Accident at Work Claims & Compensation Values

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All employers have a responsibility to keep their workers safe from injury, including temporary staff. If their negligence led to you or someone you know having an accident and being injured at work, then you are entitled to claim compensation. In this article you’ll find advice on how to make a claim, and how to tell if you are eligible to do so.

Accidents at work naturally cause a lot of stress and anxiety, and understandably, compensation claims against an employer present a difficult situation for both parties. However, you can maintain a good relationship and get things resolved in everyone’s interest with the right approach.

Just having an accident at work is not enough to guarantee compensation. It can’t be your own fault – it must be demonstrated that the employer was liable and exposed the staff to risk of injury.

Table of contents:

Why claim compensation?

Claiming personal injury compensation will help ease some of the personal and practical problems you’ll face following your accident. As well as a financial compensation settlement, claiming can also help you in other ways:

  • Making a claim is your legal right, and fairly compensates you for injuries that were not your fault.
  • It can pay for private medical treatment and rehabilitation therapies to speed your recovery.
  • It can make up for lost income now and in the future.

Initial help

Managing financially can be a real problem for many claimants. Especially if their injuries are serious enough to prevent them from working and getting paid what they are used to. As such, the driving factor for a claim is usually the sudden loss of income, not the pain or discomfort of injuries. Most employers only pay the standard salary for a short period, then many people find themselves living off nothing more than basic sick pay. We normally find you have two immediate concerns:

  • When will I be able to get back to work?
  • How will I pay my bills in the meantime?

Once your claim is active, we can request a payment for any treatment required to return you to work as soon as possible. We can also obtain a payment on account of your compensation from your employer’s insurance company to cover the period you are unable to work.

A successful claim will lead to a compensation settlement being made to you, with the value of the claim including any lost income and incurred costs. In addition, you’ll receive a settlement for the injuries you have suffered and medical treatment that you have required.

Employers are insured

Do not feel that reporting the accident would damage the reputation or financial health of your company. All employers must have insurance to protect both you and them should you have an accident at work. Therefore, any compensation for a work related injury will be paid by the insurance company, not your employer. You can make a claim in the knowledge that you are not jeopardising any colleagues’ employment.

Employer responsibilities

Employers have responsibilities after an accident at work and employees have the right to pursue a claim for compensation. Any worker can claim, whether they are full-time, part-time or temporary agency staff.

It is the employer’s responsibility to understand an accident and take the right measures, rather than the employee. And you can’t be sacked for having an accident at work that wasn’t your fault.

Every company that employs staff is responsible for their health and safety whilst they are working. If an employer does not have proper procedures in place, they are breaching their responsibilities and they can be prosecuted. Your employer is legally responsible for your safety.

It is up to the employer to carry out risk assessments and ensure the workplace is safe and free from hazardous objects. This includes allocating first aiders and providing training on lifting and handling office equipment. The employer should also ensure that staff are provided with the necessary equipment to protect them while undertaking any activity.

Your employer has a legal obligation to report any accidents to the Incident Contact Centre of the Health and Safety Executive. Any accident will need to be reported, regardless of how minor.

One requirement is to ensure that details of any incident are recorded within an accident book or accident recording system. These details can prove to be extremely important when it comes to a solicitor winning a claim for injury compensation. If an employer has refused you the right to record the details of your accident within their accident book, or you just haven’t done so, it doesn’t mean you can’t claim. A strong record in an accident book is just one of the many key bits of evidence that can help any personal injury compensation claim reach a successful outcome, and you can often find other means of proving what happened.

Making a successful claim

Just having an accident at work is not enough to guarantee compensation. To make a valid claim, the injured employee must be able to demonstrate that the employer was liable and exposed the staff to risk of injury, rather than it being their own fault. Whilst it is vital you seek proper advice to assess whether or not you have a viable claim, there are some basic pointers that can help you identify where you stand.

Potential signs of liability

  1. Did your employer ever give you any training? (this could relate to manual handling training, specific training to use certain machinery or other job relevant training). If the answer is no, your employer has breached health and safety guidance already.
  2. Were you given an induction to the workplace? This would include guidance on accident management protocols, safety exits, hazard avoidance etc.
  3. Were you provided with, or advised what personal safety and protective equipment you should have to complete your job safely? If the answer is no, your employer could be liable for your injury.
  4. Did your employer adequately maintain equipment and service machines? Did they ensure that safety guards and mechanisms worked?
  5. Were you advised how to report accidents and how to access the accident book?
  6. Did the employer ensure correct staffing levels and an adequate amount of first aid trained staff?
  7. Did your employer act upon reports of potential risks of danger to employees?

The above is just a guide and there could be many more ways in which an employer would be liable. In most cases, it is relatively easy for us to evaluate the likely outcome of a claim for workplace accident compensation. If you are unsure whether you have a valid claim, please do contact us and we’ll be able to tell you.

Actions to take

The following actions should be taken to give yourself the best chance of winning your compensation claim:

  1. The matter should be recorded in the employer’s accident book. The injured party should contribute to what is written and only sign it when they are happy it is accurate. Previous complaints or comments about potential hazards that relate to the accident in question should be noted. The injuries should be described and their cause listed. The injured party should ask for a copy of the accident book entry. In circumstances where there is no accident book entry, there are still things you can do.
  2. The injured party must receive medical treatment. This could be by attending their GP, or A&E.
  3. If possible, obtain the names and addresses of supporting witnesses. Whilst the accident book entry is the main evidence for an accident at work claim, having supporting statements from colleagues can provide a stronger prospect of success in certain cases.
  4. Following medical treatment, explain the situation to the employer and discuss the likelihood of any return to work.

It is important to ensure the details of the accident and injuries have been correctly recorded as soon as possible. If you have had an accident at work you should explain to your employer the exact series of events that caused it. Immediately reporting will help them curtail such accidents in future by adopting proper safety precautions.

If the employer is not convinced with your explanation, bring in witness testimonies to verify your story. The witnesses in this case would most probably be your fellow employees and colleagues.

Don’t worry if you haven’t been able to do any of this yet, get in touch and we’ll be able to guide you and help you get your claim off to a good start.

How much personal injury compensation will I receive?

Every claim is different. However, there are guidelines issued by the courts for solicitors and you’ll find a table below showing what amount of compensation you can expect depending on your injury. All our solicitors are experts in handling work accident compensation claims and know how to use these guidelines to ensure you receive the maximum amount of compensation. You will be advised as to the likely level of compensation for your injuries once initial evidence has been collected.

In addition to the award for your injuries, you will also receive compensation for all other losses and expenses reasonably incurred as a result of the work accident. Your expert solicitor will advise you what expenses you can claim but these are likely to include some or all of the following:

  • Lost earnings if you have been away from work as a result of the accident
  • Treatment for your injuries
  • Miscellaneous expenses (bus fares, painkillers etc)

One of the other major benefits of making a claim for compensation is the possibility of accessing excellent rehab therapies. Our specialist solicitors will look to obtain such treatments for claimants, including physiotherapy, massage therapy, osteopathy and many other kinds of intervention. You can recover more quickly and therefore be in a position to return to work and get back to normality sooner.

Compensation Amounts Guide

The following is a guide to how much you can expect to claim, just for your injury. It does not include amounts for “special damages”, for example, loss of earnings, expenses or medical treatment.

Head and Face

Part Of BodySeverityCompensation Amount
HeadMinor eg: no brain damage£1,600 to £9,700
HeadSerious eg: lasting changes£11,600 to £214,300
HeadSevere eg: full-time care£214,300 to £307,000
EyesMinor eg: temporary vision problems£1,650 to £6,700
EyesSerious eg: lost sight in one eye£6,900 to £50,000
EyesSevere eg: near or total blindness£80,500 to £204,200
EarsMinor eg: partial hearing loss£5,300 to £34,650
EarsSerious eg: hearing loss in one ear£23,850 to £34,650
EarsSevere eg: total deafness£68,950 to £107,500
FaceMinor eg: light scarring£1,290 to £2,670
FaceSerious eg: facial fracture£1,770 to £28,950
FaceSevere eg: facial disfigurement£13,700 to £74,500

Upper Body

Part Of BodySeverityCompensation Amount
NeckMinor eg: whiplash£1,850 to £6,050
NeckSerious eg: fractures or dislocation£29,300 to £42,500
NeckSevere eg: partial or total paralysis£34,570 to £112,800
BackMinor eg: strains or soft tissue damage£300 to £9,450
BackSerious eg: permanent pain£9,450 to £29,500
BackSevere eg: partial or total paralysis£29,450 to £122,300
ShoulderMinor eg: pain for less than two years£300 to £6,050
ShoulderSerious eg: pain lasting a few years£6,050 to £9,750
ShoulderSevere eg: significant disability£9,750 to £36,450
Hips and PelvisMinor eg: recovery within a few years£3,000 to £9,580
Hips and PelvisSerious eg: hip replacement£9,550 to £29,850
Hips and PelvisSevere eg: long term effects, bowel damage£29,800 to £99,550

Hands and Arms

Part Of BodySeverityCompensation Amount
FingerMinor eg: fractureUp to £360
FingerSerious eg: amputation£3,000 to £14,255
FingerSevere eg: multiple amputation£6,570 to £69,050
ThumbMinor eg: recovery within a few monthsUp to £1,680
ThumbSerious eg: tendon or nerve damage£3,050 to £9,550
ThumbSevere eg: loss of grip, amputation£9,550 to £12,740
HandMinor eg: cuts and soft tissue damage£650 to £22,000
HandSerious eg: significant effect on use£22,000 to £47,000
HandSevere eg: amputation or loss of use£47,000 to £153,150
WristMinor eg: quick recovery after fracture£2,650 to £3,550
WristSerious eg: continuing discomfort£5,600 to £18,620
WristSevere eg: partial or total loss of use£18,600 to £45,450
ElbowMinor eg: tennis or golfer’s elbow£2,650 to £9,550
ElbowSerious eg: significant restricted movement£11,850 to £24,300
ElbowSevere eg: surgery or disability£29,750 to £41,650
ArmMinor eg: quick recovery after fracture£5,000 to £29,750
ArmSerious eg: restricted movement or disability£29,750 to £99,450
ArmSevere eg: amputation£73,050 to £228,050

Lower Body

Part Of BodySeverityCompensation Amount
ToeMinor eg: fracture£4,200 to £7,300
ToeSeriouseg: ongoing symptoms£7,300 to £16,050
ToeSevere eg: amputation£23,750 to £42,650
FootMinor eg: constant pain but no disability£5,320 to £10,445
FootSerious eg: fractured heel or foot£19,000 to £53,150
FootSevere eg: amputation£63,820 to £153,250
AchillesMinor eg: weakened ankle£5,520 to £16,050
AchillesSerious eg: partial tendon tear£18,950 to £22,850
AchillesSevere eg: severed tendonUp to £29,250
AnkleMinor eg: sprain or fracture£10,400 to £20,150
AnkleSerious eg: surgery required£23,850 to £38,000
AnkleSevere eg: major disability or amputation£38,000 to £52,995
KneeMinor eg: twists, dislocation£4,600 to £19,950
KneeSerious eg: some disability, long-term pain£19,850 to £32,990
KneeSevere eg: constant pain or disability£39,600 to £73,120
LegMinor eg: fracture or soft tissue damage£1,850 to £19,850
LegSerious eg: long-term effects£21,050 to £103,200
LegSevere eg: amputation£74,450 to £214,300

Work Claims FAQ

Can agency or temporary workers make a claim?

The same health and safety at work regulations cover all employees, therefore any can make a claim. This is regardless of whether they are full-time or part-time, on a short-term contract or even working via a 3rd party agency on temporary terms. Employers must ensure that all staff are adequately trained to work safely and provided with the right equipment. They should also have knowledge of company procedures, how to access support and how to report any incidents and where to seek first aid assistance.

Will claiming compensation cost me my job?

The answer to this is straightforward – no. Another one of those personal injury compensation myths designed to put you off from claiming for your injuries.

Will claiming compensation after an accident at work damage my employer?

Again, this is a myth. Whilst it’s never good to have to claim against their insurance cover, it will not damage the business in the long run. If your employer has breached safety guidelines and is liable it is only fair that you should receive compensation. The worst that will happen to the employer from the perspective of your successful claim against them is that they will be likely to see a rise in their insurance premium and have to pay an excess towards your claim. One positive of such an outcome is that it’s likely to get the employer to make changes to the way that they work, so that future employees can enjoy a safer workplace.

Can I prove that my employer is responsible?

This isn’t something you should normally have to worry about. Your specialist personal injury solicitor will know the law and how to hold someone to account.

Will my colleagues find out about my claim?

Another no. The details of your claim are confidential. Your employer must tell no persons other than their insurers, and your solicitor will adhere to data protection guidelines. It’s up to you who you tell or don’t tell about your claim.

Will me making a claim help protect colleagues?

It’s always important to report any workplace accident. If you do so and then make a successful claim, your employer is likely to sit up and take notice. They can amend their work practices and reduce the risk of the same thing happening again.

How long do I have to claim?

Normally you have three years from the date of the accident to make your claim for compensation. This can be extended for an even longer period in some circumstances, for example, if you were not 18 years old at the time.

Free advice

It is always worthwhile seeking guidance from fully qualified personal injury solicitors who specialise in accidents at work. We can help you to understand the process and complete it without hassle, maintaining your relationship with your employer to its best level.

Contact Direct 2 Compensation for confidential, friendly advice and we can start looking after you and your claim.

172 questions have been answered below, why not ask your own?

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Questions & Answers

  1. Michael Wynn

    hi I recently had a lower back injury in work over stretching to unload a vehicle that should have been unloaded ready for my shift ..I went to see the doctor he signed me off for one week . with a sick note .. I normally earn £322.00 PW my employer paid £92.30 SSP.. I’m still having minor issues with my back and have been given Naproxen by the doctor…my employer refuses to give me anything more than SSP…

    • Ian Morris

      Unfortunately, unless your contract of employment specifies that your employer will pay your usual salary during a period of sickness, there is no legal obligation for the employer to pay anything more than statutory sick pay (SSP) if you qualify for the scheme.

      The only way you can recover your lost income (the difference between the SSP you have received and your usual salary which is £229.70 per week) or any other costs you have incurred because of the back injury, will be by pursuing and succeeding with a claim for personal injury compensation against your employers insurance cover. As your back was injured whilst lifting and moving items it may well be a matter our specialist Solicitors can assist with successfully.

      If you would like to take this further, you can call us on 01225430285 or you can start your claim for compensation via our website if you prefer.

  2. Rachel

    I slipped on the floor in the ladies toilet resulting in smacking my arm on the vanity unit around the sink, it led to a broken wrist, the radius would I be able to get compensation for this

    • Ian Morris

      Please call us on 01225430285 or use the ‘start your claim for compensation‘ page of our website. We believe you may well have a valid claim for personal injury compensation and our specialist Solicitors can help you to do so on a No Win No Fee basis.

  3. paddy

    hi I work in a construction factory maken timber framed houses, on the day of my accident I hurt my back due to lifting a wall that got jammed in a roller system, I had asked my supervisor for help as It was not my usual duty in work and he said that there was no one to help me and I had to go and do it on me own. there was an over head crane where I only got basic training on how to use the controls of it but was never shown on how to use it for maneuvring the walls or flipping them. the roller frame what the wall was on was defective and they got a brand new system in 3 weeks later. have I a case?

    • Ian Morris

      Please use the ‘start your claim for compensation‘ form on our website to provide further details and your contact information. We feel you have a valid claim on the basis of a lack of inadequate training from the employer and being tasked with unsafe working instructions that put you at risk of injury. With this in mind, we feel you should pursue a claim and we would like to help you pursue this matter.

  4. John

    Hi. I am in charge of health and safety at my place of work (in charge to fill in accident logbook, train new staff etc). Myself I did not get H&S training as when I applied for the job I had informed my employers that this is what I do and I am fully aware of the rules and regulations. Part of my role is to train subordinate staff on H&S

    Around 6 months ago, I was helping a delivery driver to unload some timber at work and we were in a hurry. It was not loaded correctly and it fell on my leg. Can I claim compensation?

    Thank you

    • Ian Morris

      It would appear that your injury at work can be attributed to negligence – perhaps on the part of the 3rd party delivery company – as you have cited the cause as being dangerously loaded goods that have then fallen on to you, causing injury. As such, my initial view is that you have a valid claim for accident at work compensation.

      This is a matter we would be more than happy to further investigate for you. Should you wish to seek further advice and discuss a potential claim, please provide further details via the ‘start your claim for compensation‘ form on our website so that we can call you to discuss this in more detail. Alternatively, you can contact us on 01225430285.

  5. Jane

    Hi, during Covid I have had to take on work as a delivery driver for a supermarket, as my usual work has dried up. I am not used to heavy, physical lifting work and have developed tendonitus in my arms and shoulders. I have had some time off sick and have had remote physio sessions. I was not given a proper induction, no manual handling training etc and have still not been given any training since asking my manager after returning from sick leave. I have asked to see a risk assessment too, but not been shown one. We are asked to lift heavy crates above head height to load the delivery vans, with no steps to help us (I have asked for some). Also, quite often the equipment isn’t working , or the trolley is missing meaning extra stress and physical work. On top of this, my sick pay hasn’t been sorted out after 2 months and I am unable to get anyone to take responsibility – more stress. I am worried that when I go back to my normal job, post covid, that I physically won’t be able to do it. What do you advise?

    • Ian Morris

      Our specialist Solicitors are already acting for a number of people in identical circumstances to those that you describe. The work you have taken on during the pandemic is physical and as such, the employer has an obligation to ensure that you are given appropriate manual handling training, provided with the correct equipment to lift and move items of weight safely and a working environment that enables you to work in accordance with the training provided.

      It would appear that your employer has failed you here and acted negligently. As such, you have a right to pursue a claim for compensation to recover damages for the injury sustained and any loss of income or costs incurred as a result of the injuries.

      We can help you to exercise your legal right and make a claim for personal injury compensation on a No Win No Fee basis. Please provide further information via the ‘start your claim for compensation‘ form on our website. We’ll then contact you to discuss the matter ahead of having our specialist Solicitors act for you.

  6. Anthony Butterworth

    I’ve had a accident at work Blackpool council. There was no induction nothing when I started. While i was working on highways doing man holes I was putting the wacker plate back on the van there wasn’t a rench on the van to pull it up by health and safety guide there should be one. I felt a twitch in my knee after weeks of pain and going of sick I finally got my mri and got my results I’ve ripped I tenden in my carliage. And most have a op on the knee. I am still on probation here can I claim and still keep my job or will there sack me.

    • Ian Morris

      You have a legal right to make a claim and you cannot be dismissed or lose your job for taking legitimate legal action to claim compensation.

      Given the employers failure to provide you with the appropriate training or the equipment needed to enable you to work safely, you appear to have a valid claim that should be pursued. We would like to speak with you to offer further help to you. Please call us on 01225430285 or use the ‘start your claim for compensation‘ form on our website to get further help.

  7. Natalia

    Do I have to deal directly with the Insurance Company of my workplace to claim compensation? or is it my employer’s responsibility?

    • Ian Morris

      If you are making a claim after an accident at work, your claim would be dealt with by your employers insurers. Making a claim against an employer does not directly impact the employers business or any colleagues so you should not be concerned about taking legitimate action to ensure that your rights are upheld and that any losses or injuries are appropriately compensated.

      Please call us on 01225430285 for further help and to discuss your situation. Alternatively, you can ask us to call you to discuss this if you prefer.

  8. Jack

    I had a slip on a wet floor at work caused by our car cleaning company that come in and clean the cars, they had no wet floor signs out and I kept asking them to clear the water up in the workshop, who would be liable for that?

    • Ian Morris

      Please call us on 01225430285. You can make a claim against for compensation and it would be against the insurance of the company that clean the cars as they have caused the injury and failed to warn you of the risk. The car cleaning company have responsibility to ensure that the work that they are doing is done safely and that any risks of injury – such as slippery surfaces and wet floors – are warned of with hazard signage etc.

      Alternatively, if you would rather that we call you, please use our ‘contact request‘ to provide your number and we’ll be in touch to help you to understand your options and rights.

  9. Rachel

    I tripped over a foot of one of my bosses when she stepped backwards without checking her surroundings. I resulted in a fractured radius head on my left arm. Do I have the right to claim personal injury and loss of earnings?

    • Ian Morris

      You have the right to make a claim, but it is unlikely that a claim would succeed in such circumstances. Sadly, this is likely to be seen as an unfortunate accident and not something the employer could have done anything to prevent.

  10. Trevor

    Hi, my friend was injured at work an he is still suffering, he had told people at work even his H&S manager that his ppe was not good and needs a different style boot as the sole was a slip hazard. Is it his own fault for wearing them or his employers failing to give suitable foot ware.

    • Ian Morris

      As an issue had been raised with the employer regarding the possible risk of injury, the employer was ‘on notice’ of an issue and whilst that doesn’t necessarily mean that they needed to change the PPE footwear, it did require that they at least investigate the issue and consider whether they had provided the appropriate footwear.

      As they appeared not to have done anything, there is certainly a right for a claim to be pursued.

  11. Jay

    Hi Ian

    I am about to be medically retired on the grounds of PTSD ill health, caused by my employer’s negligence and treatment of me over the last 3 years. I have been in my job for 20 years and have no previous or family history of mental illness. Throughout the last 3 years my employer has received medical advice on how to manage me as my health has deteriorated from several consultants, my GP and other specialist, but failed to adhere to or follow any of this advice, leading now to my current mire

    Could you please offer some help and advice as to what claims I can make

    Kind Regards


    • Ian Morris

      It would seem that the potential route to pursuing a claim would be a claim for work related stress. Essentially, the condition that you are now struggling with (PTSD) is a stress related problem and if your employer is shown to have failed you and contributed to the stress and therefore caused your condition to be as chronic, a claim may be possible. We can assist with such claims on a No Win No Fee basis. The first port of call is for you to complete and return our initial questionnaire – which you can download from our stress at work compensation page to complete and return to us by email. Once we have that, our specialist Solicitors will consider your situation in more detail and advise you further.

  12. Eva

    Hello. In work i have an accident. It was my fault. Amputated tip of small finger left hand. Can i expect something about claim?

    • Ian Morris

      If the accident was your own fault, you can’t make a claim for compensation. However, as your injury happened whilst at work, was it really the case that the injury was your fault? You need to consider whether your employer had provided proper and appropriate training and think about whether you had been given the right equipment to use, the correct PPE and whether there was anything else the employer could have done to prevent the injury from happening. It could be the case that your employer bears some responsibility for the amputation injury you suffered at work and it might help if you to talk with us about the incident so that we can help to identify whether or not there is any prospect of making a claim for compensation.

  13. Lukki

    Hi there,

    I am enquiring about a neck injury which i was off work for three months. I am still receiving pain and paid over 800pounds for physiotherapy and loss of earning causing me to fall into rent arrears. I have been diagnosed with PTSD and referred to physiotherapy. I am finding it very hard to work and feel like my life has been effected and I may not be as fit as I was or be able to do my job properly again.

    • Ian Morris

      How did you sustain your neck injury? If you were injured through no fault of your own, we can help you claim compensation for the physical and emotional injuries sustained and also seek to recover any loss of income as well as incurred costs.

      If you would like to discuss a potential claim with us, please call us on 01225430285. Alternatively, if you’d prefer, use our ‘start your claim‘ service to provide more information and we can start the ball rolling that way.

  14. Jager Miah


    I was at work when I was verbally abused and threatened by a deliveroo driver. My panic radio was not working and I did not have a working phone line. I went to report the incident but I was assaulted by the driver on my way. I am the general manager of the store. I have been off work recovering since the 27th June 2020.

    I suffered a lot of injuries including a broken nose, a spilt forehead, a gash to my neck, blows to my chest and back. I went to hospital and had staples in my forehead and later had my nose manipulated. My shoulder and back have been frozen and I am migraine suffer but since the attack all medication taken has made my migraines so bad that I have been getting help from my family. I am currently waiting for my referrals to see a neurologist and physio fir my shoulder and back.
    My cluster headaches are so bad but due to my shoulder and scapular pain (I am left handed) that I have been unable to even dress or undress without some help, bathing to even carrying my young children.

    I am exasperated, distressed and upset that all of this could have been avoided had my employer had the working functions ie to radio or call/contact the control room. I am very worried as I have to get the correct medical care (which presently I am not) waiting times in the pandemic are awful and to date I have not had one face to face consultation with exception of the nose manipulation.

    I have breathing difficulties and flared sinuses my headaches are far worse. I have been told by my GP that they may have to operate. I currently due not have money to see a private doctor, medical therapist or occupational therapy either. This has all affected my mental health I become anxious, agitated and withdrawn from my family and friends for months.

    I’m worried as to how I will get back to work as I cannot function as a normal person.

    I was hoping that my employer would help me but has been negligent with exception of furloughed payments.

    Had the radio provided been working or the phone line I wouldn’t have had to leave the unit to get security or to raise the alarm for help. The driver was being verbally abusive and aggressive to my customers and me. Hence why I had to go get some help. Can I claim from my employer?
    I want to sue Deliveroo too? If so can you help?

    • Ian Morris

      Our Solicitors will be able to help you pursue action and claim personal injury compensation for you in this matter. If successful, you can claim compensation for the physical injuries and ongoing pain as well as for the emotional trauma and the impact that such an incident will have on your confidence and self-esteem. Our specialist Solicitors will also ensure that any lost income or other incurred costs are recovered for you. Please call us on 01225430285 so that we can help you. Alternatively, if you prefer, please start your claim online with us and we’ll be in touch to offer further help.

  15. Ionut Curelaru

    Hi. I started a new job few weeks ago as a labourer in a huge site, and they give me different task to assambling some underfloor boxes with a power and heavi machine. Can I claim my boss? I have pics of the jobs I do.

    • Ian Morris

      Have you been injured at work? Can you explain what happened, what your injury is etc? We can then advise further.

  16. Charlie

    Hello my names charlie my company has made me work on my own in an extremely stressful environment I’m stressed and anxious I’m not sleeping at home properly I don’t know how to report it and I’ve got to work alone for 2 weeks, I’m serving customers and managing a warehouse it’s causing me extreme stress It’s affecting my home life I’m and I’ve been given no support for the period of 2 weeks.

    My question is do I have a valid claim because it’s destroying my mental health and causing me extreme anxiety managing a store without proper support I’ve received no calls from higher management and both colleagues are off on holiday.

    • Ian Morris

      You need to make your employer aware – in writing – of your concerns and the stress that you are under. This will put the employer on notice of a potential issue. The employer must then at least review the working practices and may make reasonable adjustments to make your life easier. If the employer fails to take any action and your stress symptoms persist you could then seek to make a claim against the employer for compensation – something that we can help you with.

      If you have already reported the issue to the employer in writing and they have done nothing, you can complete our initial work related questionnaire and submit it to us. We can then get our specialist Solicitors to contact you to discuss a possible claim.

  17. Julie

    Hi, I was in the work canteen and I tripped over a low heavy glass table and severely broke my foot. I feel the table was too low and close to where i was sitting and after I came back from sick leave they had actually replaced the table for a smaller one and moved it away from the seating area.
    Do i have a case to claim?

    • Ian Morris

      Unless the table was obstructing a walkway, it is unlikely that you could pursue a claim for compensation.

  18. Lalita

    I am vulnerable and shielded until 31 July. My work place knew about my health conditions (I am asthmatic, diabetic and have arthritis). On 3rd August I went back to work as requested by my Regional Manager because shielding came to an end. On arrival at work, I found out that the place had not been cleaned for 2 months as the cleaners contract had been terminated and the other staff were working in filthy unsanitary conditions. After being in work for 4 hours, I had an asthma attack and had to ask my husband to pick me up and contacted my Doctor (pictures and video taken of the work place).

    I updated my Regional Manager/Company Directors about the incident both verbally and by email. I requested full pay until the office was cleaned and I had recovered to return to work, as it was their fault. They have agreed to full pay until the office is cleaned. They have not contacted me to enquire about my health or update me. I have still not recovered fully. Can I sue them for the pain and stress they have causing me by knowing my condition, they have put my life at risk?

    • Ian Morris

      As the employer is paying you in full for your time away from work, there is unlikely to be a valid claim for compensation as it is likely to be impossible to prove a causal link between the conditions of the workplace and your asthma attack.

  19. Paula

    I went down 2 steps at the same time at work and hit my heal on the floor my heal hasn’t been the same since been off work for about 4 months been to A.E ..Also went to occupational health talked to different doctors on the phone and they said because of the injury I have now got planter fascitis I can’t walk very far had loads of exercises to do from my doctors and its not changed much only seen a doctor on video link because of covid 19.

    • Ian Morris

      What caused you to go down the two steps together at the same time and suffer the injury in the first place? If you simply misplaced your footing, you have no right to make a claim as you were the cause of your own injury. However, if there was a ‘hazard’ or something that caused you to fall, you could pursue a claim for compensation.

  20. Paul

    I tripped over whilst going after a run away child whilst working for a school transport company. I badly broke 2 fingers and I had to have surgery. I have lost some movement in my fingers. I was advised to claim against the council ad I had tripped on the pavement. The claim was rejected. I wasnt given the full information on the child ie he was prone to running off. The following day extra measures where put in place to stop it happening again. My employer or now former employer did pay me my wage whilst I was off work recovering from surgery. Do you think I am eligible for compensation from the employer? Thanks .

    • Ian Morris

      If it can be shown that the employer knew of potential risks or issues that could cause potentially lead to an accident yet failed to inform an employee, there is a possibility that employer negligence could be demonstrated and a claim could succeed.

      In this case, were you not handed an up to date risk assessment or care plan for the child in question? If not, we should speak with you further and have this matter considered by our specialist Solicitors.

      • Paul

        Hi there was a care plan but it wasnt up to date. They where awaiting a doctors report which came after the event.

        • Ian Morris

          As the care plan was not up to date, it does open the possibility of pursuing a claim for compensation.

  21. Yvette

    My name’s Yvette, my first language is French, I’m working in community care but is too much discrimination in this office, during this period COVID-19 from March to April 15th I worked with no mask but in April my manager given the mask only to the British carers but to me I feel like because of my skin colour, it’s really hurt my heart, also I’m the one who works long shifts from morning to bed 6 days a week but she never gives me fixed rota but she gives all the rest of my British colleagues, I got full stress of all this. Please I really need your help.

    • Ian Morris

      Whether or not you can pursue a claim for personal injury based on your situation is unclear. It could well be that you need employment law advice. However, we can have our specialist in work related stress compensation consider this for you.

  22. Leigh

    a colleague used improper cleaning methods in a kitchen at work and as a result I slipped on boiling water, causing sever burns to my foot and ankle where there was no wet floor sign, and also banged my head very hard on the floor. I had to have 2 weeks off work and had to push my employer to even pay me SSP. Do I have a claim?

    • Ian Morris

      You absolutely have a valid claim for personal injury compensation. The cause of you slipping and sustaining injury would appear to be due to more than one negligent action, so it would appear to be a strong claim.

  23. Jason

    Hi I was at work and a temporary wooden wall fell and hit me on the back if I hadn’t taken 2 steps prior I would more than likely died as it weighed at least half a tonne it hit me on my back at sent me flying at least 10 feet I’m in agony as it only happened yesterday it was all recorded on cctv it took 7 men to lift the wall back in place. It was strapped to the ceiling when they were doing work prior to that then they didn’t strap it back up again what sort of compensation could I claim??

    • Ian Morris

      It is impossible to ascertain the level of damages you could receive as the value of any compensation settlement will be based on the injuries sustained and the length of time it takes to recover (or the lack of a full recovery if applicable). However, it would certainly seem that you have a valid claim that we would be very happy to help you to pursue. Not only would our specialist Solicitors seek to ensure that the injuries you sustained were fully understood and the value of that element of your claim maximised, they would also ensure that any loss of income or other incurred costs or losses were recovered too.

      Please call us on 01225430285 or make further contact with me directly on to start your claim.

  24. Alexandro

    I got cut with razor wire at work 6 months ago it was a deep cut in my left forearm now my arm feels uncomfortable in pain and stiff this happened on video game tournament we were filming the razor wire was a being used as a prop and was a dangerous object to have in the property of the studio never got therapy or anything was released to go to work the next day now my arm is uncomfortable to work

    • Ian Morris

      Having razor wire as a prop seems like a crazy decision and was clearly an accident waiting to happen. It would appear that you have a strong claim for compensation due to employer negligence.

  25. Simon

    I have been having issues with my employer for over 12 months. I have raised these issues in several occasions and have just had an absence of 8 weeks due to Work-Related Stress/Anxiety and have now got to take medication for at least 6 months. I have raised a grievance and am waiting for this to be concluded. Am I eligible to make a compensation claim for this?

    • Ian Morris

      As your employer has been made aware of your concerns BEFORE they became chronic and required you to take leave and medication, you may be able to make a claim against them for compensation.

      Such claims require specialist consideration by an expert and we can help with this for you. To get this matter considered by our specialist – which would be done on a No Win No Fee basis, we need you to complete and return our initial questionnaire. You can either download our stress at work questionnaire or you can email us ( to request one.

  26. Kirun

    My dad works for a shop as an agency worker. He was assaulted at work during a robbery. The individual who attacked him has not been caught. Due to this attack, my dad suffered a head injury and has anxiety. I was wondering if it is possible to seek compensation from the agency he works at.

    • Ian Morris

      Your Father has a right to make a claim for compensation. Whether there is any liability to attach to the employer is questionable as the injuries were caused by an act of criminal violence against your father. However, our specialist Solicitors can help by making a claim on a No Win No Fee basis to the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA).

      Please call us on 01225430285 to find out more about this process and the options available to your father (as you can claim directly to it without legal help if you wish – although we would always recommend instructing a specialist Solicitor to act) and how we can help in this process.

  27. Aleksandra

    Good morning. I worked as a domestic in hospital. Due to repetitive and constant movement of wrist ( cloth holding, mop, cleaning) I have now right wrist injury. It started all in may last year. Had physio but no joy. Went to emergency department in january and been sent off work when my wrist got really bad. I had several appointments with gp, occupational health and orthopedic surgeon where everyone thinks that is carpal tunnel injury.suppose to have nerve tests to confirm it in may but all been postponed till coronavirus for now. I carried on my sick note till 7th of may and had to give notice to work due to wasn’t able to clean with my wrist and I was asked by my work place about final date of my rerurn what I couldn’t provide. Had to find less physical job for now. I feel as well as I I didn’t have proper moving and handling or other trainings at work. All I had was 1 and half hour of induction where I was quickly and briefly shown things around. I wonder if I have a chance for a claim of work related injury. It’s a right hand and I found difficult to grip and hold things in my hand for longer, still getting pins and needles at night and in day, when my wrist is bad I cannot even drive or do every day tasks as I am right handed. Could I have any information please. Thank you, Aleksandra

    • Ian Morris

      On the basis of your description of the injury you have sustained and the work you undertake, there is a possibility that you may be able to claim personal injury compensation against your employer. However, without seeking specialist advice from our expert Solicitors who specialise in such claim scenarios (repetitive strain etc), it is not possible to be certain. However, our initial view is that you should make a claim.

      Please call us on 01225430285 or provide your contact number and we’ll call you so that we can take some further information and get you specialist advice from our expert Solicitors.

  28. JK


    A friend of mine worked in the fabrication department, which involves cutting and shaping metal parts to be used in manufacture. He is required to cut metal using a very sharp electronic saw, which had an automatic cut-out mechanism, which is triggered if anything non-metallic crosses a certain point on the saw. He found this very frustrating, because it often meant that the saw cut out when he is positioning an awkward bit of metal. He made a number of complaints to his Supervisor about this. He worked out a way to disable the cut-out, which kept the saw moving when he was positioning a piece of metal. Unfortunately, one day it sliced through his arm. Will his employer be liable for his injury, at least contributorily?

    Many thanks

    • Ian Morris

      The accident scenario you describe is one that we would very much like to investigate as there is every prospect that the employer would have to accept all or at least the majority of liability in this matter.

      Please call our team for some further help and advice on 01225430285 or we can call you if you prefer.

  29. Sunny

    I have just been signed of with work related stress/ depression once again, it is twice now due to work related.

    As I have all email proof of negligence, harrasment and unfair treatment even after I returned from depression.

    • Ian Morris

      Please email our team at to request our initial questionnaire for stress at work claim enquiries. Once you have completed and returned this to us, our specialist will be able to advise you as to whether or not you can pursue a claim for compensation.

  30. Laura

    Can i claim for work related stress? i’ve raised a grievance against the company, and waiting for a response. My doctor has signed me off ? I made them aware i was struggling and they offered no help .

    • Ian Morris

      You have a right to make further enquiries regarding a possible claim for work related stress and this is a matter that we can assist you with. We work with a specialist in this area who is able to consider your situation, advise you and potentially pursue a claim for you – all on our No Win No Fee terms.

      The first step is for you to complete and return our work related stress questionnaire. You can download the questionnaire or request one from us by emailing us at When we have received your completed questionnaire, your enquiry will be submitted to our specialist to review and consider before they then contact you directly to offer their opinion and advice regarding your situation and potential claim.

  31. sam bannister

    I was injured at work lifting a sofa from a clients address.I felt immediate pain and over the last 10 months had physio and an MRI scan.The results show 4 disc bulges in l4 l5 s1 area and i have been in pain ever since the accident.I walk with a limp now and my rt side hip/leg gives way now and then and i suffer with depression and on medication for this..I do have a solicitor on my case who has valued at up to £25000 this was before and reports were known to him.I find this a little strange and having read some settlement stories it seems some people have had huge payouts.Only i was thinking of changing my representative in this matter.

    • Ian Morris

      The reality is that until a medical expert has had a consultation with you, with sight of your medical records, provided a detailed medical report and injury prognosis to your Solicitor, that your Solicitor can begin the process of obtaining the appropriate value range for your injury compensation. It could well be that the figure that was mooted was simply a suggestion, with a ‘best case speedy recovery’ point of view in mind. You could of course ask your Solicitor to clarify their remarks, but if your Solicitor remains of the view that you should undergo a medical assessment and await the experts report, they appear to be acting correctly.

  32. Jamie

    Hi I was just wondering weather I had a valid claim. I was unloading a pallet in to a trolley to be transported on to the shop floor. As I was stepping on and off the pallet to retrieve the goods, I fell of the pallet and twisted my ankle resulting in a trip to a+e. where I found out I had badly sprained ankle resulting in having to take two weeks off work. even now over a month later my ankle still swells up causing me to limp and I can’t straighten my foot completely. When I got back to work I had to sign a form saying not to step on to the pallets. I would appreciate if u could give me info on if I have a claim or weather it is just my fault.

    • Ian Morris

      There may well be a valid claim here for you. The employer has clearly realised that stepping on and off pallets is a risk to health and have now informed you of that and asked you NOT to do so again. However, there is an argument that they should have provided this guidance and prevented such actions BEFORE you sustained your injury.

      We would like to further investigate whether or not you can make a claim.

  33. James

    My name is James I got hurt at work stacking traffic cones on a moving trailer in the rain. I fractured my ankle notified the Foreman as soon as it happened. Went to urgent care they said it was fractured. Doctor advised me to stay off ankle until I see a orthopedist. Told my employer he advised me to come in the next morning and just sit in a chair for 8 hours a day because he doesn’t want any lost time injury. Now that I’ve seen the orthopaedic cant return back to work until I see him in 3 weeks. So I’ll be sitting 3 more weeks in hour shop. My question is, is my employer supposed to compensate me for this injury?

    • Ian Morris

      Your employer will only compensate you if you succeed with a claim for compensation against their insurers for the injury you sustained to your ankle. Our initial view is that there is certainly a possible claim.

  34. Richard

    Hi I broke the fall of a colleague at work who fainted, as a result I pulled my back and want to know is this my own fault or is it classed as an accident at work?

    • Ian Morris

      Unfortunately, there is not likely to be any way that you could pursue a claim for compensation in this scenario. There is no employer negligence and as such, although you were injured whilst attempting to help a colleague in distress, you cannot seek redress.

  35. Vivian Critchley

    My place of work employed outside company to fit new security system, and broke a light bulb, but they put the broken bulb into a bin, and I as the cleaner cut my hand on the glass in the bin,

    • Ian Morris

      We feel that the contractors have been negligent by placing a hazardous item in a standard bin and not within a specific safety box. As such, we feel you have a valid claim.

  36. Dean

    I work as a maintenance plumber in the prison service, one day in May 2019 I was removing a smashed ceramic basin in a cell when I slit across my wrist just missing an artery, I went to hospital were I ended up having to have time off 7 days the policy at work is 8 days in a year is a written warning.
    I’ve had to take today off and probably rest of the week so this will take me over the 8 days, don’t get on with the site manager so will be waiting to give me a warning.
    Is an accident at work classed as sick leave should this be taken into account?

    • Ian Morris

      This issue is going to be best addressed to an employment law Solicitor rather than ourselves. Although you were injured whilst performing your duties, whether the employer has to take that in to account when reviewing whether or not you should receive a warning is unclear. It would of course, seem extremely unfair and harsh for them to do so in this case, but we feel an employment Solicitor would be able to advise you properly.

      With regards to the injury itself, there is the potential for you to pursue a claim for personal injury compensation for the injury and scarring sustained in this incident. Before we would know whether or not a claim could proceed, we would need to speak with you and take some further details so that our specialist Solicitors could consider the matter properly. If you would like us to look in to that for you, please call us on 01225430285.

  37. Mellony

    I wish to sue the NHS (my employer), for unsafe practices which has caused me great stress. I believe that they have failed to protect me at work.

    • Ian Morris

      Please complete and return our initial work related stress questionnaire. Once we have that from you, the information you provide can be considered by our specialist Solicitor who can then inform you as to whether or not you can pursue a claim against your employer.

  38. Annette

    Dear Team,
    I had an accident at work where I fell with my arm extended and injured my shoulder.

    I completed an accident report form. It was a new reporting system and I had not been trained to use it in the event of recording an accident. Therefore is not very thorough and unfortunately I blamed the accident on someone who activated a control which probably was not their fault as no signage states not to do so if there is someone leaning over the conveyor. The insurance company rejected my claim so a stop button had been installed. However, the work area was not as clean and clear because the rubbish bins had been removed. In fact rubbish may have obstructed the emergency stop button. Several health and safety reports were made before and after my accident resulting in the bins being replaced.
    Even though the emergency stop button may or may not have been obstructed by rubbish, I would not have been able to access it anyway as I was leaning forward over an item attaching a label. The item itself was on a conveyor belt. When the conveyor belt moved forward (someone else activated a control to move the conveyor) I fell forward and down.

    On the day there were staff shortages. I did not not get a rest break within 4 hours of starting my shift which is a union agreed break.
    I did not get sent when I asked for it due to staff shortages.

    I had an operation to repair my injury (the fall caused damage to my shoulder) which became apparent within a few days, first swelling and stiffness, inflammation of the bursa and ultimately a frozen shoulder. The orthopaedic surgeon said in his report ‘possibly caused by falling on an outstretched arm’ which is exactly what happened.
    I’m still seeing the physiotherapist 6 months later.
    The company paid for private medical treatment for the operation on my shoulder and subsequent physiotherapy.
    The insurance company rejected my claim as the accident was not something that could have been foreseen. The claim was put in by the union I belong too.
    Kind regards and apologies that it’s such a long and meandering message.

    What should I do now?

    • Ian Morris

      It is unfortunate that you feel that the initial accident report has not portrayed a full picture of the incident and that this has enabled the claim to be rejected by the insurers.

      Sadly, there is very little that you could now do about this. A new Solicitor would meet the same obstacle that your Union Solicitor has in that the defendant has a strong defence based on the evidence available. To attempt to re-open the claim without clear new evidence that changes the understanding of the incident and demonstrates that the accident was avoidable is simply unlikely to be possible.

  39. Carl

    Hi, i’ve worked for a company for around 3 years i had a RTA when 2 girls stepped out from behind a parked van, i swerved and came off my mountain bike at speed, i dislocated my shoulder badly an torn all ligaments in it, i was then off for 40 days, i returned to work on light duties and the work physio demanded i done no more than 1-3 hours physical work online until i’d had my operation in the new year (jan2020). i also had this confirmed by the companies occupational health, no more than 1-3 hours i was then confronted by a supervisor (verbally) and was told that i had to go back online full time or i’d have to return to the sick, as i’d had 40 days off i’d been given a written warning about absence, i was forced back online by two bosses playing good cop, bad cop and i then done approx 5 weeks on 9 hour days, i was in agony but didn’t want to lose my job as i have kids to support. i was basically crying of the pain it was causing me and the zapain had stopped working, i then used cbd oil that had thc levels in which actually worked really well for pain relief but i was then drug tested and i failed, the company has a zero tolerance with drugs but on explaining if you didn’t put me on line against health and safety the physio and occy health i wouldn’t be in this room being reprimanded for drug use. My arm was weak and i was in constant pain and i believe my arm wont be the same, i was ticking over ok still in pain at 1-3 hours but when upped to full time work the pain was pretty much unbearable, can i claim for injury at work? As i am a keen mountain biker and mountain climber and its limited me to what i can now do, i feel if they had took the advice given i’d be better now but they rushed me and now i’m in constant pain, i’m looking to leave company by constructive dismissal as there has been some discrimination along the way also but i’m contacting you today on the injury side, it’s caused depression anxiety and undue stress, don’t know what to do, i’ve recently had the operation which was a success i have been told 9-12 weeks rehabilitation on my injury then i’ll be due to return to work but in all honesty i don’t want to return after the pain physically and mentally caused.
    Many thanks.

    • Ian Morris

      You may be able to make a claim for work related stress compensation, but we can’t advise further on that until you have completed and returned our initial questionnaire on that subject. Our specialist Solicitor would then be able to advise you on whether or not you can make a claim. Alternatively, you may wish to discuss this situation with an employment law specialist to find out whether or not your employment rights are being upheld.

      As for the cause of your injury – the two girls walking out in to your path whilst you cycled – sadly, there is nothing you can do in terms of a claim for that incident.

  40. andrew

    i have a month before 3 years has passed since the injury which i think is the reason i am still in pain and paying for private osteopathy , can i still claim?

    • Ian Morris

      You do have up to 3 years from the date of an accident to pursue a claim, however with only 1 month remaining it is likely to be extremely hard to find a Solicitor able to take the matter forward on a No Win No Fee basis for you. That said, you may still wish to attempt to pursue your claim.

  41. Frank

    I was climbing on a commercial vehicle chassis at work and slipped and hurt my leg. Could I make a personal injury claim, or was it my fault?

    • Ian Morris

      Whether or not it was your fault will depend on why you were climbing on the wagon and whether the employer should have provided training or other safety equipment to reduce the risk of you falling or suffering injury.

  42. Denise

    Hi I broke my toe at work carrying ironing from one room to another, stubbed my toe on a thick mat that looks like an outdoor one, working for a cleaning company. Have I a claim? Regards Denise.

    • Ian Morris

      Is the mat that you stubbed your toe against placed in a doorway? Is it likely to be deemed to be a hazard or for the employer to be held liable for placing such a mat in the position in which it was located?

  43. Sharon

    Just over 3 years ago with previous employer my employers upheld my complaint of bullying by colleague. I went to my gp at the time I had suicidal thoughts unfortunately. I am in new employment but suffer still from anxiety. Would I have claim?

    • Ian Morris

      Given that more than 3 years has passed, it would most likely be the case that you are now barred from making a claim due to the fact that limitation for your claim has now passed.

  44. Paula

    Hiya I injured my knee at work. in April this year. I put a claim in with Thompson’s solicitors through my union, who are unison. Thompson’s solictors will not take it forward due to not having witness statements. Has the company I work for will not take any liability for my injury. I work in supported living and support two Adults with learning disabilities. I was lone working at the time of my injury. Two settees had been stored up against the radiator in the lounge in the house where I work. I went to close the curtain I overstretched whilst doing this and my left knee buckled and went from underneath me.

    • Ian Morris

      We often have people approach us when the Solicitor that their Union have linked them with closes their claim. In this case, the witness statement issue is important but shouldn’t in and of itself spell the end of any claim. With this in mind, it may be worth seeking a 2nd opinion from another Solicitor so that they can offer a view as to whether the claim was closed prematurely or whether there is anything further that could be done.

      We would be happy to seek a 2nd opinion for you. To that end, please email us some basic information including your name, date of birth, contact details, date of accident, description of the accident and injury and what has happened with your Solicitor (including their reference) and we’ll pass the details to our Solicitors to review for you. More details on knee injury claims can be found here.


    I had an accident at work in May 2019 where I slipped in a freezer where I damaged my ribs. That night at home I had to have paramedics call as I could not get my breath. I was put on the sick for 2 weeks after which I went back to work and was asked to fill in a back to work form and produce a fit note which I said I hadn’t got. When asked to sign the form my hand would not work properly and my speech was slurred for a moment. I was sent home and told to see my doctor.
    Apparently I had a mini stroke and was told to have tests and could not drive for 4 weeks.
    I was paid full pay whilst I was off so did not feel a need to claim.
    Since going back to work for the next 6 weeks or so the workload had increased due to a shortage of staff. This caused excessive stress on myself which I expressed to my manager and others.
    On Friday 13th after a very hard mornings work I felt pains in my chest. I went to hospital and was transferred to a specialist hospital for heart surgery.
    I have been told that I will receive ssp only and I don’t know how long I will be off work.

    • Ian Morris

      Given the serious situation in which you find yourself now having had heart surgery, it is understandable that you now wish to look further in to your rights after your accident at work.

      With specific regard to the heart situation, it is likely to be very difficult to prove a causal link between the work you were doing and the impact on your health in terms of negligence by the employer. However, that issue can be considered.

      You may though have a valid claim for compensation for the injury to your ribs that seems to have been catalyst for the current situation. However, before we can advise you as to whether or not you do have rights to make a claim, we need to know more about the incident in which you slipped. One would expect an industrial freezer to have ice on the floor or to be slippery, so we would like to know more about what steps the employer takes to minimise the risk of slipping incidents. Do they provide specific ‘gripped’ footwear or should there be a grip surface etc?

  46. Siobhan

    Hi, don’t know if I have missed the window of opportunity but thought I would ask. I got kicked in the back whilst at work. How many years do I have before it’s too late to put in a claim? I already had a back problem at the time and it was extremely well managed. This accident has caused me ongoing problems. I am currently off sick from my current job and trying to survive on SSP.
    I am on quite strong pain medication and I will always have a problem. Just feel my life would not have been so bleak. I filled in the accident book at the time. I have no idea if it was reported. I look forward to hearing from you.

    • Ian Morris

      If you were injured whilst at work, the UK personal injury legal system will afford you a period of 3 years in which you can then pursue a claim.

      In your case, if 3 years has passed since your injury, you won’t be able to take action. If you have less than 6 months of the 3 years remaining, you need to take action quickly as it becomes harder to place a claim on a No Win No Fee basis in such circumstances.

  47. Luke

    I suffered an injury to my back working for my ex employer. I never received manual handling training and I was lifting up to 25kg onto a high table for months. Everything went into the accident book. since the injury I worked here for 6 months then got sacked for breach of misconduct. Since this I have been on sick for back pain. I have just found out the company has gone into liquidation. Am I able to sue for loss of earnings since? And existing pain and suffering?

  48. Lucy Wenham

    Hello , I wondered if you could advise me please ? .
    I worked for a private university for 12
    Months as a catering assistant , I loved my job and got on very well with my colleagues and my manager . After 12 months the events supervisor left her position and my manager advertised the job . The job was given to a lady who was very qualified , she lasted 2 weeks, my manager asked her to leave. After she was let go my manager offered the job to me as a promotion , I was over the moon . Sadly the workload was way over my head and I couldn’t cope , I told my manager many times I wanted to go back to the catering assistant position but she said to keep at it . I was offered a 1.00 raise and the promise of college to get the training needed . The lady who left the position was earning over 25.000 a year as the wages reflect the job. I asked my manager about the training and she kept saying she couldn’t get through to the college . This went on for nearly 6 weeks and sadly due to the workload and no training I ended up having a severe breakdown at work in front of everyone . I now have been off work with severe anxiety and stress and am unemployable to anyone . Please can you help as I really feel like the Uni put me into a position as it was cheaper for them and when I couldn’t cope they just didn’t care . I told my manager I feel like a total failure and have tried to take my life twice since the breakdown but she has gone from being a loving lady who cared to a cold hard woman who doesn’t care . please help .

    This happened last July so I have been off sick for a year . I was asked to allow them to look at my medical records to which I agreed and this was about 3 months ago , I had heard nothing back from them until last Friday when I received a letter saying due to the fact I hadn’t responded to a letter they sent me they are taking the no reply as my resignation, I am in the process of writing to them to say I did not receive a letter and I absolutely do not resign, I don’t know what their game is saying that but I do know they know they caused my breakdown and my now severe mental health illness .

    • Ian Morris

      We do have a specialist Solicitor who can advise you with regards to the situation you describe. We’ll need you to complete and return an initial work related stress questionnaire so that we can pass this to our specialist to review before they then contact you directly to advise you further.

      Please email us at: to request the initial questionnaire.

  49. Luis Louro

    I had a broken ankle 2 years ago +/- and while at work i was with £200 a month on ssp for 8 all months but return to work after that. Only to find out after 5 months i return to ssp because i could not do the work so this time they payment was almost enough for my expenses even they pay 8 months back because they realize it was a accident at work,yes first they told me it was my fault. Now am back to work hoping that its going to be different but between all this i run short and my bills going up because they stop last month payments.
    This is just to resume . i am restricted to do some things due to my ankle for the rest of my life and involve using only one soft shoe. any advice welcome .

    • Ian Morris

      If you suffered a broken ankle whilst at work, you may be able to make a claim against your employers insurance for the injury sustained and also to recover the lost income you suffered in that period. Whilst you received £200 per month in SSP, if successful with a claim against the employer, you would be able to recovery the difference between the SSP and your usual salary as well as compensation for the pain and discomfort of the injury.

      Please call us on 01225430285 or use our website to make further contact with us. We would like to know more about your work and how you were injured so that we can advise you further as to whether or not you can make a claim against your employer.

  50. Joshua

    I was wondering if make a claim for loss of earnings due to a accident I had at work slipping on hydraulic oil on the floor without any signs over the floor or nothing. I then reported it in accident book and I had to have three days off with a bad back, I went to gp was told take painkillers unless got worse go hospital. I have photographic evidence with the oil on the floor in big patches down a warehouse isle, my Manager then lied to me the next week I was back saying he was paying me my basic rate and pay I lost to make me work. I feel stressed alarmed and treated unfairly.

    • Ian Morris

      You describe a slipping accident scenario that would lead me to have an initial view that you do have a strong and valid claim for compensation. Hydraulic oil on the floor would clearly present a slipping hazard and the lack of signage to warn of this would potentially place the employer in breach of their obligations towards health and safety in the workplace.

      We would be happy to pursue this for you and have our specialist Solicitors investigate your claim on a No Win No Fee basis.

  51. Penny

    From being made redundant at work very abruptly, I spiraled into an uncontrollable state of depression & anxiety which affected my motivation to get back into work or wake up in the morning. – I have been formally diagnosed and am on medication to control it. Is this claimable?

    • Ian Morris

      Being made redundant is a distressing experience and it is not uncommon for someone to feel down, depressed and distressed at a sudden loss of employment and income. Sadly, it is unlikely that you would have a valid claim against your former employer as employers are allowed to terminate employment by way of redundancy should business needs require such action to be taken. Of course, if you believe that your former employer failed to act in accordance with the statutory requirements of redundancy consultation and payment, you may have a valid claim. Such a claim though would not be personal injury but employment law and you would need to speak with an employment law expert.

  52. Sabina

    Hi, I work for a large supermarket as a Dispensing Assistant on the pharmacy department. I was bringing a pharmacy delivery down one morning. The totes are heavy so a colleague loaded them on the flat top trolley for me. The warehouse is at the back of the second floor so there’s quite a way back to the pharmacy. As I was pushing it I began struggling with it as it would not manoeuvre in the direction I wanted. It kept turning to the right. I had to push it in and out through all the clothing stands. It was getting more difficult to control. Then suddenly I experienced a sharp crushing pain in my chest and left arm. I thought I was having a heart attack. I couldn’t leave to a side as it had pharmacy drugs in it which couldn’t be left unattended. When I finally managed to get back to the pharmacy I told my manager that I struggled with the trolley and I was having chest pains and breathing problems. The pain continued into the next morning. I ended up In A&E with symptoms of a heart attack. They ran all test for heart conditions. All came back clear. They also asked if I’ve suffered a trauma to the chest. I didn’t link it immediately. Only after I saw the consultant I realised it was the defective trolleys. Diagnosis of Costochondritis was made.
    I’ve had lots of medical intervention and procedures but the condition hasn’t settled.
    The next time I was asked to get the delivery I told my manager that I can’t use those trolleys as that’s what caused my chest condition. He agreed and said “no don’t use those they’re bad” and since then brings the delivery down himself and has allowed me to use customer trolley instead.
    I was new there and didn’t know some of the flat top trolleys were defective. Later colleagues cautioned me against using them. I have since spoken to two other colleagues who have suffered the same condition as a result of the defective wheels on the trolleys. I’m having to leave the job role now as I’ve been taunted and bullied by other members of the team and also as I can’t resume normal work duties in the pharmacy due to the costochondritis. How do I go about making a claim? Thanks in advance.

    • Ian Morris

      It may well have been that the trolley used was not fit for purpose and it may well have been overloaded. As we work on a fully no win no fee basis, you can further investigate your claim without having to worry about financial implications or costs should the matter not be successful.

  53. Debbie

    I work on embroidery machine and the needle went straight through my finger. I went to hospital that day but had to return the next for surgery as the needle was to far in to be removed. So a small cut was made to my finger then 3 stitches were placed on it. I was allowed home afterwards. Has my boss got the right to deduct my wage for being in hospital for that day?

    • Ian Morris

      Sadly your employer does not have to pay you for any time that you are away from work, whether that be due to injuries caused at work. The employer must not prevent you from attending Medical treatment, but they don’t have to pay you.

      In your case, you would be entitled to recover any lost income if you pursued a claim for accident at work compensation successfully. Given your job, you should have received specific training on the use of the embroidery machine and been advised of the risks of injury and issued with any appropriate personal protective equipment if applicable. If your employer has failed to do any of this, you should call us on 01225430285 or use the ‘start a claim’ page of our website to discuss your case with us further.

  54. jacqui

    I was injured at work last year and have now found out that at the time there were no employee or public liability certificate up to date. Can i still claim?

    • Ian Morris

      Yes, if the employer failed to get the correct insurance in place, the Directors of the business are at fault and it is possible to pursue a claim against them directly.

      Our Solicitors have undertaken such claims in the past and whilst it is harder and less straightforward to pursue a claim against an individual rather than an insurer, it is possible should the individual have the personal wealth to enable a settlement to be obtained.

  55. Ross

    Hi. I had a double hernia which was operated on last year. I am sure this was to do with my job. I work for Boc Gases delivering heavy gas cylinders. However I didn’t fill out any accident book and my employer says I can’t prove I did this at work.
    After my op I had a few complications but have now been signed fit. However my employer thinks differently and is not letting me back to work yet. This has now been going on some time and although I was receiving sick pay for a while it has now run out. I haven’t had any wages now since September last year. I don’t know what to do now.. I am having to use savings to live but they are running out. My employer says I’m not allowed to work for anyone else while this goes on. The union aren’t being much help either.
    Would I have a case to sue for loss of earnings?

    • Ian Morris

      You could potentially claim for loss of earnings. The issue you have is proving the causal link between your work and the hernia injuries that you have had to have surgery on. Of course, you could speak to your GP to see if they are willing to list the hernias as being caused by your work. If so, that would provide some impetus to pursue a claim against the employer, although the employer would likely defend this as there is no specific supporting evidence – no one off incident and no accident book report.

      The other issue you need to consider is the training or actions your employer has taken in order to minimise the risk of injury to you at work. If you believe that you were not provided with the right training, the right equipment to work safely or a working environment that makes safe working impossible, you should contact us to further discuss your situation.

  56. john

    my name is john, a couple of years ago i was working on a farm and on this particular day i was to clean the guttering on top of the cattle sheds but unfortunately for me the roof gave way and i plummeted around 12 ft onto concrete. i remember coming to with the farmer’s foot on my chest and hearing keep still don’t move, he eventually helped to my feet and my son guided me to the car, we got home and i had lie down, after a while i tried to get up but found it impossible to move, that is when my wife called an ambulance, i have no memory of being in the ambulance but i remember a scanner. i was in agony for weeks and have been taking over the counter pain killers since but the pain refuses to get any better, before this i was fit and active but now i cannot even stand for to long never mind trying to get back to work, i just don’t know what to do.

    • Ian Morris

      Were the details of your accident at work recorded with your employer? As you were asked to work at height, your employer would face responsibilities towards your health and safety and it could well be that your employer has been negligent.

      We would be very happy to investigate whether or not you have a valid claim for compensation and invite you to use the ‘start a claim’ page of our website to make a formal enquiry with us.

  57. Aleksandar

    The first step towards claiming compensation from my employer is sending them work accident claim letter. My simple question is : Can I submit such letter without solicitor involved? And if I can, can you give me work accident claim letter template?
    Thank you very much for your help.

    • Ian Morris

      We do not have a template to provide. However, in theory you can pursue a claim directly without legal representation. However, evidence would indicate that pursuing a claim against a professional insurance company (who would be the defendant) without expert legal representation, is likely to see you have a less satifactory outcome than if you opted to have proper representation.

      Instructing a specialist Solicitor to act for you in a claim for personal injury compensation has clear benefits. Specialist Solicitors know the law, know how to ensure that a defendant is forced to accept liability and how to ensure that the best interests of their client are met. A specialist Personal Injury compensation Solicitor will know the correct settlement valuation that a claimant ought to accept and will ensure that the claimant is not taken advantage of by the specialist legal team working for the defendant insurer.

  58. Nigella

    My friend was hit at work in the car park by another employee. Does she claim against the company as a workplace claim or as an RTA?

    • Ian Morris

      Under UK law, such a claim would be made against the driver and their insurers and would have nothing to do with the employer. In this case, the employer has no liability and would face no action.

  59. victoria

    I have worked for the NHS for 10 years. Last year I moved Trust to a new role. The manager gave me no training. Saw me suffering stress offered me no help or assistance. No bad feedback. I carried on working until I had a breakdown in the office due to lack of support and was sent home. After this I was not allowed to return back to work. I was put into a library to work alone. With little work sent by my boss. Sent to a few different sites for meeting that never took place. I was advised to see occupational health who advised I was fit enough to return back to work. I had upped my dose of anti depressants prior to my breakdown as was struggling to try to cope. Work became aware of the situation in this meeting and I was advised to ask for redeployment (ie was told if I went on redeployment list I may be unemployed in 12 weeks if a job had not been found). I said I would return to role as was starting to feel a bit better cause of medication to try again with support. No meeting was arranged to allow me to go back to role for 2 weeks after this meeting. They left me to work alone off site isolated by myself. This made me psychologically worse, stressed, and has stopped me getting better. As a result I have handed in my notice found a job paying £20,000 less and have been signed off with work related stress. Is this a personal injury or another type of case. They have caused me psychological injury. I suffer from depression and have been on 20mg of medication for years. I am not up to 60mg. And off work because of the way they have treated me and made me ill. I haven’t had time off in previous time that I had for 10 years.

    • Ian Morris

      You could have a Personal Injury claim here. Organisations as large as the NHS usually have better steps in place than those you describe. It is clear that further information would be needed in order to make a more informed response to you.

      One of our specialist Solicitors has recently succeeded with a workplace stress related claim against NHS to which they admitted liability. However, to succeed with any claim the NHS (like any employer) must know that the stress is being caused by work otherwise the claim would not succeed. To this end, what we need to know more about is whether your employer was aware of your stress. You mention that you carried on working until you had a breakdown in the office due to lack of support and were then sent home and that you were not allowed to return back to work afterwards and had to work alone. If you had been making complaints before the breakdown then you are likely to have a valid claim for personal injury compensation. If not, the employer will state that they were not aware of your issue and had no chance to remedy the matter.

      I think it would be wise for me to speak with you and discuss this in more detail. Please email your phone number to me – so that I can call you and help further.

    • Concetta

      I became mentally disabled at my former job due to stress. I walked off the job because I felt I was being punished because of my condition. This was about 6yrs ago. Is there anything I can do about it?

      • Ian Morris

        UK law would have required you to take action within 3 years of the date of the onset of your work related stress. As 6 years have passed, there is nothing you can do in terms of a claim under UK law.

  60. James

    Hi, 6months ago I was signed off of work with depression for approx 4 weeks which was caused by work related issues including a working day with no lunch break. My work have said that there will be changes to this although nothing has been done about it but this is just one issue, I feel nothing has really changed to help me and I have now had a recent disciplinary which I believe is a way of trying to make me leave, what is the next step and is it worth pursuing? Many thanks

    • Ian Morris

      The next step for you would be to make immediate contact with an employment law specialist for expert advice. It would also be wise to speak with your Occupational Health team and your Union.

  61. John

    Had a cut to my left leg, which needed glueing, and bruising to the pad of my right hand after falling while pushing a cage full of alcohol up an uneven and angled tailgate whilst in work. I was lone worker at the time. I reported this was unsafe to ex manager prior, who said it wasnt.Another supervisor had said it wasn’t safe when he helped out once, but was told to carry on doing it or the customer would cancel their order.i carried on doing it so no hassle came to me or business.
    I was dismissed over another H&S issue a week later, which was overturned by the Union i was with.
    I have pics of the cages, tail lift angle etc as well as pic of cut and bruising.
    Any advice be grateful.

    • Ian Morris

      Given the fact that the area and working arrangements had been reported as unsafe previously, the employer was on notice of a possible danger. As such, their failure to make any amendments to this could put them in the position of being negligent and therefore liable for your injuries.

      My initial view is that we should pursue a claim against them for you. You can call us on 01225430285 or use our ‘start a claim’ page to send us your contact details so that we can help you get your No Win No Fee claim for compensation started.

  62. Melanie

    I had super glue in my eye at work. I have recorded near misses previously and there is no SOPS for this job. Fortunately, it seems that my eyesight is ok and I was lucky that the hospital staff managed to dissolve the glue and gave me an eye patch. The glue shouldn’t be used at all in this work. It is someones fault as the rubbers don’t fit so they told us to glue them. I was at Hospital 5 hrs.

    • Ian Morris

      We would be interested to know more as to how the glue came in to contact with your eye and whether your employer has taken the appropriate steps to minimise the risk of injury such as providing eye protection etc. Our article on eye injury claims may also give you some further information.

  63. Shirlee

    Pushing a trolley full of items to be put back in departments when a wheel fell off causing trolley to tip and hitting me on the knee causing severe bruising to knee cap. Haven’t gone in the next day as it was swollen and uncomfortable to walk on especially stairs. I don’t think I will suffer too long with the injury. I filled in accident report form in work and am also in the retail union. Should I make a claim?

    • Ian Morris

      The scenario you describe regarding the cause of your injury at work would certainly warrant making a claim for compensation and you would have good prospects of succeeding on the basis of liability in this matter.

      In order to instruct a Solicitor to act for you in this matter, you will need to have an injury that is sufficiently serious. Whilst you currently think that you will not suffer for too long with this injury, we often find that many claimants suffer for a lot longer than they think – especially with knee injuries. The knee is a complex joint and to work properly you must be pain free and able to weight bear, walk properly and kneel on the injured knee without pain. I would imagine that it will be some days yet before you can do this given the swelling you report.

      To this end, we would welcome you to make further contact with us to discuss this matter. You can call us on 01225430285 or use our start a claim page to send us your details.

      You may want to learn more about how severe an injury needs to be before you can make a claim for compensation.

  64. Tina

    I am a support worker in a hostel.
    In August 3rd 2017 I stood on a plastic container after being told I had to get curtains hung in another room and there was no step ladder ( which I was not trained to use ), so I stood on a plastic storage container around 2 ft tall to get the curtains done. Container collapsed, broke my tibia fibula and damaged my knee cap, had to have surgery, now have two rods in my leg and metal over my knee.
    I did get paid six months full salary but was not mobile enough to return to work as i work with people with low to medium needs, so I was granted two more months, on returning to work my unit has changed and now is medium to high need. From my accident and having a DWP medical I have lost fifteen percent of my mobility and do receive disability allowance £139.84 a month which will be reviewed in January 2019.
    It has really changed my life, can’t walk long distance without a crutch, triggered my depression in which I already take medication for, no more activity holidays, cant do my dancing, can’t kneel down as of metal plate over knee. I have been told if I damage this leg again as the damage was so bad it might not be such a good result next time which has made me very cautious in everything I do.
    I feel so angry, yes I was paid but had done around twelve years service doing the same job. I am 51 years old and am struggling with the pain in my leg and lower back in which I have to take pain killers for oh and the limp, all in all it has changed my life,.
    My big concern is I am on my own and still have money to pay off my mortgage, would I lose my job if I took action against local authority?
    Can you give me your opinion on this case before I consider following it through and what is your commission is?
    I have asked for the copy of the assessment which was done as I know they failed the assessment but no one seems to know where it is concerning, staff was told we needs to decorate and re furnish the unit as local authority did not have funding to do it and as manager at the time wanted to make it a more homely environment for our young people.
    It got to the stage staff was rushing to get it completed, we did not have the right equipment, a risk assessment was not done, we were standing on a sink unit to paint a ceiling.

    • Ian Morris

      You most certainly do have a valid claim against your employer. Regardless of all other issues, their initial instruction to you to stand on an inappropriate item (plastic box) to work at height. That instruction was an act of negligence as you were clearly put at risk of injury by your employer – which is the polar opposite of the employers responsibility under the Health and Safety at Work act in which they are required to minimise the risk of injury. My initial view is that you would have very strong prospects of succeeding with this claim.

      You ask about fees for the work we do. I can confirm that our specialist Solicitors work on a fully No Win No Fee basis. This means that should you pursue a claim and it failed, whilst you would be disappointed you would have no financial responsibility to either side of the claims process. However, should you win you would be required by the LASPO Act 2012 to contribute up to 25% of the total of any settlement you were to receive. This sum is capped and can never exceed 25% and is often less. There are no deductions from any element of settlement award that covers future loss of income or future medical costs.

      You may wish to contact us to discuss this matter in greater detail and get a better understanding of the claims process. Our article on knee injury claims might be of interest as well as it will give you an idea of settlement values.

  65. James buchanan

    Hi there I worked for a skip hire company for 8 years, my job was separating all the materials from the emptied skips. This involved lifting, twisting and throwing in different directions heavy items included boilers, washing machines, stone and heavy metals. On average I was lifting 4 tons of material every day. I suddenly developed back pain and was unable to move. I have 2 herniated discs in my lumbar spine and 1 in my neck which I will soon be getting surgery for. Also no lifting and handling training was ever given. Do you get awarded more money for multiple Herniation or is it the same as just one?

    • Ian Morris

      If you have suffered this injury within the last 3 years, you should make a claim for compensation against the employer as their failure to provide you with training and a safe working environment is employer negligence.

      Regarding a possible settlement value, when you make a claim for compensation the appropriate value of your claim will be reached on the basis of medical evidence of the injuries sustained. Therefore if you have more than one injury, the value of the claim would be higher than if you just had one. Our article on spinal injury claims will give you some examples of possible amounts.

  66. Kevin

    I work in a supermarket and shortly after I started my shift I had to retrieve my work trolley. Access to the trolley had been blocked by a two sided cage loaded with heavy metal shelving and shelving support arms/spines that I had to move in order to retrieve it. As I moved the cage one side lifted off the ground and caused the arms/spines (too heavy on one side) to come crashing off directly into my shin/ankle region causing instant pain and discomfort. It has progressively gotten more swollen and painful. I have recently had an x-ray done (manager’s advice) through the hospital. While it hasn’t caused a break or fracture, it has caused a large hematoma which is preventing me from fully using my leg without pain. Am i eligible to claim?

    • Ian Morris

      There is certainly sufficient in what you describe to warrant pursuing this matter further and we would like to help you with this. The employer should not allow items to obstruct safe working areas and it also sounds as if the cage you mention was dangerously loaded and clearly a hazard. As such, my initial view is that you could succeed with a claim.

      If you would like to discuss this further or start your claim, either email your contact details to me, use our start a claim page, or call us on 01225430285.

  67. Simon

    I was pulling the side curtain on a wagon and a piece of wood fell off (not strapped in proper) and hit me on the foot causing pain and bruising (no break ) also I was not offered first aid, what can I do please?

    • Ian Morris

      You have a valid claim for work accident compensation and we would like to pursue this for you on a No Win No Fee basis. Whoever loaded the wagon had a responsibility to ensure that the items within the curtain sided trailer unit were secured as it is foreseeable that items could shift during transit. If this was not done, it is employer negligence and exposed you to the risk of injury as happened. Given that you have to open the wagon to deliver the items within it, you could not know of an item that could fall on you until you opened the curtain and there would be no way of you knowing of the potential danger until it was too late.

      If you would like to take this further and discuss making a claim against your employer for compensation, please contact us on 01225430285 or email and one of our staff members will be able to talk with you about your rights after an accident at work and our No Win No Fee claims process ahead of passing your claim to the right specialist Solicitor.


    2 weeks ago I had an accident at work I lacerated the top section of my finger and damage under the finger nail.
    I work on a golf course and was filling up a sand spreading machine once filled I forgot to turn off the bladed sand spreading discs which are at the back end of the machine and spin at 2000rpm. I brushed some excess sand off the plate just above the spinning discs as I moved my hand back it ripped into my finger also just nicking 2 other fingers.
    This injury is on my dominant hand and 2nd finger from my thumb.
    I had immediate first aid and reported in accident book and went to Scunthorpe accident & emergency. They cleaned it up and bandaged it and I then had an appointment at hull plastic surgery department next day at hull royal infirmary. They stitched the finger internally and took my finger nail off and stitched under there.
    I have to have my finger dressed every week at ancora medical practice .
    I am still off work and just got another sick note until August 6th.
    I don’t know whether the sand spreading discs needed safety guards on or not or if it was totally my fault?

    • Ian Morris

      There is likely to be an element of contributory negligence in this matter as you did forget to turn off the rotating discs that later caused your injury. As such, you have an element of responsibility to accept. However, you could be on to something with regards to a lack of safety guards on the machinery, which if in place would have prevented your injury.

      Our initial view is that you should use our ‘start a claim’ page in order that we can obtain some further information from you and present your claim to our specialist Solicitors who can then advise you further as to whether or not you can mount a successful claim against your employer.

  69. Alan Hayward

    I have suffered a broken hip from an accident at work in Jan 2016. I was thinking that suing my ex-emploer was the way to go, but after reading your transcript, I would prefer you take this on. I have had an insurance co look at this and although they think I have a valid claim, the insurance company will not pay out compensation and the solicitors I used say that the employer was effectively uninsured. What direction should I take? Suing my ex-employer in the courts, going through you or leaving it as a lost cause?

    • Ian Morris

      If the former employer was uninsured, it does make the claims process a little less clear and more complicated for you and any No Win No Fee Solicitor to pursue. However, that doesn’t mean that you should leave it as a lost cause.

      We would be more than happy to pass the details of your accident at work to one of our specialist accident at work Solicitors in order that they can evaluate whether or not it is wise to proceed against the former employer in a civil matter. Of course, pursuing the employer directly (rather than claiming against an insurer) means that you are personally claiming against the assets and wealth of the individual or owners or the business for whom you were working. If they do not have the financial wherewithal to fund any claim or costs, the claim would unlikely proceeed. However, if they are wealthy then they can be held personally liable.

  70. Linda Williams

    can u make a claim after 3 years as I had a accident at work 27 years ago but only the last 2 years I am suffering with severe pain in relation to the accident that occurred all them years ago and now needing knee surgery due to severe trocler dysplasia and arthritis.

    • Ian Morris

      The strict 3-year claim limitation rule is very hard to bypass and we would have strong doubts as to whether you have any possibility of being able to pursue a claim after such a long period of time.

  71. Tyler Thomas

    I burnt my hand in work when carrying a plate over to a customer the pot of gravy tipped over the back of my hand ,I had to leave work 4 hours before my rostered shift was due to end ,to attend hospital to be seen and they dressed it and had me return a day later where they told me I could not work with it as it had blistered and risk of infection .I had to attend three appointments that week and every time was advised I could not work with it , am I entitled to be paid for my original rostered shift and the following days I missed ?

    • Ian Morris

      Your employer has no obligation to pay you if you are off sick as a result of an injury sustained at work – even if it was not your own fault. Unfortunately, the only way you can seek to recover the lost income is by making a compensation claim against the employer for burns suffered at work. If that claim were to succeed, not only would you receive compensation for the injury, but by way of a special damages claim be able to recover any lost income or costs you incurred as a result of the accident – such as travel fees and parking at the Hospital or Doctors.

      We have successfully helped a number of people with identical accident scenarios as that you have described and would be very happy to take some further information from you so that our specialist Solicitor partners could discuss your accident with you with a view to making a claim for compensation for you. If you would like to take this further or discuss your situation with us in greater detail, please call us on 01225430285.

  72. Stephen Harris

    I had an accident at work in 2013, where I had two broken legs, a broken wrist and I was in hospital for three months. I’d also hurt my neck, back and have been struggling ever since. On October 2nd 2017, I had the pins removed from my left leg, but I’m still not right and have ongoing pain. I stop-start when walking and I have fallen three times since they were removed.

    I have tried to do some types of work, but I can’t bend down without pain and I fall asleep a lot. Standing and sitting are both painful for me. I settled my claim because my solicitor said there was no more that they could do for me as the payment was only about £25,000 short, so I accepted what was offered to me. I just wanted to know if there is anything else that I can do to seek further damages, because I can’t now earn a decent wage because of my disability.

    • Ian Morris

      It is almost impossible to seek further damages after a full and final settlement has been agreed and signed for by a claimant.

      In your case, the best thing to do would be to contact your former Solicitor to discuss the matter with them.

      You are of course able to seek state benefits and you should investigate your options in that area as it could be that you are deemed to be unfit for work through industrial disablement and entitled to relevant benefits.

  73. paula cox

    I broke my ankle at work 3 weeks ago now and i am in full plaster for another 5 weeks. I stepped on some loose paving and my foot went down the crack and my ankle snapped. The paving has since been filled so i have been told.
    I have been off since the 15th of october and the doctor at the hospital has signed me off for 6 weeks on top.
    I work for a major nationwide company and they are being really good to me ie i am on full pay at the moment so no problems financially. They also offered me a small amount of money to cover my hospital petrol parking and prescriptions.
    Problem i have is i feel i want to claim for my pain and effect it is having on my life at the moment.
    I am also worried of what the future might hold for my ankle.
    I stand up all day in my job and i am quite active
    I do worry that putting in a claim could affect my job in the future or how my bosses see me so i do have that worry. I was going to wait until the cast comes off in 5 weeks before going ahead to speak to the doctor and ask him his opinion but i am just confused.
    please could you give me some advice on what to do.
    thank you.

    • Ian Morris

      The worries you mention with regards to how your employer would view any possible claim you were to make for accident at work compensation are extremely common. At Direct2Compensation we understand that making a claim against an employer is not always the easiest of things to do when you like the employer and have good relationships with your colleagues and management team. However, you are legally entitled to make a claim for compensation without it having any impact on your right to continue with your position at work.

      The fact that you are working for a large nationwide company would indicate that you would not face any problem at all by exercising your right to make a claim against the employers liability insurance cover.

      You are fortunate that your employer is treating you kindly and that you are receiving your usual salary at this time. The fact that your employer is offering to help with some small out of pocket expenses is also good and you can accept that without it affecting any claim you may choose to make. The employer is simply keeping their costs down should any claim follow in due course as given that they are paying your salary and helping with costs will mean that any special damages claim you were to make during your accident at work compensation claim will be minimised.

      Whilst your employer is paying you in full and helping you with your costs, you should not underestimate the possible long term damage that the triple fracture to your ankle could cause to you. Although being paid in full is great and means that you do not have the stress of managing without your income, it does not provide any cover for what you may struggle with in future. For example, your injury could lead to an ongoing problem with the ankle that will prevent you from being able to work properly in the future or play sports that you are used to doing. It is exactly for this reason that it is so important to ensure that you instruct a specialist Solicitor to pursue your claim for you.

      With Direct2Compensation, our specialist accident at work claim Solicitors will ensure that your injuries are fully assessed by a specialist medical expert and that the long term prognosis of the injury is understood. It is from this that a fair valuation can be placed on your claim and that any settlement that you receive appropriately compensates you for your injuries and losses – both the short term pain and discomfort as well as the long term issues caused by such a serious injury.

      We would very much like to discuss this situation with you and help you get your claim started. Please either forward your contact details to me by email or call us on 01225430285.

  74. teresa thompson

    My dept moved and my new work space was not suitable due to my pc screen being at a height and off to the left my keyboard and mouse were to the right which meant i was always twisting to the left and started suffering pain in my lower back but then i started to get pain in my right wrist from it always being turned to the right. We had an ergonomics assessments done on the 2nd day of being on the new dept and they said it was not suitable and action needed taking due to the work space being to small and incorrect they even took photos of the work space and advised the pc needed moving but it could not be moved due to the lead being to short so the trunken need to be moved this was back at the start of June.I started complaining of pain in my wrist at the end of July which is now so painful that even simple jobs cause pain that I have been seen by the A&E dept and my own GP which both say is tendon damage probably caused by my work area that i am now seeing physio at work which is not helping. I should also say at this point i also banged the same hand on a door at work which was a fire door being held open by a piece of wood. The physio dept are now thinking of ref me to the upper limb specialist . The trunken has now been moved 3 weeks ago but now the damage to myself has been done and i am unable to take time off from work as i only work there as bank staff my wrist injury was even used against me for not getting a job applied for ( the job i am currently doing ) . I do enjoy my job and am worried that if i take any sort of action against the NHS i could be taken off the bank at the hospital.

    • Ian Morris

      You have a very valid claim for workplace injury compensation here. The fact that the risk to your health by the positioning of your new workstation was reported and known by the employer, yet not acted upon would indicate that there has been employer negligence here. As a result of this negligence, you have now sustained injury and have to cope with daily pain and discomfort.

      The fact that you are bank staff should not cause you any concern when it comes to pursuing a claim for workplace injury compensation as you will be afforded the same legal rights to make a claim for compensation as any other employee. Further, the fact that you are continuing to work even though you are living with daily pain and discomfort would show the employer that you are a reliable and trustworthy staff member and it is this that your ‘Management’ team will be interested in when they are assigning shifts to bank staff. Indeed, it is unlikely that anyone in your department who is involved directly with your working pattern will even know about any claim.

      I would strongly recommend that you do opt to pursue a claim for workplace injury compensation as not only could you receive a settlement award to cover the pain and discomfort, but you may well also be able to access some specialist private rehabilitation therapies as a result of your claim if you were to succeed. This would help you recover more quickly and enable you to live pain free and as you were before this problem developed.

      We would gladly help you with your claim and are here to answer any questions you may have. We work hard to give claimants peace of mind and the confidence to pursue their legal right to seek compensation when they have been injured through the negligence of an employer or any other party. You can call us on 01225430285 or email your contact details to us so that we can get in touch with you to discuss your situation in greater detail.

  75. Wayne Dolan

    Hi I had an accident at work which resulted in me running over my toe with a cage which tore off my big toe nail. I was took to a&e which I had an x ray but nothing was broken but did say I had severe soft tissue damage and of course a lot of pain.
    Now I grant that I was pulling the cage that ran over my toe but I believe there is circumstances ie health & safety etc, could you advise please?

    • Ian Morris

      As you may appreciate, it is very difficult for me to advise you as to any possible claim at this stage as I don’t know what caused the cage to roll over your foot and damage your toe. Although you were pulling the cage, you may well still be entitled to compensation for the soft tissue injuries you have sustained if we can demonstrate that your employer has in someway been negligent in their approach to health and safety in the workplace. For example, if the cage that you were pulling was faulty you may have a right to claim compensation or if the cage were overloaded for example. Also, if there are any hazards on the floor of the workplace that could have caused the incident, the employer would be likely to be held liable. Another possible area that requires further attention will be with regards to what footwear the employer requires staff to wear and whether there are any issues with this.

      We need to know more, a quick chat on the phone will enable me to get a firm understanding of your injuries and the cause and allow me to ascertain whether or not you have a viable claim for compensation.

  76. Kelly Mendoza

    My boyfriend broke his finger and is now doing therapy but is scared and still uses his right hand with the broken finger because they keep telling him he’s on the line to be fired. They call him lazy and to suck it up. He broke his finger at work because they didn’t have the right lever to pull the air gun pressure. What should he do? He’s always stressed.

    • Ian Morris


      Your boyfriend’s injury would appear to have been caused because the employer has failed to provide the correct equipment needed for the job. As such, they are responsible for his injury and would most likely have to accept liability for his injury should he opt to pursue a claim for compensation.

      We would be delighted to assist him with a claim against his employer. Should he wish to pursue this further, please email a contact number to us.

  77. Shannon Pearson

    Hi I work in lifting and re stumping houses. I have had no prior back problems as far as I am aware. I started getting back pain on the 15th of March, I just assumed it was from working too hard as of the 19th of April my partner’s brother is a doctor and he suggested I go and get scans done on my lower back. So I had ct and xray of my lumbar region they found disc bulge of L5/ S1 which is touching my sciatic nerve on my right leg, is giving me back pain some days worse than others, I had no lifting training by my employer and my employer has made me lift average of 20 to 50 kg posts for houses by my self for 5 months, also c channel steel beams weighing from 70 to 200 kg just me and him as a results of his excavator being stolen off him, so we had to lift them by hand also lifting ][ beams that look like this double c beams that we use to lift the houses with that weigh up to 200 kg and pine and hard wood blocks of wood used to stack sort of like jenga the game to support beams on average working 12 hours a day 5 days a week. I’m 26 6:4 foot tall do or would i have a case for compensation he just got someone else in to help me 2 weeks before I last work and he struggled doing what I was and he is only 22 I’m also concerned as I’m not there now that the same thing might happen to the other bloke as my boss just drives you constantly get 10 mins for smoko and 30 for lunch boss has no regard for workers well being just his pocket $ signs. I also have shoulder problems now still waiting on tests my neck gets stuck a lot some of the steels I had to carry on my shoulders and also had to half squat with those steels on my shoulder and even lift them over my head.

    • Ian Morris

      Thank you for coming to our website to discuss the back pain you have suffered as a result of the heavy lifting you are tasked with at work.

      On the basis of your comment, I would say that you have a viable and valid claim for compensation to be made against your employer. In the UK, employers are obliged by law (Health & Safety at work act) to ensure that employees are provided with adequate training, guidance and support to ensure that the risk of injury is minimised as far as possible. In the case of heavy lifting, it is vital that an employer provides manual handling training to demonstrate how to lift safely, but also ensure that item weights are listed and that employees are aware of the maximum weight they can lift safely. Employers must also ensure that lifting equipment is available to ensure that those items that are unsafe for a person to lift manually can be lifted and moved mechanically.

      You should ensure that the full details of your health symptoms and cause are recorded with your employer and then seek the services of a specialist injury compensation solicitor.

  78. Dave james

    Hi I have been working on site sanding lead paint of windows with no extraction, little ventilation, no over clothes and have had to buy a more suitable dust mask than my employer provides. Due to this I now have lead poisoning and my levels are close to being suspended from work.

    • Ian Morris

      It could well be that tour employer has breached their health and safety responsibilities in this case and exposed you to a hazard that was avoidable.

      We’d like to put your claim to our specialist Solicitors and let them investigate this for you. Please call us on 01225430285 so that we can discuss this with you in greater detail.

  79. vanessa

    I hurt my back several times last year due to the work I perform. I had a car accident 4 years ago and my boss blames that accident for my back injuries. My primary care physician says that my back problem is not at all related to the accident but rather is due to long hours standing at work. I was referred to physical therapy and I was given a medical clearance to work as long as I keep up with the physical therapy. My boss ignores what my doctor says and keeps saying that my problem was caused by the accident I so He is not responsible for that. He recently fired me saying that I could become a liability for him. What can I do?

    • Ian Morris

      Your employers point of view/opinion is irrelevant – if a physician/Doctor has linked your back pain symptoms to the nature of the work you perform.

      As your Doctor has drawn a link between the two (your symptoms and your work) you need to speak with your employer to see if they can do anything to change your work station/job role to one that doesn’t cause these problems. Further, and perhaps most importantly, if your back pain has been developed as a result of employer negligence, such as a lack of manual handling/lifting training or the failure to provide adequate and correct assistance with the work, you should pursue a claim for compensation to cover the pain, discomfort and injury caused to you by your work.

      I hope this helps.

  80. Angela Rudd

    How do i handle an old on the job permanently partial injury that is being agitated by the job i’m performing now?

    • Ian Morris

      If you have a pre-existing injury/health condition that is being agitated by your work, you should advise the employer and discuss the situation with them. It could be that they could agree to some simple changes to your workstation or provide a simple piece of equipment that helps you and prevents the work from exacerbating/worsening your health.

  81. Shanon Barker

    Hello, I fell about 6 months ago at my now previous employer off of a broken chair. As a result I am in pain management and have had 2 sets of xrays and one MRI confirming my L4 L5 and S1 discs are messed up and one is slightly bulging into my spinal sac. I sat on the tile floor for 5 mins before someone picked me up and notified the GM in which it took her 15 mins to check on me. I asked about putting this down in the incident report book and she refused because it was 5 mins before I clocked in (I sat down to put my work shoes on and fell) She also admitted she knew the chair was broken but I didn’t. She said all I had was a bruised tailbone LOL! Now I am in constant pain and cannot stand or sit more than a couple hours. I am unemployed and about to lose everything I have worked for. When discussing my schedule she said I needed to be put on 2 higher vol days because she had no one to cover it. She didn’t work with me at all. Please help!

    • Ian Morris

      Your boss should not have refused to make a record of the injury – regardless of whether or not your shift had started, you were injured on the work premises, so they have to record the details. I would suggest that you make a full report to them in writing and retain a copy for your own evidence. You should definitely speak with a specialist personal injury lawyer working where you live, you can still claim if you’re unemployed.

  82. Lora

    I just had an accident at work yesterday. I am suffering from minor head injury now resting for 48 hours. It happened when me and a colleague try to take apart one of our metal fixtures at work. She accidentally hit me with the metal pole near my eyebrow. What you’ll suggest to do? Do I have a case? When I think about it it could have been much worse only if it was an inch down.

    • Ian Morris


      Hi, we would gladly help you with a workplace head injury claim. Please email me your phone number to: and I will then call you to discuss your situation and offer assistance.

      I look forward to hearing from you.

      Yours sincerely


      • Dora

        I work as a care assistant. About 3 weeks ago, the nursing home where I work, remained without kitchen assistant. My employer asked me if I could do the shift in the kitchen 4 days a week, initially I accepted because I wanted to help. Last week, after finishing 4 days in a row, I felt a bad backache in the lower part. Caused by the fact that I had to lift trays full of plates to put them in the dishwasher and then in their place.
        So I called my employer to tell her I could not go to work on Monday and that I didn’t want to work in the kitchen anymore and that I preferred to go back to my hours as a care assistant.
        Since we are neighbours, she began to attack me saying that Friday night she had seen me at a party and that Saturday I had a party at my house and other things that have nothing to do with the workplace. She insisted that I go back to work even if I kept telling her of the pain in my back.
        I felt obliged and forced to return to work, a job that I accepted only to help.
        My back continues to hurt.

        I really need advice because I don’t know how to behave now.

        • Ian Morris

          It would be very wise to put your concerns regarding your back pain caused by the work in the kitchen in writing to your employer. If they are asking you to switch from a previously instructed role as a care assistant to that of a kitchen assistant, they should be ensuring that you are fit to perform the work and provide any training and support to ensure that you can work safely and without risking injury.

          In your case, has your employer provided you with manual handling training? If an employer fails to provide adequate manual handling training to their employees, it is an act of employer negligence. If that is the situation in your case, you would be able to make a claim for back injury at work compensation.

          If you would like to find out more about your rights or ask any questions about making a claim and the claims process, you can call us on 01225430285. Alternatively, you can read more about inadequate manual handling training compensation claims on this page of our website.

  83. Richard Tobin

    Hi 8 of august last year 2015 I had an accident at work and received 11 stitches on my left arm I thought it wouldn’t be a problem but it really is now, also received 2 more stitches at the same place of work only a couple of months ago on the same arm near the wrist, just wondering cud u give me any advice, have I left it to long to do anything or would I be entitled to something? Thank you.

    • Ian Morris


      You have certainly not left it too long. If you want to make a claim for compensation after an accident at work, you have a period of 3 years from the date of the accident in which you are able to pursue a claim. If you leave it longer than 3 years, you will be statute barred and unable to take action.

      Given that you had an injury on 8th August 2015, you would have until the 8th August 2018 to pursue a claim. We would be very happy to talk over the details of your workplace accidents with you so that we could then ascertain whether or not you would be able to pursue a claim for compensation. Please call us on 01225430285 – a quick 5 minute chat would enable us to explain your rights and help you to pursue a claim for compensation.

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