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One of the most common accident at work claims are for falls from ladders. When any employer requires a member of staff to work at height using a ladder, it is vitally important they provide the correct equipment and adequate training to ensure that the risks of injury are minimised.

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Causes of ladder accidents

Placing a ladder in a dangerous position without adequate support. Employers must ensure that any staff members working at height have been given the correct training to fully understand how to minimise the risk of a ladder tipping or slipping, and how to identify a safe location for a ladder to be erected.

Using a ladder that is not fit for purpose. Many employers do not provide a ladder of an adequate length, and this leads to a worker having to overreach beyond a safe distance and risk the ladder tipping over. Employers have a duty to ensure that all staff using ladders at work are made aware of the ‘3 points of contact’ ladder rule. This reminds workers that they must always have 2 hands and 1 foot or 1 hand and 2 feet on the ladder at any one time.

How to tell if you have a valid claim

If your employer failed to provide you with any training in safe ladder use, or you can demonstrate that the accident was the result of employer negligence or that of another party, you can seek to make a claim for ladder accident compensation.

The claim needs to be made within three years of the accident. It is also important that the details of your accident have been recorded with your employer in an accident book and that you have sought medical attention for the injuries you have sustained.

If you haven’t recorded the accident yet, don’t worry, we can help. If you’re not sure that you’re eligible to claim, please contact our expert team and we’ll be able to let you know.

How much can you claim for?

Compensation settlement amounts will vary depending on the injury. The final settlement value will be reached after medical evidence is reviewed and a medical report completed for your solicitor. Clearly, the more pain and discomfort suffered, the higher the value of your compensation. It’s typically affected by:

  • The type and extent of an injury sustained
  • Whether or not you have made a full recovery from the injuries
    Amount of lost income and costs incurred
  • Care required by family and friends – such as transport, help around the house or with shopping etc.
  • Any pension loss
    The cost of paying someone to carry out tasks which you could do before your accident but cannot do now, such as decorating or gardening
  • Treatment and rehabilitation costs such as physiotherapy or massage
  • The cost of any surgery after your accident (you are not forced to have this on the NHS and are entitled to claim for the cost of surgery privately, particularly if this speeds up your recovery)

Whilst some injuries after a fall from a ladder can be immediately obvious – such as a broken leg or arm – some possibly more serious ones may not. Some of the symptoms or damage caused may not be known for months or years. As such, it is important that medical attention be sought early to provide the vital evidence needed to support any claim for compensation.

Support and advice

At Direct2Compensation our staff understand that anyone injured in an accident work will have many questions about making a claim for compensation. Typically, our clients are worried about how making a claim will affect their relationship with their employer and how the claims process works.

We are here to offer the support and advice which will give you the confidence to be able to pursue your claim. From your first contact through to the end of the process, we take the hassle out of claiming. Our expert staff will quickly obtain the information needed to get your claim started and can answer your questions in simple, straightforward terms.

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  1. I recently fell from a ladder at work and fractured my elbow I had filled out accident report that had been posted to me with all that I could recall at the time but then after a few days i remembered that the ladder slipped before I fell and handed in another accident report my work are now wanting me to retract my second report which reports the ladder slipping which I refused can I still make a claim

    • John

      Ouch! Injuries sustained after falling from height can often be very serious and form a large part of our accident at work claim portfolio.

      On the basis of your comment, I believe you have a viable claim and should pursue the same forthwith. I would continue to refuse to withdraw the ‘2nd’ statement and in doing so, I would put my reasons in writing to them (retaining a copy for your records). You have mitigating circumstances that support the fact that you didn’t accurately describe the accident initially – you had just sustained a fracture to the elbow and were likely to be in a state of shock and pain – let alone a little fuzzy on pain relief.

      We would gladly pursue this matter for you via one of our specialist solicitors and I invite you to call us to us on 01225430285 or email your phone number to me at [email protected] so that we can call you and discuss the situation.

      I look forward to hearing from you.

      Yours sincerely


  2. Fell at work due to faulty ladders sprained mywrist and mild head injuries still getting head pains after 6 weeks an strong medicine had a ct scan an head itscome out fine and still getting wrist pains

    • Dear Akbar

      I am sorry to hear about this incident and your injuries. If those ladders are faulty as you say, then you have a strong chance of winning a claim for accident at work injury compensation as your employer has clearly been negligent towards your safety whilst at work.

      Please visit our make a claim page at: and contact us with a little more information. One of our team will then contact you in confidence to discuss your situation in greater detail and help you get a specialist injury compensation solicitor to represent you and claim the compensation you deserve.

      I will email you directly also and look forward to hearing from you so that we can help you get your claim started.

      Best wishes


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