How do I know if I can claim after tripping on a broken pavement?


There are some common misconceptions out there as to what merits a valid claim for slip and trip personal injury compensation after a fall on a damaged path or pavement. Many people wrongly believe that any fall that leads to injuries being sustained (commonly wrist, ankle, foot, kneehip or ligament injuries) can then form the basis of a claim for compensation against the relevant local authority highways department. The truth however is very different, and to succeed with a claim there are certain criteria that must be met.

What the law says

To make a claim against a local authority or other land owner after a slip, trip or fall, the claimant must demonstrate that the defect (a raised edge, or hole, for example) which lead to their accident met specific size requirements. Also, anyone looking to succeed with a claim will need to prove that the defendant failed to adequately inspect and maintain the pavements and road within their responsibility, and therefore left a dangerous hazard in situ. The courts have previously stated that landowners and local authorities require ample time to inspect the footpaths and roads in their area and identify and then repair any hazards or faults to reduce the risk of injury to the public. A claimant will need to demonstrate that the hazard that caused them to sustain injury was present for a period of at least 6 months before their accident date.

Clearly, it is very difficult to prove if a defect, such a pothole, has been repaired. Any defects found that have a vertical tripping edge of 1″ or more should be listed for repair and removed from the footpath as quickly as possible. If a hazard has been in situ for 6 months or MORE, it should have been highlighted for repair IF the local authority correctly inspected the pavement in question.

Photographic evidence

To succeed with a claim for compensation for injuries sustained in a tripping accident, it is important to clear provide photographic evidence of the pothole or hazard that was the cause of the accident. This will help your solicitor to prove that an alleged 3rd party are liable, that an ‘actionable defect’ was in situ and should have been repaired.

Claimants should ensure that they have taken or obtained photographs of a hazard that caused them to fall BEFORE it is repaired. With most people now having a camera built in to their mobile phones, obtaining evidential photographs is easy and should always be done. To take a good photograph, the height of the defect should be shown against a clear measurement. Most people don’t carry a ruler or measure with them, but a 50p or other coin against the vertical edge of a pothole or raised paving stone makes for a good alternative as it provides something to indicate the size of the hole or raised edge at the centre of the claim.

Raised paving flagstone protruding by in excess of 25mm

Paving stone, raised by more than 1 inch

The hazard shown in the above example is on the acceptable edge of being deemed ‘actionable’ (a hazard likely to succeed in a claim for compensation) although it is borderline. The photographs show clear measurements with the defect just exceeding 25mm/1″ from the surrounding surface level. The location of the defect (in terms of background landmarks) and enabling the direction of travel to be seen further strengthens a claim for tripping accident compensation.

Close up of hazard with clear depth measurement

Proof of hazard position and direction of travel


How Direct2Compensation can help

Instructing the services of a specialist claims expert is always a good idea to give your claim the best possible chances of success. It won’t surprise you to learn that people who attempt to pursue a claim without legal representation often have a less satisfactory outcome, and may even fail with a claim that a specialist solicitor would succeed with.

At Direct2Compensation we know your rights and how to ensure that any claim for tripping accident compensation is presented in the best possible light. We know how to identify whether a hazard presents a valid claim, and how to ensure that the right evidence is in place to give you the best prospects of succeeding.

If you believe that you have a claim for compensation after a trip or slip or want to ask about whether or not your injuries will entitle you to claim, simply contact us and we’ll happily help.

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  1. Hi, my partner has tripped stepping of a kerb to cross the road and fractured her foot. The kerb was high and directly in front was another ke r b just an inch or so above the road level, so it could be viewed as a step rather than the usual kerb then road level, this was kerb level then another very low kerb/step level then road level.
    It’s not easy to step onto the road without your heel catching the lower step yet it doesn’t seem designed to be stepped on due to being almost buried and very narrow.
    I think 8ts there because without it the kerb would be too high.
    The foot was fractured, misdiagnosed at the walk in centre and should have been referred to a hospital consequently it has become a more serious fracture needing a plaster cast and possible surgery.

    • It is hard to advise specifically on this matter without having seen photographic evidence of the accident site in order to consider whether it would be seen to be negligently constructed.

  2. Hi i had horrified fall my legs so much in pains my back so much in pain when i got home all my bodys was in pain my ankle are killing me enough to put me tear i find it hard to get undress my hand. Shouder killing me it happen saturday to much pain i cart handle it. I do have the video and the picture

  3. My mum had a nasty fall over a paving slab. We have pictures showing a 50p against the vertical rise. The colour of the slab with moss etc shows the slab has to have been raised at least a year if not more. Lancashire county council have refused on first application. I’m writing again. I would say the slab was raised at least 30mm so well over an inch. She smashed her glasses. £400 and hurt her wrist and arm leaving her unable to drive or be self sufficient for a month. They took at least 4 months to make good the trip hazard.

    • Are you using a specialist Solicitor to represent your Mother in this claim? If not, it would make sense to instruct such an expert to act for you.

  4. My mum has recently fallen over on the way home from choir practice the other night. There was a raised part of the footpath caused by the water main that couldn’t been seen especially at night. She has broken her hand and has some minor cuts and bruises. She has been told that she now can’t drive for 4-6 weeks. This is a problem because my father doesn’t drive. Is there some way we could claim for the injures caused, also she had to have her wedding ring and engagement ring cut off. Also the Inconvience this has caused my mother and father for the next month or so.

    • Your Mother has a right to make a claim for compensation if she believes that her injuries were caused by the negligence of the landowner or local authority responsible for the footpath where she fell. To succeed with a claim for tripping accident compensation, your Mother will need to demonstrate that the area was dangerous and the tripping hazard was raised by more than 25mm from the ground level. To this end, please send some photographs to us at: quoting your online comment in order that we can review the accident site and provide you with a more qualified opinion as to whether or not a claim can proceed.

      If successful with a claim for compensation, your Mother would be entitled to compensation for the injury to her hand, with the value based on medical evidence, recovery and long term prognosis. She would also be able to claim for incurred expense and the loss of independence whilst she cannot drive.

  5. Working on a customers site I stepped out of my vehicle and broke my ankle on uneven ground (where 4 large concrete slabs intersected but the corners had all broken away leaving a muddy hole. I’ve been off work 3 weeks so far with a return to hospital for another xray in a weeks time to see how the fracture is healing. The incident was well documented with the companies first aider and a drug / alcohol test was carried out (which I had to wait on their site for almost 2 hours before being taken to hospital) after the incident I had to go to the doctors as it seems I’d hurt my neck in the fall also.

    • Our initial view of your accident at work, indicates that the injuries you sustained as a result of the broken and damaged ground surface gives you a right to make a claim for personal injury compensation.

      It is good to read that the details of your recent accident have been properly reported and recorded with your employer, as their records could well help you with the important supporting evidence our specialist Solicitors will need to succeed with your claim.

      Should you wish to pursue a claim for compensation, please call us on 01225430285 or get things moving using our online ‘start a claim’ page. If successful with your claim our specialist Solicitors will recover a compensation settlement to cover the pain, discomfort and long term recovery of the ankle injury and also ensure that any lost income, lost overtime or performance bonuses and costs incurred as a result of your accident at work will be recovered for you.

  6. Hello, I have to walk back and forth to the workplace 5 days a week as no buses on the route,and it is a city! In total 3 miles.On January 23rd on way back I tripped on one the many uneven paving stones,took a very hard whack on both knees right down shins.I just felt sick,the pain throbbed all down legs and then the pain,I could hardly touch them to raise myself up,and then felt very wobbly and was worried as legs then felt limp.Unually in these times a motorist and partner stopped and offered me a lift either to where I stay or to a hospital.,usually I would stoically decline politely and trudge in ,but i think a bit of shock set in and I gladly accepted.The next day I rang Aberdeen city council to make a complaint,the female came across as apologetic and said someone would me,I am still waiting.I had to take 2 days off the job,I am attending physio already for joint difficulties as arthritis in RT., knee,and very physical work I am in a hospital clinic setting.I am extremely angry as still suffering with movement,pain new bruising walking every day,working and I do think I like take this further as this affects my walking causing back pain now,I don’t need it.Also, the council billing for council tax arrived.Advise please.Thanks,Janice(Ford).

    • You could seek to make a claim for compensation, but would have to demonstrate that the paving stone you tripped on was dangerous and should have been repaired.

      You could email photographs of the paving stones to us so that we could consider the area and then advise you as to whether or not you have a valid claim for tripping accident compensation.

  7. I split my forehead having tripped over a broken pavement. Also injuring my knee and a turn ligament in my finger. The local authority repaired the pavement very quickly and have offered me £500. Is that a reasonable settlement given I now have a large permanent scar in the middle of my forehead. Thank you.

    • Whilst it would be misleading to guarantee that you would receive a much higher settlement if you instructed a specialist personal injury Solicitor to act for you, my initial view is that the offer of £500 is derisory and should be rejected out of hand. You mention a permanent scar to the forehead, injuries to your knee and also ligament damage to the finger. With this in mind, my experience within such claims for personal injury compensation would indicate to me that you should receive a considerably higher settlement. Further, does that £500 offer include any loss of income or incurred costs caused by this incident?

      As always, we would strongly recommend that you instruct a specialist personal injury Solicitor to act for you as this will give you the best opportunity of obtaining a settlement that appropriately compensates you for the full extent of the injuries you sustained and any losses you incurred.

      If you would like us to get a specialist Solicitor to pursue your claim, please use the ‘start a claim’ page of our website to make further contact with us.

  8. Hi I’m just enquiring on behalf of a, friend. He came from Bahrain to seek private medical care, he had certain tests done but had been advised to fly home then come back at a later date for more tests instead of waiting. He was due to fly home yesterday but could not go as he was walking along a pavement and lost his balance completely on a, loose moving paving stone. He fell forwards and is now in an NHS hospital with a bad fracture of his hip. I wonder if he’d have a case for compensation with being a Bahrain citizen. He has been told he will be in hospital for at least 2 months.

    • Whether a UK citizen or a foreign national visiting the country, any person injured in a non-fault accident has the same legal right to make a claim for compensation.

      In your friends case, their nationality is not an issue. Whether or not they can pursue a claim for compensation successfully will depend on the cause of their accident and whether or not we can demonstrate negligence as being involved. To succeed with a tripping accident claim after an accident on a public footpath, we’ll need photographs showing the accident site and in this case, perhaps a brief video clip showing the moving paving stone. Ideally, a number of images showing a clear actionable hazard would be helpful. As such, can you visit the accident site and obtain such photographs and email them to us at so that we can further evaluate your friends potential claim for compensation?

  9. Hi
    I was coming out of a supermarket and it has 2 steps and I fell on the uneven ground and twisted my ankle and smashed my knee .
    The paving stone was uneven and it had a X on it.
    Would I be able to claim ?

    • As the paving stone had an ‘X’ sprayed on to it, it would appear that it has been noted and listed for repair. Whether or not you can make a claim will depend on the nature of the area and how long the hazard has been present. My two questions are as follows:

      Did you report this accident to any person – or the store? If so, how and to whom?
      Do you have any photographs of the area where you fell? If so, please email them to us at:

      I look forward to being able to advise you further as to whether or not you can claim personal injury compensation on receipt of the further details needed.

  10. I fell at the weekend fracturing my ankle the pavement the curb had been lowered for cars but the pavement Had sunk with hole it the Angle of it all that cause the fall I also landed in the road very lucky no vehicles was coming as I wasn’t able to get out the way

    • For us to be able to advise whether or not you have a valid claim for public liability tripping accident compensation, we would need to view photographs of the hazard that caused you to fall and suffer injury. Please email some to us with a brief description of the incident and we can then review them and advise you further. Please send your photographs to:

  11. My daughter had a fall on the pavement whilst walking her dog she had to have an operation to replace her cruciate ligament and cartilages in her knee.
    she now has a bent leg and still suffers pain and it is causing her trouble in her job.
    the footpath has since been replaced with tarmac and the trees causing the pavement to raise had also been removed. We do have pictures taken after the accident but have not yet reported to local authority. This accident was 2 years ago

    • The fact that the accident was not reported could be problematic in terms of your daughter making a claim for compensation. That said, we would be happy to look at the photographs of the pavement taken before it was repaired in order to advise further as to whether her claim for tripping accident compensation has any merit going forward.

  12. Tripped on uneven paving. I have taken photos showing the 1″ lip. Two police officers were passing and helped me up and waited for my daughter to arrive. My daughter took me to A&E and my shoulder had been shattered. I had to have a new shoulder. The consultant told me that he would replace my shoulder as my general health was good. Otherwise they would either leave it or pin. I contacted the council sending all information and photographs. Their solicitor has now written to say the claim has been denied . They have said the repair was completed 4 days after my initial contact. This was untrue as I have photographic evidence with date showing it actually took them from September 20th (first contact with council) to end of January to repair. And an appalling job they have done. I have never claimed and feel the letter they have sent has made me feel that I have no value as a person. Do you think I have a case to answer?

    • It would be sensible to allow our specialist tripping accident Solicitors to investigate this matter for you. As such, please email your photographs, response from the defendant and a description of the incident and whats happened since to ‘’ so that we can help you further.

  13. I tripped over a hole in the pavement fell very hard couldn’t get up at first managed to sit on my bum till a man I know by sight helped me up. I was so shaken at the time that I never thought to measure said hole! Or photogograph it! If you were as shaken up as I was I just rang my husband to come and pick me up. I went back a couple of days later and there were so many holes I was unsure which one caused it! I was shaken and both knees hurt plus neck ache radiating up to the back of my head. My left wrist also painful. Took a photo of my bruised and swollen left knee right one also hurts. So I can’t kneel too painful getting into bed I have to get in bum first and swing my legs over. Didn’t go to doctor just took pain killers. I have emailed council they sent me an email to their claims department. I still feel shaken and have been suffering palpitations since the accident. I’ve always been very fit and active I’m 74 years old walk a lot and excercise every day usually. Now my knees hurt and I’m frightened of falling over again.

    • You can seek to make a claim for public liability tripping accident compensation and we can help with that on a No Win No Fee basis.

      We would need to see some photographs of the accident site, with a measurement of the depth of the pothole in which you fell as this will enable us to advise you as to whether or not the depth of the pothole would be considered to hold the local authority negligent and allow you to claim tripping accident compensation.

      If you are unable to identify the exact pothole, you may be able to claim if it can be shown that the entire area is littered with potholes or tripping hazards exceeding 25mm (1″) in depth.

      If you would like to send such information to us, please email the details to us at: along with your contact telephone number.

  14. I tripped over a raised and broken kerb stone and broke my wrist, the kerb stone was raised approx 2 inch with tape measure and a 50p was also in the photo to reference the height too. I went to a solicitors who said my case was good but I recently got a letter saying my claim had been denied because the council claim that they inspect roads/pavements every 12 months and was fixed in 2017, I know this to be a lie as I have lived in the area for 12 years and can say that the damaged kerb has been in disrepair for as long as I can remember due to memories of past winters when on numerous occasions I have had a trainer full of dirty rain water along with the lower half of my jeans getting soaked too from walking on the kerb in passing and due to it being raised and broken rain water would collect underneath and when stood on it would raise one side higher and when you took you’re foot off in walking it would fall back down and splash dirty rain water upwards so I know for a fact the council is lying to avoid paying compensation, I also have an independent witness that can verify it was in disrepair at the beginning of 2018, 7 months before my accident as he opened a business on the same street, he saw me taking photos of the scene and said he had issues with his car and the kerb and said he would tell whoever need’s to know that he had known it to be in disrepair from January 2018 from his knowledge. I am unhappy with the solicitors who represented my case as I think they didn’t do enough and also were negligent regarding confidentiality and in my opinion breached this in a big way, they sent me some correspondence through the post and somehow sent with my case file three other peoples case details and personal information, could this be a separate potential negligence claim? I returned the details to my solicitors but took photos of confidential information about peoples unknown to me that I had no way of obtaining without them being sent to me from my solicitors, the photos are my proof of negligence should the case arise, what would you advise regarding claiming for breaching confidentiality, bear in mind as far as I know my case details and personal information wasn’t made available to anyone that shouldn’t have seen, AS FAR AS I AM AWARE! Who knows if my information was sent to someone else by accident without my knowledge, the three people who’s information I received will still be unaware of their confidentiality breach even though I had their addresses and phone numbers had I wanted to contact them, so as I say my confidentiality wasn’t breached to my knowledge so do I have grounds for a claim for My solicitors giving me other peoples client details? My trip accident is weighing heavy on my mind as I know the council are lying about how long it has been in disrepair, I am considering asking residents that live on the same street if they know how long it has been like that to help prove that its a lie, please can you give me some advice as I don’t want to go any further with my solicitors as I don’t trust their quality of work.

  15. I have fractured my ankle and damaged ligaments from an uneven pavement. The lip edge however is kust over half an inch, does this mean I cannot make a claim?

    • Generally speaking, if a tripping hazard is less than 1″ (25mm) deep or high, it is extremely unlikely that a claim for tripping accident compensation will succeed. The courts have previously established that highways departments of local authorities should inspect their footpaths and highways bi-annually and that any tripping hazards (whether raised or sunken) or holes that are 25mm (1″) or more should be marked for repair.

  16. I was walking along side of the river in lynmouth, Devon and slipped on path, fell into the river bed and dislocated/fractured my left ankle requiring surgery and non weight bearing cast for 6 weeks. The path was slippery but no warning signs. I had appropriate footwear and clothing on, required coastguard, fire an ambulance to get me out. Am off work for 8 weeks.

    • You may be entitled to make a claim for compensation but it will depend on the cause of the slippery path surface. Given the location of the path, it is likely that a court would find it reasonable to expect the area to be damp and perhaps somewhat slippery. Therefore, we’d need to see photographs of the path surface to be able to give a more specific view as to whether or not you have a valid claim for compensation. To that end, please forward any relevant photographs to us at: so that we can review them and respond to you in more detail.

  17. I banged my foot on the towbar of a motorhome which is parked half way across the footpath, the police were called to ask him to move the obstructing vehicle but they weren’t interested, do I have a claim against the owner and the council, This time its only a bruised foot and a few days discomfort and pain I have photos of the injury and the vehicle, including his ilegal drive with no dropped kerb.

    • In theory, you would have the right to make a civil action claim for personal injury compensation. On this occasion though, it would appear that the severity of your injury is insufficient to enable a claim to be pursued on a No Win No Fee basis.

  18. Hi. I’ve fractured my knee and had an operation after tripping over a flat car parking post. It was privately owed at my drs but does have quite poor lighting. Would that be something you can claim against

    • We have succeeded with similar claims in the past and there is every chance that you too would have a valid claim for tripping accident compensation. Do you know if the details of your accident were recorded in an accident book and do you have any photographs of the parking post?

  19. Hi on Dec 1st 2018 walking to shops approx time 645pm on this part of path lighting was not good standard light out near by suddenly tripped my ankle gave way and I fell over I’m over 70 so didn’t fall to well I got up and hobbled to my daughter who lived near by she told me to report it I’ve took pictures of it night and day council’s reply was that the path was safe have written to me on several occasions I would like some advise

    • Do you have any photographs of the pavement that you could forward to us to consider? If so, please email them to

      We will then be able to give a view as to whether or not there is any merit in attempting to pursue your local authority for negligence by way of a tripping accident claim.

  20. There was a round drain with tiles around it, very uneven, my foot rolled down into the dip of the drain, and I broke my little toe.
    I reported it to the council, and received a generic letter back, saying the person dealing with the matter cannot receive any more emails, because his Email box is full!!!

    • You may have grounds to pursue a claim for compensation against the local authority highways department responsible for the maintenance of the area where you fell. For us to be able to advise you on whether or not you have a valid claim for tripping accident compensation, we’ll need to review some photographic evidence of the area. To succeed with a claim for tripping accident compensation there are certain criteria that a claimant must meet to prove that the landowner in question has been negligent. To that end, please email some photographs of the accident site to us at: and include your contact details. We can then contact you to discuss the merits of your claim in more detail.

  21. Does the pavement have to be broken ? Does it count if you have tripped and had an accident because the pavement was not stright but slopped into a gradual 2 inch slope ?

    • Claiming compensation for tripping accident compensation where there is no obvious disrepair is not impossible, but it is far from easy. With regards to the area in question in your fall, we would need to review detailed photographs of the site showing close ups of the slope with measurements of the drop as well as photographs showing the area in context with the surrounding surface areas.

      If you can provide such to us via email to: we will review them and give you a better idea as to whether or not you can pursue a claim for tripping accident compensation.

  22. I tripped last week requiring stitches to my chin and maxillofacial surgical input. The pavements where I live are terrible over the last few years I have had several slips and alerted the council through concern if an older person fell I’ve never wanted to claim before last week. This time enough is enough the area is less than an inch in depth but I have photos of the area and my injury which has caused pain upset and scarring.

    • As you point out, there is prescribed criteria in place regarding height or depth of hazard in cases of public liability tripping accident compensation claims that usually requires that the height or depth of a tripping hazard exceed 25mm (1″) to become actionable. However, we would be happy to view the photographs you have of the accident site along with copies of any such reports you have made to the local council of the area in order to advise whether or not we could consider pursuing a claim for you on this occasion.

      In some circumstances, a court may overlook the 25mm requirement if an area appears to be very disrepair and dangerous – especially if there is evidence to show that it had been reported on different occasions over the previous few years.

  23. I had a fall on a public pavement. The council say it’s not their responsibility. What do I do. I really am worried someone else will fall. The path is dangerous.

    • Please take some photographs of the defect or hazard that cause you to trip and fall. Ideally, use a measure to clearly show the height/depth of the hazard and then email them to us to consider:

      We can then advise you as to whether or not the defect in question is something that you would be able to hold the local authority liable for, should a claim proceed.

  24. Hi have had a trip last night, it it was on a public footpath. I have suffered some facial injuries and also hurt my knee. I am concerned someone might get hurt like I have. Please can you get back to me? thank you

    • What caused you to trip on the footpath? If you were tripped by a damaged or disrepair pavement surface you may have a right to make a claim for compensation against the relevant land owner – in most cases, tripping accident claims will be made against a local authorities highways department.

      For us to be able to advise as to whether or not you have a valid claim for tripping accident compensation, we need to know more about the cause of your fall (a description of the hazard on the footpath) and view some photographs of it. Therefore, please email me directly with some photographs of the accident site to: I can then view the same and make an initial assessment as to whether or not you have a valid claim for tripping accident compensation.

  25. On behalf of my sister. She trip on an ill fitting paving slab and sustained cuts to her elbow, knees (no pictures) and her wrist which was assessed in A&E. No break. But swelling and bruising. Wrist support provided due to pain and swelling as well as lack of movement. Is she able to make a claim?

    • We would need to see photographs of the paving slab that caused the accident and also know the height of the tripping hazard created by the edge of the paving slab.

      If you could forward the same to me by email ( I will be able to review this further and advise you as to whether or not a claim can follow.

  26. My wife had a trip and fall accident that resulted in a broken hurmerous. This happened on a boardwalk on a beach belonging to the local authority. I have sought legal advice but was told that it was a local authority, so the chances of winning were slim.

    • Just because a proposed defendant is a local authority, it does not reduce the prospects of succeeding with a claim for personal injury compensation. Regardless of the proposed defendant, the key requirement to succeed with a claim for tripping accident compensation is to be able to prove that a dangerous tripping hazard has been allowed to remain present and that a risk to health that should have been removed has gone on to cause injury.

      In the case of your wife’s fall, we would very much like to view the photographic evidence of the nature of the hazard/defect that caused her to trip. From this, we would be able to offer a view as to whether or not we could pursue a claim for your wife further.

      Should you wish us to consider this further for you, please email the photographs to us at:

  27. Hi I had a bad fall outside my flat.There was an inspection hatch with a large hole in it and metal wires sticking out of it on the pavement I tripped over it breaking my hand I was admitted to the hospital for an operation and had a kwire fitted into my hand to join my bones back together the problem is I was so embarrassed about how it happened I told the hospital I done it by dropping a plate rack on to my hand when I came out of the hospital I seen a council worker outside looking at it I told him what happened to me the following day they came cordend it of and put bollards around a couple of days later they came out took the inspection hatch up and put a new one down. I have lots of photos of my injuries and of me being in hospital but I never managed to get photos of the damaged inspection hatch this happened to me one year ago I now wish I done something about it then do you think I have a case for compensation my brother said I shouldn’t have been embarrassed about the fall and told the hospital how it really happened.

    • Unfortunately, your failure to report to the Hospital the real cause of your injuries and the lack of photographic evidence of the broken access cover will make your prospects of succeeding with a claim low and this would make it very hard to be able to run your claim on a No Win No Fee basis.

  28. After a really bad fall on raised electric cover on the pavement have been told I’ve no case because the council had no knowledge of the defect before my accident that they can’t be found negligent would this be true solicitor is closing my file

    • When there is any tripping accident claim, a defendant will only be held liable if it can be shown that the hazard or defect that caused the accident has been present for a period of time that was sufficient for a defendant to be aware of it and have the site repaired or cordoned off.

      In cases such as yours, the local highways department of the local authority will inspect their footpaths and roads bi-annually to locate any defects or hazards that require replacement or repair. If they are able to provide an inspection report from the previous 6-12 months that show that the raised electric cover was not in a dangerous condition when inspected, they would have a strong defence in this claim.

  29. Hi Ian, I was walking and tripped over but as I fell, I fell onto a load of glass which was smashed on the floor outside a pub. Obviously a pint glass. I nearly fainted. I went in to the pub with my hand squirting out blood and asked the barmaid what do I do and she panicked and just wrapped it up and said go hospital. I then was referred to a hand specialist (East Grinsted) and have had to surgery on my hand. My middle finger has now got permanent damage to the tendons. I had 36 stitches and got a massive scar, sometimes my hand still gets pain. This was around 6 months ago, does that sound like a potential claim? because never really thought about till now.

    Take Care

    • What caused you to trip? The severity of your injury relates to the glass upon which you fell rather than the tripping accident. The difficulties you will have with a claim will relate to the glass itself and proving that it had been there for a while along with proving you were injured outside that pub.

      Evidence is very important when it comes to succeeding with a claim for compensation and if you do not have an accident book record or independent witness evidence to confirm you were injured outside the pub in the way you describe, it is likely that you would struggle to succeed with a claim. Also, the glass on the floor may have only been present for a few minutes. As such, the courts would probably view it that the pub hadn’t had reasonable time to sweep it up.

  30. Hi my wife tripped on a pavement opposite our house it’s only a small area but the kerb is dropped the edging stones are uneven the tarmac is breaking up she has broken her metatarsal on her left foot this was in the middle of the day we have cctv that shows her falling and I have some photos of area where it happened.

    • Please can you email the photographs of the accident site to me at so that I can review them and give you a more qualified opinion as to the prospects of a claim?

      If there is a particular raised or sunken edge that caused the trip and fall, please attempt to measure it and include a photograph showing the depth/height.

  31. I slipped in a car park, (which is under railway arches), in late March and after attending A&E I had suffered a broken shoulder. I don’t know exactly what happened but after some reflection, I do know there was a mix of water and oil on the floor, not a lot by any means, but there is also a water channel in the surface to and I think this is where I lost my footing as it did have fluid in it so was a little disguised (I hadn’t used the car park that much so wasn’t over familiar with it). The water channel is obvious during the dryer months but I clearly didn’t see it when I lost my footing and there were no warning signs around suggesting precautions should be taken. Although I am now signed off from the doctor and physio, I do have a lingering ache whenever I have to carry anything.

    • Do you have any photographic evidence of the car park in the state it was at the time of your accident and did you make a report to the car park owners/management company regarding your accident?

      • I’m afraid not, I couldn’t have taken a picture as my shoulder was broken and I was in pain and embarrassed as i had fallen flat out. One of the attendants helped me up and I got on my way, i didn’t tell the car park owners.

        • It is understandable that you were unable to take photographs (or even think clearly) given the pain from such an injury. Of course, the lack of a report to the car park owners would now make the prospects of succeeding with a claim less than if you had reported it.

  32. Hi I tripped over in a church yard on the way to work and broke my wrist. I had a plate put into my wrist and was off work for 9 weeks. I’m a self employed hairdresser. I have measured the bit I tripped on and it isn’t an inch in height, although I did trip over it and it’s caused me pain discomfort to my wrist along with money troubles. Do I have a case?

    • The general rule of thumb is that a tripping hazard must protrude or sink by 25mm or more (1″ in height/depth) to warrant a successful claim. However, there can be exceptions to that rule.

      I would suggest that the best course of action would be for you to email your photographs to us at: along with a brief description of your accident. We can then take a view and give you an opinion as to whether or not you can pursue a claim for tripping accident compensation.

  33. Hi , I was out walking my dog then next moment I had gone over on my ankle , the path was uneven do to path not being finished off properly . Ive broken my ankle it’s been three weeks since accident happened.

    • Given your description of the faulty and hazardous path that caused you to damage your ankle we believe that your claim should be further processed as there could well be a successful outcome in this for you. I’ll refer you to our ankle injury compensation page if you’d like further information, including potential compensation amounts.

      We’ll call you to discuss this accident and find out more from you.

  34. Hi
    I was working in a retail store. Store lift was not working so I have been asked by the shift supervisor to pickup the milk from outside. while picking up the milk all bottles pull up to my leg and my leg were broken and i was off from the work for one month.

    I claimed compensation but their insurance company denied liability as the accident occured was not the employer’s premises. what to do

    • Yasmin

      Thank you for contacting us. I am a little confused by your story so I would suggest that you email us your contact number to so that we can call you and find out what happened, how you were injured and then let you know what, if anything we can do.

      It does sound like you may have a claim here, so we would like to speak with you.

  35. Hello my name is Luke. 2 nights ago I went shopping at my local Asda around 8pm. On my way home I was walking home down the hill carrying a bag of shopping and the next moment all I know is that I’ve suddenly gone flying forward and fallen to the ground. I hurt my self as I hit face first on the pavement. My shopping went flying across the pavement. I had badly hurt my hand, ripping the skin off due to the gravel on the surface of the floor. There was blood rushing out. I had put my hand out to try stop my face smashing in to the pavement surface and also damaged my leg, with some of the skin torn – again with bits of gravel and small stones in the wounds. Despite this, it was my wrist and hand that were hurting the most.

    I picked myself up off the floor feeling rather humiliated thinking people must have seen me fall as where I had fallen is right next to a park with swings and a slide where many kids hang out. I then looked to see what had caused me to trip and fall and for my ankle to bend out underneath me. It was then that I saw why and what caused it. The pavement had a section on the left where it had been repaired in the past, but that bit of pavement had subsequently dropped and was sunken leaving a nasty 1 inch deep lip Running at least 2 meters long with a crack about half a inch along this. Again, this was a defective foot path and past repairs seem to have caused this from the look of it.

    This fall resulted in me being hurt and I feel angry and wish to complain as its just lack of care of inspection that caused it. I feel lucky I didn’t break my ankle as it twisted side wards left side causing me to loose footing tripping me up face first.

    I have learning difficulties and I am not very sure what to do in regards to complaining about this. I did take photographs of my hand and leg but I didn’t go to the hospital or doctor as I felt embarrassed about the accident. I don’t think that I have any broken bones and I didn’t want to waste anyone’s time. I would like to know what you think I should do about this. I will be going back up and taking pictures of the hazard that caused this.
    I would be grateful for some advice please. Regards Luke

    • Luke

      Thank you for commenting on our website. I am very sorry to hear about your accident and hope that you make a good recovery.

      Firstly, I would recommend that you do see your Doctor about the injury to your wrist and ankle. Whilst there may be nothing broken and perhaps not much your Doctor could do, it would be wise to get yourself checked out. Also, should you pursue any claim it would be very helpful if you had reported any injuries to your Doctor.

      We would be very happy to pursue a claim for you on a No Win No Fee basis. We would need your photographs of the hazard and contact details so that we could discuss things with you. Please email your contact details and photos to me via: and I’ll call you to help you get things moving.

      I look forward to hearing from you.

  36. the internet Cable company VM has not installed the cable in a correct manner, causing the cable to come up out of the junction box in the pavement the bend down to the pavement creating a loop approx 50mm high. I reported this every few weeks since October 2016 and it has not been repaired yet on the 6th March 2017. Have I done all I can to avoid being liable and prosecution.

    • If VM have left a hazard on your property, it is them who are responsible for any events that are caused by this hazard. You have done all that can reasonably be expected of you by reporting this to them every few weeks. You should retain evidence of your reporting of the hazard – sent emails should be ‘saved’ or printed and you should continue to report this to them – also take some photographs of the hazard that they have left on your premises.

    • Claudia

      Thanks for commenting on our website. As you will note, I have replied online but thought it would help to also email you directly and invite you to contact us to pursue this matter.

      Claiming compensation for injuries after slipping or falling on an uneven surface is something we have a great deal of expertise with. The success or otherwise of any claim you make will depend on the nature of the site where you fell. In terms of a claim for injury compensation for falling on an uneven surface, the accident site is known as the locus and we (or any other claims company or specialist solicitor) would need to carry out a locus inspection and make a report on the same. To understand more about locus reports you can read about how photographic evidence can support your claim here:

      I would suggest that it is a good idea for you to take a couple of photographs of the area where you fell so that you can email them to us. By viewing your photographs and speaking with you, we’ll be able to give you our opinion as to whether or not the uneven ground where you fell would give you a good chance of winning if you chose to pursue a claim for injury compensation.

      As with all claims, it is important that you report your accident and injuries to the land owners – this could be a private landowner, a business or a local authority. For more help with this read our article about how to report your accident to the right people here: Of course, you should also seek medical treatment for your injuries too.

      I hope that this response is of use to you and I hope that we are able to assist you. As stated earlier, please contact us via the link in my response and one of our team will contact you to help you pursue your claim.


      Ian Morris

    • Hi I was at work and walking across the yard it was full of hgv trailers I was walking between the trailers to get to my truck and I tripped up over some raised concrete and damaged my shoulder no Brocken bones but waiting for MRI scan I may have torn muscle very painful can I claim no photos were taken ?

      • Dear Patrick

        Thank you for letting us know about your situation and asking whether or not you can claim compensation after your accident at work. Given the injury you have sustained, it is definitely worth us investigating this matter for you with a view to pursuing a claim for compensation. Whilst you have been injured as a result of a tripping accident, this matter would run as an ‘accident at work’ claim – if it were to proceed.

        You mention that no photographic evidence to record the raised concrete has been obtained and whilst this would be helpful (if you are able to return to the yard and get a few photographs of the area it would be a good idea), the most important thing is that the details of your accident are recorded properly within the employers accident book/accident reporting system. You should make sure that this has been done and that the record shows that your fall was caused by a hazard (raised/broken concrete) within the employers yard that lead to you tripping over.

        We’d like to speak with you to discuss this in greater detail and explain the claims process and would then be able to get you to speak with one of our specialist injury compensation solicitors.

        We look forward to hearing from you.

        Yours sincerely

        Ian Morris

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