Can you claim if you slip on a shop floor?


Slipping accidents are a very common cause of injuries, with what can at first appear to be an innocuous slip on a wet floor often leading to serious personal injuries.

Slipping accidents in particular often happen on smooth, highly polished floor surfaces such as those commonly found in shops and supermarkets, such floors are even more slippery when they are wet.  We are often contacted by people who have suffered a personal injury as a result of a fall on a slippery floor surface in a shop or supermarket, asking whether they can pursue a claim for personal injury compensation against the shop in which they had their slipping accident.  If you have been injured after slipping on a floor within a shop, supermarket, restaurant or any other public venue, there are ways of finding out if you have a valid slipping accident claim.

Common causes of slips on smooth hard floor surfaces are that a floor is wet, has been subjected to a spillage of something (for example a broken item in a supermarket) or leak or that the floor has been subjected to intense polishing rendering it dangerous.  In such cases, if the shop, supermarket or other public venue has failed to erect a hazard warning sign, you are likely to have a strong claim for personal injury compensation as a result of your slipping accident.  However, even if a hazard sign was erected, you could still be able to claim slipping accident compensation.  This is because in some cases, even if the liable party has erected a hazard sign, you may be able to obtain compensation although it will need to be demonstrated that the displayed sign was inadequately displayed in that it was hidden or obscured from view, or located in the wrong place.

As with most injury compensation claims, it’s important to make sure that the details of your accident and a description of your injuries has been properly recorded and entered within an accident book as this makes your prospects of succeeding with a claim stronger than if the details have not been recorded in an accident book.

Shops, supermarkets and other public venues (restaurants, libraries or airports etc) hold public liability insurance and it is against such insurance that any claim for injury compensation for slipping accidents will be made.  If you have slipped on a shop floor and believe that it was not your fault, you may well be entitled to make a no win no fee claim for slipping injury compensation against the insurers of the site where you were injured.

All injury compensation claims managed by Direct2Compensation are run on a fully compliant no win no fee basis so it will never cost you any money should your claim for injury compensation fail to succeed.  So if you have been injured as a result of slipping on a wet floor in a shop, supermarket or other public area floor, put us and our claims process to the test and start your claim today.

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  1. Hi,
    My toddler ran off from his dad recently in a big department store.
    He ran to go under the clothes rack. As he did so he tripped and hit his head on the wheel/ break as it was stuck out instead of being tucked under the rail.

    This resulted in a 2 inch laceration to his forehead! As this needed immediate medical attention my partner scooped him up ran out of the shop and took him to the hospital.

    I have since been in contact with the store who acknowledged they know about the accident.

    Are we able to claim on behalf of our son?

    • As parents, you can act on behalf of your child by acting as a Litigation Friend. This is where you, as the guardian or parent provide instructions to your childs Solicitor on their behalf.

      Given the circumstances you describe, I feel that a claim is certainly worthy and as such I would invite you to use our ‘start a claim’ page of our website so that we can get the ball rolling and start the claims process for your Son.

  2. my 5 year old daughter slipped on supermarket floor , it seemed to be polished a bit too much maybe as it wasnt wet, she has bruised her arm and swollen, unfortunately as my daughter was very upset i proceeded to get her home, is it it too late now to claim as i never got it recorded in accident book?

    • It is always harder to make a claim in an incident where there is no record made of an accident at the time. This is because it allows a defendant to question whether an injury was caused in their premises or due to their negligence and not elsewhere.

      It is also very hard to make a claim when slipping on a polished floor – it is not impossible, just very difficult to prove.

  3. Hi,
    I had a slip in a supermarkets’ ladies room. It was something like oil spilled on the floor. It had no colour like other washing/cleaning detergent, so I couldn’t notice it to avoid stepping into it.
    There was no “wet floor” sign either.
    I badly fell on my hip, resulting in a horrible pain in my lower and middle back the next two to three hours.
    I couldn’t sit, lie down and only stand in a bent down position.
    I also couldn’t go to work for two days. Thankfully, another two days was the weekend.
    I was wondering if I could make a claim?


    • Roxanna

      You can certainly make a claim for the injuries you have sustained in this slipping accident. Please call us on 01225430285 or email your number to me so that we can call you.

      We’d be very happy to instruct one of our specialist Solicitors to act for you on a No Win No Fee basis and would only need a few minutes on the phone with you to get the basic information needed to get this started for you.

      We look forward to hearing from you.

      Yours sincerely


  4. Hi
    my little boy aged 6 had a slip in a supermarket today resulting in a nasty egg shape lump between his eye brows after head butting the mop bucket. There was a wet floor sign albeit nowhere near where the floor was wet. Nor was the isle blocked off. They have informed me that this was logged in the accident log but i have not seen this for myself. Can you help.


    • Dear Diane

      We would be more than happy to investigate this matter for you and your Son. Although there was a hazard sign, you have rightly pointed out that it was situated nowhere near the slippery wet floor and as such, the sign was redundant.

      It is good to know that the accident book entry has been made as this will help to confirm that your son was injured in the supermarket in question.

      We look forward to hearing from you.

      Yours sincerely

      Ian Morris

  5. Hi there
    Lastnight I had an accident in debhames they had a palette out on the shop floor and I tripped on a piece of plastic.
    I badly hurt my knees and side of my body, I had to take the day off work coz I can’t really walk.
    I wasn’t going to claim but I feel I should I badly hurt myself.
    Do I have a claim?
    I filled in an accident form and a whiteness saw it.

    • Kirsty

      The incident you describe would suggest to me that you have a very strong prospect of succeeding if you opt to pursue a claim for compensation against Debenhams.

      A pallet is something that should not be left unattended on the floor of a large shop as it is likely to be something that shoppers will not notice whilst looking at eye level height displays. Further, pallets are known to have plastic wrap on them that will be almost invisible under the lights of a shop and this is a further hazard. The fact that an accident book entry was completed is great in terms of helping your claim going forwards.

      We’ll be delighted to assist you with the pursuit of this No Win No Fee claim.

      All the best


  6. Hi,
    I slipped on a well known shop this morning due to a sign fallen over. The sign was made of plastic and as I’ve stepped on it, I’ve fallen.
    I’m nearly 6 months pregnant the staff were unhelpful and I didn’t receive any help at the time. I did not know that I needed to fill in the accident book.
    Am I still able to claim?

    • Claire

      Hi, thank you for letting us know about your slipping accident. We have successfully pursued claims for the exact same accident as you have had on a number of occasions, so we would definitely be willing to pursue your claim.

      As the accident has only happened this morning, I would suggest that you do two things in order to protect your interests regarding pursuing a claim for compensation for the injuries and discomfort caused to you. You should return to the shop or speak with them on the telephone to report your accident – ask them to record your details or ask them for their head office details and call them to report it. If you find that they are unhelpful, look up the company on the web and email their customer services team. Report what happened, how you slipped on the plastic sign that had fallen and what injuries you have. You also need to see your GP (or midwifery team) to get checked over for any injuries to you or anything relevant to your pregnancy.

      I hope that all is ok with your baby/pregnancy, but I would imagine that you will be sore and may well have suffered bruising or sprain related injuries. With this in mind it is important to see your GP so that the details of your injuries and symptoms can be recorded within your medical records.

      We need your contact details in order to speak with you to help you get this claim started. With this in mind, please either reply to my email copy of this reply sent to you. We can then call you and help you get this claim up and running.

      I look forward to hearing from you.

      Yours sincerely

      Ian Morris

  7. I’ve just had 2 falls in the same place in a tesco express. (My drink went flying out of my hand on the first fall so I went to get another and slipped on same place on way back) 30/11/12 approx 5pm.
    I have recorded in incident book although do not have a copy. There was no slippery floor sign on display.

    • Michelle

      Thank you for your comment on this page of our site. As you also took the time to complete our ‘start your claim’ section of our website, we’ve already been able to speak with you about your accident. As you know, we think you have a good claim for compensation and that you are likely to succeed if you pursue this matter. As a result of our discussions, we’ve instructed one of our specialist solicitors to contact you to start pursuing this claim against Tesco for you.

      Yours sincerely

      Ian Morris

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