into?

    • Ian Morris

      Yes, this is a claim that could be investigated for you. We would recommend that you return to the store in question to have the matter recorded – or contact Greggs main office to report it directly to them. You should also seek medical attention for the injury to your coccyx and lower back as such injuries can become quite serious.

  25. Christine

    Today in Sainsbury’s I slipped on what looked like squashed carrot on the floor causing me to to fall on to my left side, I have tendinitis in my left shoulder and had a second steroid injection in it just a week ago, the fall seems to have agravated it as the pain as flared up again, i also have pain in my left leg and hip, the accident was recorded in the accident book.

    • Ian Morris

      Given the fact that the incident has been recorded in an accident book, you can certainly consider pursuing a claim for compensation. Whilst you appear to have exacerbated a pre-existing condition, you can claim for the worsening of your symptoms. You also have ‘new’ injuries and they can form part of the claim also. You should make sure that you attend your GP to discuss the injuries and once you have done so, please call us on 01225430285 or let us know when you’d like us to call you and we’ll be in touch to ensure that you get the help and advice that you need.

  26. Magdalena

    Hi my name is Magdalena . 2 weeks ago I went for shopping to local Lidl store , and unfortunately during making my shopping that was a foil on the floor , my leg got stuck and i fall in the floor.
    The floor was full of foil and some rubbish because they was unpakiing the staff.
    I catch one of the supervisor and i was on completely shock i ask him what is that rubbish and because of this i fall down. He just ignore me and left no apologies no raport for accident, nothing.
    I went home with pai but i was thinking will be fine , but unfortunately next morning i wasn’t been able to walk .
    I went to hospital and they did x ray and all check up and they put in raport like i have a sprain of my knee , some bruses and swallen. I wasn’t been alble to walk and go work .
    I contacted lidl customer service. They apologise and they have everything on CCTV but still i didn’t got my aport . I went to speak with store manager ge promise he will contact me , but unfortunately i was been again ignored.
    I wana make claim against then. Now is 2 weeks after accident and i can’t still walk properly or band myself. Is difficult to wear the close i need help from my doughter to wear my socks. I veen today in my GP and i will have to have a visit qith specialist for the knee injury, because iven doctor told me is no ok to suffer 2 weeks with the pain. So im all the time on medication and is difficult for me to standing 8 hours in qork every day.
    Please i need somone help.
    Thank you.

    • Ian Morris

      We think you have a strong claim for slipping accident compensation against Lidl. Please call us on 01225430285 or if you prefer, call you at a time that suits.

  27. Wendy

    I walked into a charity shop half way across the floor which was about 10-12 feet in I felt my left foot start slipping from under me as if on ice. I was unable to gain control as my whole body came down with a thud to the floor. I lay there for a minute my left leg and knee seemed just fine my wrist left one was slightly aching but nothing to bad, I was ask by the man behind the counter if I was ok and a lady came over after I got up my glasses where knocked off and ended up skimming across the floor. I seemed ok at the time and said oh my think your floor is highly polished the man replied it’s not been polished, I walked around the shop and tiptoed out walking down the street. I didn’t feel comfortable my leg started to hurt and my knee was hurting and felt as if I had broken the skin (it had not) I drove home feeling shaken my leg and knee seemed a little bruised but nothing more, my wrist was fine but as the night went on I was unable to lie on my left leg, it was slightly swollen and painful to touch.

    • Ian Morris

      Did you complete an accident report form (accident book) within the shop at the time of your fall? If so, did it state that the floor was highly polished?

  28. Jo

    I was in Waitrose a week ago and one minute I was walking around next minute I was on the floor. I was helped up by a member of staff my hand came up with a bruise straight away, when I and the staff member looked there was water on floor and no sign. They took my details and said they would ring me but never did, I went to the walk in centre a few days later as in pain with my arm they said it was not broken just badly bruised muscles. I have been in to the shop and a lady who was there said they looked at the cctv and saw what happened they had wheeled out flowers for out side and water and fell on the floor I have since received a letter with £20 gift voucher, is this good enough?

    • Ian Morris

      The £20 gift voucher is simply a gesture of goodwill and should not be seen as an offer of compensation and should not be accepted as such.

      The incident you describe and the apparent admission of staff as to the cause of the water would lead me to believe you have a valid and strong claim for compensation. We would be very happy to help you pursue your claim and I suggest that you use the ‘start a claim’ page of our website to send us some contact information so that we can call you and discuss your options and explain how we can help you claim a proper compensation settlement.

  29. Vicky

    Yesterday my daughter slipped on a melon skin which was on the floor of a New Look shop in West Wales. The incident was recorded and apparently a photo was taken of the melon skin. This was a serious accident for her because she has an existing condition of arthritis in her knees, and it is exacerbated by trauma such as this. She is now in considerable pain. We are not sure how to proceed. Took place yesterday.

    • Ian Morris

      In any incident in which someone is injured in such circumstances, it is important that an accident book entry is made and it is good to see that this has been done. You also have taken photographic evidence of the slipping hazard and this will provide further evidence to support a claim.

      When someone has pre-existing injuries or a pre-existing health condition that is impacted by an accident, they are entitled to claim compensation for the exacerbation of any symptoms and also for any new injuries such as bruising or soft tissue damage. In your daughters case, we would be very happy to assist with a claim for compensation.

  30. Karan

    Hiya, so about 10 mins ago I just fell in Tesco and hurt my wrist and my bum because the floor was so wet and there was no sign AT ALL!!!! I’m pregnant as well so I’m even more concerned and I’m not too sure what I should do now so if you could get back to me and let me know what options I have it would be appreciated, thanks.

    • Ian Morris

      After slipping on a wet floor, you should make sure that the details are recorded within the accident book in the Supermarket. If this wasn’t done at the time, you could email, telephone or even return in person to the store and make a report.

      You should also get your injuries checked at a GP/Hospital A&E or at a walk-in-clinic and then use the ‘start a claim’ page of our website to submit a claim enquiry request. In an accident where someone has slipped on a wet floor with no hazard sign present, it could well mean that you have a valid claim for compensation.

  31. Jane

    I fell today in a local supermarket. The floor was over polished and like ice. When someone eventually came over and saw the small spillage just along where I’d slipped they said it was because my shoes had no grips! They then put a yellow cone out and then and mopped the area and got me a chair, a glass of water and asked if they could call someone for me.

    I was in pain and embarrassed. I didn’t get store managers name or the details of the member of the public that came over when I was on the floor. They put my name in the accident book but I didn’t see it or get to sign it. I went to A&E regarding my injuries who said that I had suffered torn ligaments and soft tissue damage. Can I claim against them?

    • Ian Morris

      It is hard to claim compensation for slipping on a highly polished floor, although not impossible. It is easier to claim compensation if you have slipped on a spillage of water on the floor of the shop that was not marked with a hazard warning sign.

      In your case it is good to hear that your details were entered in to an accident book report. Therefore it could be worthwhile pursuing a claim for compensation and I suggest that you use the ‘start a claim’ page of our website to make further contact about this.

  32. Philippa

    I slipped on some squashed fruit in a supermarket. All was recorded and logged in an accident book and it was followed up by a solicitor who said that the supermarket we in fact not liable for the accident as the isle was cleaned 59 minutes earlier.

    I am still undergoing medical treatment 18 months on from the incident.

    Would this be worth following up with a different solicitor?

    • Ian Morris

      59 Minutes is a long time from the previous cleaning and is something we feel our Solicitors would fight further on.

  33. Monica

    I slipped on a piece of dirt/ cake yesterday in a branch of Greggs. On an already filthy slippery floor. Slammed down on my shoulder and arm. Went A and E, no breaks but masses of bruising and soft tissue damage. The dept manager immediately admitted liability. Is it worth pursuing a claim?

    • Ian Morris

      It is certainly well worth pursuing a claim for compensation in this matter. At Direct2Compensation, we have an expertise in slipping accident compensation and will be able to advise you fully regarding your rights in this matter should you wish to take this further.

      It is good to note that you reported the incident to the duty manager in the store. If they did not take your name etc, it would be worthwhile contacting them to make sure that they have a proper record of your accident.

  34. Michelle Clark

    My toddler ran off from his dad recently in a big department store. He ran to go under the clothes rack. As he did so he tripped and hit his head on the wheel break as it was stuck out instead of being tucked under the rail.

    This resulted in a 2 inch laceration to his forehead! As this needed immediate medical attention my partner scooped him up ran out of the shop and took him to the hospital.

    I have since been in contact with the store who acknowledged they know about the accident.

    Are we able to claim on behalf of our son?

    • Ian Morris

      As parents, you can act on behalf of your child as a Litigation Friend. This is where you, as the guardian or parent provide instructions to your child’s Solicitor on their behalf.

      Given the circumstances you describe, I feel that a claim is certainly worthy.

  35. Lee Artley

    my 5 year old daughter slipped on supermarket floor , it seemed to be polished a bit too much maybe as it wasnt wet, she has bruised her arm and swollen, unfortunately as my daughter was very upset i proceeded to get her home, is it it too late now to claim as i never got it recorded in accident book?

    • Ian Morris

      It is always harder to make a claim in an incident where there is no record made of an accident at the time. This is because it allows a defendant to question whether an injury was caused in their premises or due to their negligence and not elsewhere.

      It is also very hard to make a claim when slipping on a polished floor – it is not impossible, just very difficult to prove.

  36. Roxanna

    I had a slip in a supermarkets’ ladies room. It was something like oil spilled on the floor. It had no colour like other washing/cleaning detergent, so I couldn’t notice it to avoid stepping into it.
    There was no “wet floor” sign either.
    I badly fell on my hip, resulting in a horrible pain in my lower and middle back the next two to three hours.
    I couldn’t sit, lie down and only stand in a bent down position.
    I also couldn’t go to work for two days. Thankfully, another two days was the weekend.
    I was wondering if I could make a claim?

    • Ian Morris

      You can certainly make a claim for the injuries you have sustained in this slipping accident.

      We’d be very happy to instruct one of our specialist Solicitors to act for you on a No Win No Fee basis and would only need a few minutes on the phone with you to get the basic information needed to get this started for you.

      We look forward to hearing from you.

  37. Diane

    My little boy aged 6 had a slip in a supermarket today resulting in a nasty egg shape lump between his eye brows after head butting the mop bucket. There was a wet floor sign albeit nowhere near where the floor was wet. Nor was the isle blocked off. They have informed me that this was logged in the accident log but i have not seen this for myself. Can you help?

    • Ian Morris

      Dear Diane

      We would be more than happy to investigate this matter for you and your Son. Although there was a hazard sign, you have rightly pointed out that it was situated nowhere near the slippery wet floor and as such, the sign was redundant.

      It is good to know that the accident book entry has been made as this will help to confirm that your son was injured in the supermarket in question.

      We look forward to hearing from you.

      Yours sincerely

      Ian Morris

  38. Kirsty mitchell

    Last night I had an accident in debenhams they had a palette out on the shop floor and I tripped on a piece of plastic.
    I badly hurt my knees and side of my body, I had to take the day off work coz I can’t really walk.
    I wasn’t going to claim but I feel I should I badly hurt myself.
    Do I have a claim?
    I filled in an accident form and a witness saw it.

    • Ian Morris


      The incident you describe would suggest to me that you have a very strong prospect of succeeding if you opt to pursue a claim for compensation against Debenhams.

      A pallet is something that should not be left unattended on the floor of a large shop as it is likely to be something that shoppers will not notice whilst looking at eye level height displays. Further, pallets are known to have plastic wrap on them that will be almost invisible under the lights of a shop and this is a further hazard. The fact that an accident book entry was completed is great in terms of helping your claim going forwards.

      We’ll be delighted to assist you with the pursuit of this No Win No Fee claim.

      All the best


  39. Claire

    I slipped on a well known shop this morning due to a sign fallen over. The sign was made of plastic and as I’ve stepped on it, I’ve fallen.
    I’m nearly 6 months pregnant the staff were unhelpful and I didn’t receive any help at the time. I did not know that I needed to fill in the accident book.
    Am I still able to claim?

    • Ian Morris


      Hi, thank you for letting us know about your slipping accident. We have successfully pursued claims for the exact same accident as you have had on a number of occasions, so we would definitely be willing to pursue your claim.

      As the accident has only happened this morning, I would suggest that you do two things in order to protect your interests regarding pursuing a claim for compensation for the injuries and discomfort caused to you. You should return to the shop or speak with them on the telephone to report your accident – ask them to record your details or ask them for their head office details and call them to report it. If you find that they are unhelpful, look up the company on the web and email their customer services team. Report what happened, how you slipped on the plastic sign that had fallen and what injuries you have. You also need to see your GP (or midwifery team) to get checked over for any injuries to you or anything relevant to your pregnancy.

      I hope that all is ok with your baby/pregnancy, but I would imagine that you will be sore and may well have suffered bruising or sprain related injuries. With this in mind it is important to see your GP so that the details of your injuries and symptoms can be recorded within your medical records.

      We need your contact details in order to speak with you to help you get this claim started. With this in mind, please either reply to my email copy of this reply sent to you. We can then call you and help you get this claim up and running.

      I look forward to hearing from you.

      Yours sincerely

      Ian Morris

  40. Michelle

    I’ve just had 2 falls in the same place in a tesco express. (My drink went flying out of my hand on the first fall so I went to get another and slipped on same place on way back) 30/11/12 approx 5pm.
    I have recorded in incident book although do not have a copy. There was no slippery floor sign on display.

    • Ian Morris


      Thank you for your comment on this page of our site. As you also took the time to complete our ‘start your claim’ section of our website, we’ve already been able to speak with you about your accident. As you know, we think you have a good claim for compensation and that you are likely to succeed if you pursue this matter. As a result of our discussions, we’ve instructed one of our specialist solicitors to contact you to start pursuing this claim against Tesco for you.

      Yours sincerely

      Ian Morris

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